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There has been a swirling opposition happening in the spirit to being disorientation, despair and confusion upon the people of God. I saw the enemy setting up what looked like invisible string, and it was being tied and set up before many of the people of God to "trip them up". At the same time that the enemy was setting up ‘attempts’ to ‘trip up’ many of the people of God, I saw Papa God and He was standing on the edge of a cliff top. I saw Him pick up a SHOFAR and He blew this shofar SO loud. The sound vibrated through the land and the land began to shake with a clarion call from heaven, the call to war. As the sound went out across the lands the words filled my heart "Those who have ears to hear let them hear what the Spirit says to the Churches" (Revelation 3:22)
As soon as that verse filled my heart, I heard the words "WAR WITH WORSHIP… WAR WITH WORSHIP.." There was a clarion call upon the people of God to war with their worship and adoration of Him. There was such an urgency in the atmosphere for the people of God to be "leaning in" and listening to what the Spirit is saying.
I saw angels being released from heaven and they had what looked like torches in their hands. They flew among the people of God, weaving in and out and as they turned on these torches FIRE came from out of these torches and began to BURN UP the invisible strings the enemy had been setting up before the people of God. I noticed that before some of the people of God they remained longer to burn through the strings. I then noticed that these were before forefront leaders, frontline warriors, forerunners. There was a greater "attack" being released on these frontline ones, and the angelic hosts were burning away layer upon layer of these demonic assignments.
As the angels moved through burning away these strings they began to sing… "FAILED AND FOILED ARE THE PLANS OF THE THIEF.. GREAT ARE THE WAYS OF DELIVERANCE OF THE MIGHTY LION OF JUDAH".. everything the enemy had set before the people of God as they were positioned were failing and being foiled. Areas of darkness was breaking as the glorious light of a new day sprung forth. Where the enemy had attempted to bring a "miscarriage of destiny birthing" upon the people of God, his plans were being FOILED and access for free flow birthing of destiny was now before many of the people of God. The heaviness of opposition many have been feeling was now beginning to lift and a sudden springing forth into they very appointments of destiny the enemy was attempting to keep the people of God from, the people of God were stepping into with sudden acceleration. The very areas the enemy has attempted to keep you from your destiny, to steal your next destiny moment and step is being foiled as you war with worship, and you are moving into these appointments with greater speed, greater provision, greater opportunity, greater favour, greater grace, greater sight and greater extension of tent pegs. Where the enemy has attempted to keep you from these "appointments" is actually working FOR YOUR GOOD, because MORE is being added to you than before. MORE FOR the TROUBLE you have endured on the journey of getting to these appointments. So these attacks have actually added to you HEAVENLY INCREASE as the Lord gives you more than you had before.
As the angelic hosts were singing with the people of God as they praised, I saw confusion being sent into the enemy’s camp. Not only was the enemy losing ground and his plans failing, but the very things that were being sent to hinder the people of God were being sent against him. As the confusion spread amongst the demonic realm waterfalls of DOUBLE were being poured over the people of God for all the enemy had attempted to do to hinder them. Even areas where the enemy had "tripped up" the people of God in the past, stealing, killing and destroying, recompense was being released in exponential proportions.
Do not be afraid! Keep moving forward and war in your worship, for you are going from increase to increase. What the enemy sets before you to bring you harm, the Lord is delivering you and turning all for your good.
It’s time to dance IN MANIFESTED VICTORY!
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  • Lidia Hidalgo

    | | | |
    | | | Amen Lord God, thank You for always being alert to the threats of the enemy, Lord God You have deffitted satan one and for all on Calvary’s Cross, Lord Jesus You Conquered the Victory for all of us Your People, we have accepted Your Sacrifice for us, we have drinken Your blood, and eaten Your flesh throughout Your Holy and Precious Communion, thank You Lord Jesus for Your Blood. Lord Jesus, I love You, please help me to find myself in the midst of turmoil, help me to remember who I am in You, Lord give me my Identification as Your Daughter, pure, washed, and forgiven, Lord Jesus help me to live everyday in holy Victory, Joy happyness. amen! |
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  • Gene Warner

    Joseph received an output strategy from God before the riches of the Kingdom were actually entrusted to him; it was that discussion with Pharaoh what triggered the transference of wealth from Egypt to Joseph and the Kingdom. When power and riches were entrusted, they already had a plan in place for everything that came in to be ready to multiply out. This is how Joseph became such a vessel of multiplication to the nations—because he had a spirit and a strategy of generosity. Three Rivers

  • Lea Els

    Thank you this is a confirmation to our congregation to never stop worshipping. Wow! We had load shedding yesterday and they wanted to cancel it and the leader stood up and said no we just change the time an hour before it happens.

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Hahaha! I love that word “FOILED”!! Hahahaha! When I saw the word FOILED, I saw what happened here at the house last week concerning tin foil for the pan when I was baking SHAKE AND BAKE chicken!! Yes!!
    Earlier last week, I had run out of foil in the drawer, so I went looking all over the house for the extra foil I knew I had bought but didn’t fit in the drawer!! I looked and looked, to no avail. So, I just baked it without the foil; which is a very, very rare thing for me to do.
    Later in the week, I happened to find TWO UNOPENED FOIL boxes in the front closet sitting there all along!! I put the one box of foil in the drawer, and got to use foil for the SHAKE AND BAKE chicken in the oven that day!! Hahahaha! That reminds me of years ago at Toronto Airport Church.We were the last one’s there one meeting; about 4 of us? and there was one other girl on the floor sitting, and shaking and shaking. They were calling her the shake and bake girl. We hung around for quite a while in God’s Presence there. There was also a very short kind of lepruchaun guy who was leaping and jumping such heights in the Lord. My husband was deeply touched by seeing him, and I was deeply touched seeing the shake and bake girl! Hahaha!
    Praise God, praise God, praise God!! “Then the Lord said: “I have pardoned, according to your word: but truly, as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord–” (Numbers 14: 20, 21) Yes, Lord yes!!
    Oh, and the numbers on the foil boxes are significant too. Each of the two boxes of foil were 25′ adding up to 50!! I have the one 25′ box of foil in the drawer now!
    Shalom, shalom, Elsie Bouwman

  • C Cotten

    Amen! Amen! Amen! “The enemy meant harm against me, but God meant it for my good.” Gen. 50:20
    I’m Dancing, Evg. Esther

  • Meg Ferguson

    Thank you, Lana and thank You, Lord! I just bought my granddaughter a tambourine and thought about how Miriam danced in the manifested victory on the far side of the Red Sea. Yesterday the atmosphere in my home was SO HEAVY so I put a DVD in called BLOOD BOUGHT CHURCH and my granddaughter and I danced to it and clapped and lifted our hands to praise the Lord. The atmosphere of defeat SUDDENLY shifted and I felt joy and peace and HOPE for the first time IN DAYS. I even saw it manifesting on my husband as well. PTL!

  • Carolyn b

    I’m really being blessed having subscribed since reading you on Elijah list and I am presently listening to the replay from Soaring 333 – Joseph Peck – as Glenessah has just said your words are going out like multiple streams. Thank you Jesus and thank you Lana for allowing the Lord to use you. This has been the best and most significant message of all the webinars I have listened to. Blessings multiplied upon you. Carolyn Barkas

  • Aisha

    Wow! Thank you! May the Lord continue to inspire you. The Lord told me this week about how our adoration is connected to spiritual warfare and said He wanted me to set time apart to serve Him through adoration and inspired prophetic declarations all the week long. Now I understand why this was so
    ‘urgent’ in my heart. God is awaking His army of worshippers! Thanks for sharing this!