Prophetic Words


"Keep trusting in the Lord and do what is right in His eyes. Fix your heart on the promises of God and you will be secure, Feasting on His faithfulness. If you make God the utmost delight and pleasure of your life, Every longing within you will be fulfilled. Give God the right to direct your life And as you trust Him along the way, You’ll find He pulled it off perfectly!" – Psalm 37:3-5 – The Passion Translation

God always requires us to trust Him, He wants us going deeper and deeper in our intimacy with Him and trusting Him with everything.
I saw many have heard the Holy Spirit ask them to take some big steps of faith and to trust Him.
Fear has risen up, fear of disappointment, fear of the outcome, fear of failure, fear of being wrong. Let me encourage you stay aligned with Him and in His Word. Stay in the parameters of His Word, stay in deep intimacy and obedience.
You may not see the outcome manifest straight away but IN YOUR STEP OF FAITH AND TRUST keep your eyes on Him and His faithfulness and promises. Keep the promise He gave you RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES and let NOTHING shake you from it. Keep declaring His promise to you IN your step of faith and trust and WATCH how God will bring everything else into perfect alignment with the promise He has given you.
Many of you are on the brink of some of the greatest heart revelatory changes of your Christian life as you see what He is about to do. He is going to honour your step of faith and HE IS GOING TO PULL IT OFF PERFECTLY!
As you stay surrendered, let Him direct your life, let Him have the reigns, you are going to REIGN over your circumstances and the joy He is releasing as you walk out the trust of His promises and as they manifest in your step of faith will be UNCONTAINABLE!
"Don’t give up, don’t be impatient; Be entwined with the Lord. Be brave, courageous, and never lose hope. Yes, keep waiting— for He will never disappoint you!" – Psalm 27:14 – The Passion Translation
He isn’t going to disappoint you! He is going to honour your faith step, you are going to FEAST on His faithfulness!
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  • paulsmobile001

    We are waiting on the Lord for our rent money as we are about $220 short. It’s due tomorrow, we have no credit cards, no relatives to ask and even our Pastor turned us down. To be fair, we’ve only been going to that church since September, so I can see why we were suspect in her eyes, but they are so rich! You should see their house. We were praying that the Lord would make us feel better while we waited and then your prophesy came in. We’re still a little shaky, because we had our home stolen by an unscrupulous contractor in 2005. We had to move into my mom’s house but she’s now in a home, so that’s no longer an option. This is a similar feeling. Could you please pray for us however the Lord leads you?
    Thanks and God bless you, Paul & Sharon Luiso

  • Lorna A.

    God BLESS BLESS BLESS you, Lana!!!!!! I honestly have never had someone so BANG ON in step with my walk. Ever. It’s moving my spirit and giving me bravery one new levels, reassuring me. THANK YOU. From Calgary, Alberta, Canada Lorna

  • hpOnWingsofEagles

            Late Sunday Night.11:15p.m  March 1st, 2015          Greeting to you Lana , Thank you so very much. This word is means a lot.        Forever Jesus is mine and I am HIS Beloved.        your sister in Christ Jesus,        Helen Patricia x  

  • kristenising777

    I don’t know about anyone else but for me personall, you always hit the nail right on the head, it’s like your living my life right next to me. Always a confirmation, and something I need right then. This thing he has told and shown me for years is definitely bigger than me and my house, and there is no other way to follow through with this but on our faces before the lord, Especially when the promise happens, Please can allow the Lord to pray for Kristen and Herman Ising and our house, AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE WE WILL. SERVE THE LORD UNTIL THE DAY OF THE LORD, EVEN TO THE LEGACY TO COME…Thank You for the daily encouragement.

  • harpeth21

    Lana, did you post recently about a vision of the seven continents, turned white with red dots that appeared? If so, could you send me the link. I’d like to read it again. Thanks and blessings.
    It’s In Him, Jesus Get There,
    Diana M. Mujica