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Hi friends
It has been some time since we sent an update, and even then we didn’t share all that had happened in the last few months.
Firstly, for those who have not seen it on Facebook, we are expecting a new addition to our family, in July. Some of you have noticed that our travels have all but stopped this year, we felt strongly to spend most of this year ministering from home as much as possible, building on family and getting ready for our new addition. We have used this time to apply ourselves to other media, posting more videos and audio messages.
Secondly, our Pathways Course is still coming. We were pushing hard to get the first two modules of the course ready for release in February, but also felt convicted at the compromise we were making to get a product finished in the time we had decided. We are still progressing in it, and finding other voices to partner with the future modules in this project. The scope of this course is not just developing a prophetic ear, but developing a prophetic lifestyle where connecting with God and ministering prophetically is a natural occurrence in the many areas of our life. For this, we have invited people with experiences beyond our own, to offer something that is much better than we could do ourselves.
We are planning an upcoming trip to the USA, late this year. At this stage, we have been planning around Florida and Texas. We have arranged some meetings in the Palm Beach, Sanford and Lakeland areas, and are praying over our invitations in Texas to find the best strategy there.
Lana’s first book, Desperately Deep is again available for sale on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.
Lana’s next book The Prophetic Voice of God is due out in October through Destiny Image. We have been busy going through edits and cover design, and we are very excited to see this book birthed. It was an incredible journey to write, and we pray it blesses you greatly.
We would like to again be aware that there is a fraudulent page claiming to be Lana Vawser Ministries. It has a relatively low number of likes, (a little over 1000) but they have copied the information from the genuine page and look almost identical to the genuine thing. These people have been private messaging people asking for money. Please be aware. We have reported them, repeatedly, as have many others to no avail. Facebook seems to be protecting them for some reason. Lana has a profile ( and a public page ( These are the genuine pages.
Lastly, we are proud to say that we have inaugurated a new entity, Lana Vawser Ministries, in the USA. This means we now have 501(c)(3) registration and can finally offer the tax deductibility that many have been hoping for. We have changed our bank details accordingly, the information for this is on our sowing page. We can now offer tax deductibility on $US donations, from the beginning of the year (2018). If you have already sowed directly into our American bank accounts, please let us know the date and amount, as we will need to record your contribution so we can send you a statement. Our bank does not display such information on our statements, so we need to collate it and verify it ourselves. Please send all such notifications to [email protected].
We would like to thank those who support us, through prayer and financially. We are always honoured and blessed by those who would take the time to serve God in this way. It is His goodness that allows us to continue to work as we do.
Thank you all, have a blessed week.
Kevin and Lana Vawser

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 Lana’s first book, “Desperately Deep” is again available on Amazon.

Keep an eye out for her next book, “The Prophetic Voice of God”, due to be released October 2018

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  • JaNeice Gilbert

    As Always, your ministry is a blessing to me. I have grown and I am encouraged that I will allow the Lord to use me in ways I’ve never dreamed of. Can’t wait for the courses. Peace and blessings and congratualtions on the new family addition, the new USA ministry 501(c)3 and the new book.

  • Faith Lubitz

    Wow..congrats onl the new addition coming to your family! Maybe another July 13 tribe member? So I just dreamed last night that I am pregnant! (Age 65 this July)..AND I also dreamed of a young woman with 3 beautiful small the dream I was especially focusing on a photo of the little girl who had beautiful blue eyes, and blonde hair.
    Love you! Faith Lubitz

  • Wendy Coad

    Blessings to you and your family and what an amazing gift, another new life, to welcome to your family. Many great blessings upon you all. Thankyou for your faithfulness to the word of the Lord, I greatly appreciate your Honour to the Lord. I am quite sure that is is not always easy or convenient to speak what the Lord is telling you. So bless you for being So Faithful to Him, and to His Word.
    Bless you and your family Abundantly, this season.

  • Sharyn Blackman

    Congratulations on the news of a little one coming to join your family. Wonderful.
    I have followed you since 2014. First on Facebook and now through your website. You have been such an encouragement to me. Spot on words just at the right time.
    May God continue blessing you. His favour on you.
    Every blessing in Christ.