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By Lana Vawser

I felt the Lord say there would be a 7 day turnaround for many. Over the next seven days things that the enemy has specifically been using to torment, assault and intimidate many of God’s people, is about to flip and turnaround. 

Where many of you have faced incredible struggle, assault, torment, intimidation and a spirit of thieving that has been attempting to steal from you, I felt God decreeing a SEVEN DAY INCREASE!!! 

The very area, the very ground that has been assaulted, over the next 7 days there will be a COMPLETION and FINALITY of this issue, struggle and darkness. Where the spirit of thieving is attempting to steal in this area, the 7 day breakthrough and turnaround will release significant increase into these areas that were targeted. 

I saw ROOTS coming out in the next 7 days! Roots where strongholds have taken root and there have been constant cycles of pain, oppression, drought and death, the rain and fire of His Spirit will fall over the next seven days and burn away and remove that root by the restoration of HIS truth in the rain, which will bring the greatest refreshing and soothing into the area where that root had taken hold.

I also felt the Lord say many have felt like they have hit rock bottom and then they go lower still. A deep weariness is upon you, and you’re not sure how much further you can go and cry out, I felt the Lord saying “Don’t lose hope or give up now! 7 day and 7 days of miracles, momentum and turnarounds of completion, will usher you into the new day you have been waiting for.”


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  • Monica Singh

    Amen, it’s my Birthday seven days from today, yippeeee ?thanks Pastor. I am going to Praise it through……I am going to be greedy and ask for more of the Father’s Perfume…Aroma

  • Diane Rinehart

    May our Father in heaven bless you and keep you, Lana, His faithful handmaiden. May His face shine upon you and give you peace. Thank you for your willingness to journey with us. Grace and peace, Diane

  • Jacintha Collins

    Good Morning from Ontario Canada
    8 days ago my husband left work early morning not feeling well
    Within an hour he was admitted to Cardiac ICU
    Heart attack and massive heart damage ( family history of heart disease )
    Prayer warriors stood in the gap
    24 hours later … apparently no heart attack and no damage to heart
    Still suffering from angina ,Three days later sent to hospital in major city for angiogram
    Stopped midway – main artery to the heart 95% blocked. Dr ” Sir, it s a miracle you are
    alive. This is what we call a widow maker. Silent, deadly and rarely survive.
    Double by pass surgery
    Surgeon: ” all went well, nothing unusual during surgery, 100% , let him do whatever he wants”
    Today is day “8”. New…

  • Susan M

    Praise Jesus!!! This has incredible supernatural timing and significance in my personal faith journey. I stand in awe of our amazing God!!! The Lord richly BLESS you precious Kingdom warrior, Lana, for your faithful, listening heart….

  • Jessica

    After reading this word, God gave me a confirmation at breakfast. On the back of our cereal box it reads, “7 days, 7 ways…BIGGEST WEEK EVER!” What?! I am so expectant and so excited! Thank you for sharing this word. God is good! Also, I enjoyed Lana’s interview with Doug Addison on his podcast. Blessings!

  • Vickie L.. Warnick

    I love your posts and have been following them for over a year. At first I felt the positive words you gave and took heart. Then time went on and things stayed the same or got worse. I got discouraged like you mentioned here was happening to many people. A 7 day window is a wonderful promise but I have to admit I haven’t got much faith left. I do have hope, however. I hope what you have said of late will indeed come to pass. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  • Mary Dickens

    Praise God! I receive this word in Jesus name. You just described what’s been going on with me and our church. We have been sowing in prayer for our church and it’s member. I believe that any day now, we are going to experience a great supernatural break through from the throne of God. I thank God for you! I pray God’s richest blessings be upon you. I just read your articles from May 3. And I totally agree with you and stand in agreement with you in Jesus name. Continue to be blessed my sister in the Lord. Evang. Mary Dickens, Jesup, GA.USA.

  • Lin Cline

    Thankyou you so very much for the encouraging word!, you both are being used by our LORD to strenghten, build encourage, and equip the body of CHRIST in a very challenging season! GOD BLESS YOU!! Keep it coming?‍♀️??️?️?

  • Dan

    Lana, Thankyou SO much! You have NO IDEA the significance this has to my life, the seven days leading up to, the day before, a VERY significant date in my life. I wept & wept as I read it. With an encouraging fresh leap of faith, I stand in agreement with this message. Please pray for my family. Blessings!

  • KRR

    Does this mean 7 literal days or prophetic ones (years)? It is encouraging in any event, but for those holding on it might be helpful to Know so that some may not lose heart if they must wait a bit longer than 7 literal days for their breakthrough. As always, a beautiful and encouraging Word and much appreciated!

  • Steve & Sheryl Roix

    Hi Lana,
    My wife and I can’t express how much your prophetic words have helped us through a 17 month time of transition, testing, and training from the Lord.
    This prophetic word came the same night I had a fierce attack from the enemy that I had made a terrible mistake, was going in the wrong direction, and was about to experience disaster at 65 yrs old ! Then at 2.30 AM (EST) I opened my emails on my phone and there was your 7 Day Turnaround Prophesy ! I was so despondent at the time that I read it and was still filled with doubt and fear, but later that morning (about 8:00AM) I read it a couple more times and showed it to my wife, Sheryl. That’s when I received, declared, and decreed it over our lives !

  • Steve & Sheryl Roix

    Hi Lana,
    Do you know Joe Joe Dawson, a pastor with First Assembly of God in Texarkana, TX ?
    He also gave a 7 Day Turnaround Prophesy that was published in Charisma Magazine on March 27, 2017.
    I find it very it very interesting that God has given you both a similar prophetic word.
    God bless,
    Steve Roix
    Grayson (Atlanta), Georgia

  • TT

    What is (also) extremely interesting about this time is (in the natural) a new moon Supermoon… one of three; is today, the 25th of May.
    Researching this further, I found discussion on the alignment of the planets. One of the alignments at this time is rare….. it iscalled the ” finger of God”. We know what what is transpiring in the heavens. Interesting to see the natural realm interpret it.

  • Grateful

    7 day turnaround report—God told me to write a children’s book series. I finished the first manuscript but had no idea what to do next. I read your post and knew it was for me. Within these 7 days, God directed me to a publishing company and yesterday I signed my first Publishing Agreement. Excited to see what happens next!
    Thank you for being open to God! Blessings!