Prophetic Words


Hearts are going to restart in March. Areas of your life that have been dead, the dry bones that have seemed to refuse to come to life, are going to arise! Your heart will be restarted to believe again as you see heaven invade your circumstance.
Specific assignments against you from the enemy are going to come apart and fast as you pray.
New growth will happen in March as your spiritual faith muscles are built up and strengthened and new life shall blossom all around you.
Lies and deceptions that have hindered you will fall away as the Holy Spirit highlights the truth of His Word in your life, especially in the area of identity and I saw a specific restoration within many hearts of seeing God as provider and faithful to provide finances for His people. For many this will be a brand new day of discovering the TRUTH of His goodness again.
A deeper securing of roots into His love will happen for many and no matter what comes their way they will NOT be swayed. A new strength and grace to RISE ABOVE the storms. (Isaiah 40:31)
Many will find the Lord bringing new doors and missions before them that will seem BIGGER than they are. To look at it through earthly eyes would bring fear, but when these new doors and missions open before you, look at them through the eyes of who is standing with you.
He has gone before you, the way has been prepared. As you have trusted Him, He has brought you into position and what YOU carry through these doors will release the Kingdom into many areas.
I saw a specific opposition from the enemy coming against many in the area of creativity. The Lord is doing a great work now through His people in unleashing extravagant creativity demonstrating His goodness, love and releasing the Kingdom. The enemy is not happy and has unleashed great attacks against creativity in the body of Christ ESPECIALLY in March.
Protect your creativity gifting in March in prayer and wisdom from the Holy Spirit about when and who you share what He is releasing to you from heaven.
Do not be afraid for as you cover your creativity in prayer and stay close to Him, you will actually find that you will step into greater increase in this area with more frequent downloads from heaven and accelerated breakthroughs when the Lord prompts you to release what He has showed you.
Many have faced incredible fires the past few months and for many the fire has become hotter and hotter. Even though you feel like you have been tried and tested over and over and the enemy has come and hit and kicked, you are ABOUT TO COME OUT and you will not come out smelling like smoke. You will come out stronger than you went in and shining as pure gold. There has been refining fire from the Lord, but there has also been opposition from the enemy but as you have stayed CLOSE to Him, you will come out and SHINE.
Many have felt like they have been in the furnace, but you are ABOUT to come OUT with a GLORIOUS testimony of His goodness, deliverance and healing BECAUSE of His great love for you.
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  • Christine McTaggart

    You are right about the furnace. Great word I like it so much. Thanks
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  • Nienke Terpstra

    Hello Lana
    Thank you for this post. I really need it! The restoratation of faith.
    In the last few months up to a year, God had shown me many things about myself and how I lived out of the flesh in stead of believe. I have been tested and many times I failed, and in the meantime I hurt the people around me.
    With my mind I know that I believe in Jesus Christ and what He had done for me and everybody. I believe that He is the way to the Father.
    But after all the failing and needing His mercy, there is a thought of: this time was the last. Now God is fed up with me because I messed up too many times. With my mind I know this is not true, because the Bible tells the truth. But I cannot shake it of.
    So, I really need this word to come to pass in my life.
    I hope you understand all that I wrote, english is not my first language. I come from The Netherlands.
    I hope to hear from you if there is anything that He shows you while reading this letter.
    And if not I want to thank you for your time and for the words that you are giving us. I know they are from the Father Himself.
    May God bless you and keep you,
    Greetings, Nienke Terpstra
    [email protected]
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