Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
I released a word yesterday for the prophets about the lying spirit and witchcraft that is coming against many of these ones right now. The Lord spoke to me very specifically today and I felt an urgency to release this word.
I believe in the body of Christ we are moving into a deeper place of insight as God’s children to recognise the “times and seasons” we are in as the Church. I also believe that there are prophets that carry the anointing of the “sons of Issachar” (1 Chronicles 12:32) to call out the “times and the seasons” and to help guide and encourage the body of Christ in the seasons we are in and in the transition times.
The Lord spoke to me today and showed me an onslaught of confusion that is coming against these “times and seasons prophets” right now. The Lord showed me that the enemy is attempting to hinder these “times and seasons prophets” right now through confusion by lying to them about the “time and season” they are in personally.
The Lord showed me the onslaught of confusion is so strong against many of these prophets right now, because the Lord is bringing an INCREASE OF CLARITY and REVELATION to the “times and seasons” prophets to declare and prophesy into the body of Christ what God is doing right now, what is coming, what the strategy of heaven looks like and how to navigate through it.
So the enemy is attempting to bring confusion against these ones about their own “times and seasons” they are in, to bring about doubt, to silence them and to cause them to retreat.
I want to encourage you, to continue to stand in what the Lord has told you. Continue to hold onto the Word of God and what God has told you about your season. For this lying spirit is taking ‘part truths’ and ‘twisting it’ to steal your vision and steal the insight and foresight that the Lord is releasing to you.
There is such a significant increase of vision upon you for what God is doing to do, that the enemy is terrified and wanting to hinder that through this onslaught of confusion. As you continue to hold to the Word and the strategy of heaven for YOUR season, you will see the confusion begin to lift. Don’t let the decree of what God has “marked out” for your season leave your mouth. I heard the Holy Spirit say “DECLARE IT LOUD”. Declare it LOUDLY what He has said about your “time and season” and I saw as you declare angelic hosts are moving on God’s decree of your season through you and your declaration and moving forward to dismantle this attack against you.
I saw many struggling with this confusion so strongly that they were beginning to think they had missed it, they had got it wrong or heard God wrong. This is not God, it is the enemy attempting to rob your vision and steal your peace. The truth is, you are moving into a significant REVELATORY INCREASE.
Hold on prophets of God! This thing is going to break! It will not hold you back! It will not steal from you, but God will use it to raise your faith in what He has said, and catapult you further forward in heavenly vision, insight, foresight and revelation of what He is doing and going to do in the Church and in the earth.
Rejoice and be of good cheer! For you are being promoted! The enemy doesn’t like it, but your victory is already assured in Jesus and what He has spoken. Hold onto it! Watch and see as you prophesy and decree the insight of the “times and seasons” increase God is releasing to you, the signs and wonders confirmation on an unprecedented scale, that will follow His prophetic decrees through you.




  • Debora Ellis

    Alelluia!!!! Alelluia!!!! Thank you LORD !!!!
    Bless this women of God beyond her expectations in Jesus name?❤️

  • Heidi Gonzalez

    Wow Lana you are really a blessing for the body of Christ. I’ve been following for some time now and each word that the Lord gives you is right on point. Thank you for letting yourself being used of the Lord. God bless your life and ministry!!!

  • L

    Can this apply to anybody like me? Not just prophets? My state has been one of confusion, dissatisfaction, dismay, delay, depression, pain…i feel so trapped and hopeless and directionless… I have cried out to the Lord and am just so so tired…..

    • Lana Vawser Ministries

      Keep standing, He will bring you through this season. If you feel the Lord resounding that word in your heart, receive it.

  • Stephen Rangaswami

    thanks Lana for THE WORD in season; there is much hindrance to our forward movement; I’ve lost my job- being retrenched; my income is NIL and my wife is the sole earner in my family; loans and debts need to be paid in full; I must be employed; God has taken me into much insight & closeness with His times & seasons and intercessions. I am desperate for changes in times & seasons to go forward with His grace and strength, wisdom & revelation, knowledge & understanding.

  • Meshack Baloyi

    I believe this word is for me, I believe it, embrace it and declare and decree God’s promises on my life. Now is the time and the time is now.

  • Emily Bevanda

    Thankyou Lana for always being faithful, diligent, & right on time with your words! They are always encouraging & timely!
    Emily Bevanda
    Brewster, NY

  • Jillian gardner

    Yes this is true but I am standing on that word their are more for us than against us. Thankyou as I was saying what is this . The lord gave me the song when u walk through the storm hold your head up high and don’t be afraid of the dark. At the end of the storm is a golden sky and the sweet silver song of the lark walk on through the wind walk on through the rain tho your dreams be tossed and blown walk on walk on with hope in your heart and you’ll never walk alone you’ll never walk alone.

  • KathyLynn Beals

    Thank you, for being so close to Jesus that you can convey such accurate Words…especially to those who walk in a very similar calling. Times and Seasons prophets, huh?! Hits it on the spot…so glad to see you and Kevin are in your ‘time’ and ‘season’ for multiplication and growth! (Smile)…..I see you standing on tiptoe leaning forward over an extended belly(smiles) with your hand stretched toward usa, so expectant in every way, and I hear Kevin saying, honey, you are gonna topple over! as he holds you steady…in your expectant stance. Good things are coming and you must let Father keep you in rest! Blessings, Princess! Love and Prayers, Pure Waterfall…Kathy Lynn, Prophet and Apostle to the nations. I am in Alaska on assignment…if you are coming this way, I can host you all…in our lodge in the wilderness!