Prophetic Words

LVM Update – Whats coming up for Lana Vawser Ministries – Women of Wonder and Burning Ones (in person) conference.

Hi friends.
We are indeed in a time where we feel strongly that people are being positioned to equip or be equipped – even more so than ever before. There has been a great shift in the season and we feel the shifting is just beginning. This is the time to be prepared for all that is coming, rising in maturity and seeing his loving-kindness in every season.
Our Positioned in Purity school is winding up, and the New Era course hosted by Enliven Media is also coming to its closure in the next few weeks. We always try to avoid publishing material for the sake of publishing material, we do feel there is momentum in this season for learning and gathering – even gathering online. We have mentioned these things on social media but we know that not everyone here does not get YouTube or Facebook.
God has placed two things on Lana’s heart between now and Rosh Hashanah, both are important and timely, the first is our next schools starting in July for women – Women of Wonder. The second is our first in-person conference in September, to be held at the Adelaide Convention Center.
The Women of Wonder school will commence July 13 (in Australia, July 12 USA). The school will go for 12 weeks with 16 sessions (a second session every four weeks). Lana will be hosting and speaking for 8 sessions, we have invited friends to come and speak on the second 8. We have felt to discount this course to half our usual fee – we want this to be as accessible as possible. We will be using the teachable platform as we have found that to be the easiest way and is very accessible for most people. For information please visit our teachable page:
In September, we are hosting our first ever in-person conference. We really felt to host the best event possible in the CBD of Adelaide. The speakers will include Lana Vawser, Matt Beckenham and Kevin Vawser – with worship by Carolyn Billing from Zion’s Hill in Launceston. This is a significant undertaking for us – we have never hosted anything this big before.
It is called Burning Ones Conference. We feel so strongly that this is a time for the people of God to be kindled, Lana, Matt and Kevin all have this on their hearts and we really feel this is going to be a great time of impartation and activation. Tickets are available for in-person and online, with a combined package if you want to view both. For more information, we welcome to check out our information and FAQ page –
Be blessed
Kevin and Lana Vawser