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Last night I had a dream and in the dream I was walking with the people of God towards an archway. As we got closer to the archway I saw that across the top of the archway I saw the words “MOUNTAIN OF ENCOUNTER”.
This beautiful archway was at the foot of a beautiful mountain. I looked up at this mountain and saw it was LUSCIOUS!! Green grass everywhere, SO alive, and it was flowing with milk and honey. This mountain felt like it was pulsating with a complete manifestation of life, abundance and provision. 

As we moved through the archway, we entered in with thanksgiving and praise. We went through a doorway deep into the mountain. As we entered in, I was overwhelmed with the sense of us being invited and entering into a deeper level of encounter with Him. Matthew 17 (Mount of Transfiguration) filled my mind and heart.
There is an invitation from the Lord right now to the people of God to enter INTO a new level of encounter with Him than they have ever experienced before.
In the going “deeper” into this season of glorious encounters with Him, we are going to see Him in His Glory like we have not seen Him before. In this season, out of this place of DEEPER encounters with Him and seeing Him, things are going to change SUDDENLY.
Provision, manifested victory, greater heavenly sight, promotion, increase and joy are SUDDENLY going to shift to a whole new level. As the Lord is inviting us deeper into the mountain of encounter, we are moving into greater overflow of His heart and manifested promises in our lives.
As we accept His invitation, we are moving through the archway, crossing over the threshold into the greatest encounters with Him that we have ever had. Encounters that are going to have monumental ripple effects in the natural. Encounters that bring sudden shifts and sudden alignments. Encounters that become “defining moments” and “turning points”. THESE encounters with Him are upon us now.
Don’t let the battle or weariness cause you to shy back from the line of pressing in deeper. These encounters that are going to birth bigger suddenlies than we have ever seen and lead us into a deeper place where we SEE that LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING!

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