Prophetic Words


Yesterday I walked past a sign and I saw it as “BREAKTHROUGH MENU”… Where in reality it said “breakfast menu”.
I then heard the Lord speak…
“There comes a place in the journey of stepping into knowing your authority in Me that all of life suddenly becomes a “menu of breakthrough” before you!”
Revelation of authority is being released.
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  • kim

    This is SOW TRUE ha ha we keep sowing our way to higher ground and start living in the Supernatural ! Amen breakthrough is here !
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  • Flora Lee Rauch

    Help Donald Trump continue to be a breakthrough voice for YOUR Truth for Your Glory in Jesus name and bless Ted Cruz to continue to walk in THE LIGHT in Jesus name Amen

  • Lidia Hidalgo

    | | | |
    | | | Lord God, please help me in my walk of faith, I know and believe You are a living God, that there is no other God besides You, never was and never will, but Lord I feel like I may be lacking in my faith, and Lord God Your word says that without faith it is inpossible to please God, Lord I do want to please You in everything I do, Lord God for Your name sake, please help me in my lack of faith, awaken in me the faith that has dormented within, activate my portion of faith within me like never before, Lord God please help me and answer my prayers, Lord God there is nothing that I may desire the most that is be very familiar with You Oh God, I want to get, Lord God I want to get to know You just the way You are, Lord and Heavenly Father God, teach me how to pray, teach me how to approach You when I pray, Lord how do I get to know You more, how do I get to be closer to You, Lord how do I satisfied my soul whe it crys out to You because it need to be close to You, my soul thirst and is not for water, but for You, my soul crys for You, just like a dear panteth for the waters so my soul crys out for You oh Lord God, please forget me not, for I have not forget You and I know I never will, Lord God my desire is that when I cry out to You Lord God in the name of Jesus Your Son, I desire that You hear me and answered me as I begg to You, and pour out my heart to You in tears, I would like to see the answer to my request, Lord You are the only God that is up there in heaven, and actually You are the boss of all heaven and earth and even under the earth, You created everything that we can see and even all those things that we are not able to see, but we know they do exist because we believe Your holy word, You are our God, we are Your people, I have my children that were born out of my wounb, I have my grandchildren whom I berely have see them two times, and You know Lord God that if I had what they need You know Lord God I won’t hesitate to give it to them because they are my chindren, my family that I believe You gave them to me, to a blessing into my life but God You know I hardly get to be with them, in their whole life, Lord You are our God in whom we believe, live and exist, and You know God that my hope is in You that You would send better times for me and for my family but God is been twenty years since I being waiting for blessings that I know they all in You and they possible with You, You Know I have done everything that is possible for me to do, but God riches are all Yours, the siver and gold are Yours, and we are lacking in basically everything. Lord God do You see how all those rich and famouse people live a lavish live they have as many homes as they want with his millions and bellions, they can do anything they want to and here we are Your people, in great need, hoping and believing that someday things are going to change and miracles are going to happen in the midst of the misserable life that we have to live, Lord God forgive me and have mercy on me if I am being revelious to You by saying all this things, Lord but You know is the way I feel that You haven’t been fair with Your people we or at least I live in a day to day hope that any of this days things are going to get better but why all that people that don’t know You, they don’t fear You, they don’t even acknoledge You in their lives, and they have so much money that they won’t even spend it in the rest of their lives, and here we are hardly make it in a day to day basis… Lord God do You see that? do You understand what I’m talking about, You are my best witness how much I have work my entire life so hard, being so humilliated, been under paid, abused and mistreated, and here I am now, not able to do anything anymore, swollowing my salty tears, as alway done, Lord God, get up and do something for Your people, You are God You own everything, and I know that You can do better for us Your people, You call us that we are Your people, and we have humble, I have humble myself, but now I want to know if You really love us. in Jesus name!
                                                    Lidia Hidalgo. |
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  • heartpeace

    Amen, for more breakthrough…bring it on Lord! More…Lord! Thank you Father God, we need you Father, God. We praise You and exalt Your Name.