Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
Many have been going through some opposition and attack the last while and have found it intensified in the last few weeks, especially in the area of the mind and a spirit of fear and foreboding attacking many.
The Lord showed me a word that the enemy was attempting to place like a blanket over many believers right now and the blanket said “BREAKDOWN!!”. It was a lie from the enemy to say that things are about to BREAKDOWN rather than BREAKTHROUGH. The Lord clearly showed me this again is smoke and mirrors and a lie of the enemy, and God’s people must not align with the lie of the enemy, but continue to decree the Word of God and what He is saying. To not be in a place of passivity that fear is attempting to create, but to stand up and decree the Word of God.
The Lord spoke to me that there is MONUMENTAL breakthrough and blessing upon many and that is why there has been this intense battle before yet another monumental shift and breakthrough.
The enemy yet again is speaking opposite to what the Lord is saying. The enemy is saying “BREAKDOWN”, God is saying “BREAKTHROUGH” and the “RAIN OF HIS BLESSING”. I saw the enemy attempting through fear and foreboding to cloud and skew vision and perspective of the season. The enemy is attempting to skew your vision of what God wants to show you, release to you and the perspective of heaven in this season. The enemy is whispering to many so many “what if’s” and so many lies, but now is the time to pick up your sword and fight.
“In every battle, take faith as your wrap-around shield, for it is able to extinguish the blazing arrows coming at you from the Evil One! Embrace the power of salvation’s full deliverance, like a helmet to protect your thoughts from lies. And take the mighty razor-sharp Spirit-sword of the spoken Word of God.” – Ephesians 6:16-18 (The Passion Translation)
I heard the Lord speak over these ones in the battle… “There are more angelic hosts surrounding you now than before”. The enemy through fear is challenging the protection and provision of God over many attempting to cause doubt in the hearts of many, but the Lord has dispatched more angels to you now than you have had before to assist you and minister to you. He is your wrap around shield.
“For the Lord God is brighter than the brilliance of a sunrise! Wrapping Himself around me like a shield!!!” – Psalm 84:11 – The Passion Translation
The mighty warrior King is going to show Himself strong as your breakthrough, as your deliverer, as your King releasing the breaker anointing into your life. The enemy is about to be reminded again of his defeat by the radical breakthrough and favour that God is releasing to you, the manifestation of victory that is yours in Christ Jesus that is going to explode in your land.
I see the beautiful rain of His blessing increasing upon the seeds of obedience and the seeds of faith. He is decreeing His blessings will reign, do not listen to the lies of the enemy whispering BREAKDOWN. Things are about to flourish with significant increase.
The enemy wants to steal your joy, he wants to steal the joy of the blessings, the increase, the provision, the breakthrough and divine turnaround that has met your land and is going to meet your land. He wants to steal from you the joy that God is releasing to you in the breakthrough. (Isaiah 55:12) Don’t listen to his lies, laugh at him, laugh at him as you live in the Word and see your peace and joy restored.
I also felt the Lord say “Stop looking behind you!”. Be intentional to keep your eyes on Jesus and look at Him and what He is speaking, releasing and doing right now. Look at Him and what He is saying. Do not look back at the past and don’t look behind you. (Isaiah 43:18) The Lord has covered and is covering what has been, that is not part of your land now. The Lord is decreeing release and freedom from the things “behind you” and there is a DIVINE CATAPULT into what is now before you.
I heard the decree of God… “What is behind will NO LONGER affect you as you intentionally choose to not look at it, meditate on it, maintain it through fear and foreboding or give it entrance. Shut the door on it, I am bringing finality to it.”
The enemy has been intensely attacking you and attempting to steal your joy, because this land of promise you are in is full of breakthrough and blessing, that is God’s heart for you and great JOY awaits you.
So stand tall warrior! Recognise the lies of the enemy for what they are – lies and refuse to partner with the fear or foreboding. Stay deep in the Word and know, that the weather forecast of His heart to you is NOT breakdown, it is BLESSING AND BREAKTHROUGH!


  • Vladimiro Colaço

    Lana Vladimiro heer
    Don’t you feel that your writings although positive and powerful in nature and supernatural
    And coming from your dreams and your personal experience with our most sweet god
    That they are like a breeze in the wind always caressing our cheeks but never put us int the brick of REAL CHANGE
    Let us call for heaven to allow us all the change we need in our lives to take place
    N O W
    N o t t h e n or some where in the future
    But r i g h t now
    My question to you is this
    Do you feel that you could do better or that god could do it better for us
    Do you feel that something is missing
    In that small yet inner breeze
    Donn’t you want to make your dreams come true
    I D O I most d e f i n i t e l y do want to make my dreams come
    t r u e
    r i g h t
    n o w w w

  • Naomi

    Just prayed for help as I have been drowning today in the forebodings and feeling ripped up in my heart from delving into the past. I actually was triggered by a dream I thought was from the Lord to go into these things in prayer then ended up feeling very dark. Identifying the will of God for me to not meditate on the past is freeing. I know that breakthrough is coming and I want to anticipate without the foreboding clouding over. God is faithful and we will breaking out in joyful songs of deliverance soon!

  • Licinda Stevens

    Hallelujah! You are MORE THAN ENOUGH, Faithful Father! Thank You, thank You, thank You, thank You!

  • SanLil

    Thank you Jesus and Lana for these encouraging words. Indeed the enemy is trying hard to bring strife and discuragement on top of doubts over us. I myself been under heavy spiritual attacks for days that I kept asking Lord where are you, have you abandoned me in their hands? I also know that the enemy used to attack us when they know or sense that we are closed to major breakthroughs. I too have heard the word Acceleration and Increase, which I need to continue decreeing over my life even the physical one looks disastrous. God has only one promise to us and he will never fail us.
    God bless you all. Lets find courage and strength in these words.

  • Deborah McCuen

    Thank you Lana for your outpoured love to the Body of Christ in reporting to us the NOW Word of the Lord. You are a great blessing. May you and yours be refreshed as you have refreshed others.

  • L.M.

    Amen Lord. Be with me, strengthen me as you Take Me into Victory. Your promise to me is JOEL 2:25 – I Will RESTORE the Years that The Locusts , Cankerworm, Palmerworm and Caterpillar Have Eaten…

  • Bassemah Gray

    Hallejuah God. I needed this prophetic word this morning. I have been feeling thos way. Jesus help me Lord

  • Sherry Frontin ( Trinidad and Tobago )

    Thank you Lana. I appreciate your ministry – your prophetic words, dreams and encouragement have been blessing me over many months. May God continue to bless your time with Him with awe and wonder. You offer great hope, love and encouragement to the body of Christ all over the world.

  • Susan M

    PRAISE JESUS!!! Lana, this word is so timely and in tune with the Spirit’s leading in every way. The enemy has bombarded in recent months as never before with lies and every crushing assault imaginable in an attempt to try to sabotage and steal the Lord’s joy and epic blessings and transition. Thank you for this most clarifying, uplifting encouragement in Him! Breakthroughs —break forth!! In Jesus Name, Amen!! Shalom.

  • Ford

    Thank you, Jesus! Recently, the enemy keeps reminding me of the past hurts that my family has been dealing with over the last seven years. Last night I asked the Lord to take away that fear and keep me focused on the blessing; past, present and future. This Word is an answer to that prayer! Thank you, Lana. I decree monumental breakthrough and blessings in Jesus’ name. Amen and Amen.

  • Connie

    Yes Lord thank you ??I receive this message of my breakthroughs ??????♥️Thank You Jesus as I look to You ????❤️How great thou are??????

  • Holly

    My my my. Once again Lana, our God has used you in a POWERFUL way. This was right on time…again. I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to be going through hell and despair and then find your words from Holy Spirit to cause the light to shine once more, to keep holding on through it all. Thank you Jesus and thank you Lana. God bless you for your heart!

  • Joanna Faith

    Yes, so true. Thanks so much for refreshing words in the midst of the warfare. I have said, “God has the last laugh over evil.” Greater is His Spirit in us, than the enemy in the world. Be blessed dear sister, you shine brightly.

  • RDB-Seer

    I recognize your gifting, however about 50% of what you say is your opinion, influenced, and not necessarily a “this saith the Lord”.

  • Marcus W

    Wonderful message Lana. A couple of days back, I asked myself, “How have you not had a breakdown?” Then after feeling puzzled I answered myself that God is always shepherding me through. Today I told myself to forget the past – and I felt totally released. Catapault has a A I think. I saw a picture yesterday of Palestinians with catapaults, which of course is connected to the white horse rider, who carries projectile weaponry against Jerusalem. Blessings in Christ.

  • Caspian Guo

    Thank you sister Lana 🙂 I love your posts.In fact each time I read your article,it just tells my situation and brings comforts and encouragements.

  • Steve Baldwin

    Please pray for the following. Thank you. (You have times of refreshing for many. May your roots grow deep in Gods eternal crystal waters.)
    Whistle-Blower/Vet w/ NON related disabilities exposes Deep State/Gang-Stalking/FISA abuses, + Local Sheriff Corruption.
    Obama DOJ, Police, Citizens Slander, Gang-Stalk, Jail America Citizen w/ disabilities.