Prophetic Words


Hey Friends,
Felt very strongly to repost this word. I believe it is going to minister deeply to some of you. Have a blessed week as the Lord “untangles” you and you FLY with the eyes of Elisha.
The Lord showed me a picture of a cocoon today and many were so discouraged by this cocoon. The Lord had been speaking that this was the season of flourishing, when all of a sudden, they found themselves in situations that felt like a cocoon. Felt like a place where they were dying, or going backwards, the complete opposite to flourishing.
There is a “dying process” taking place in this season and it is the place of deeper yielding to the Lord. It’s a season where God is calling His people to “BE CONSECRATED to HIM” in a whole new way. There IS a dying process taking place. There’s a DYING of GIANTS. There is a DYING of strongholds and footholds that have held God’s people for so long. There is a DYING process taking place where the hearts of God’s people have been wrapped in the chains of death, and they are being removed, but the process has been bumpy, the process has been painful, and the process has been stretching, BUT the COCOON is not the END, it’s JUST the beginning.
This “dying process” isn’t an indicator that the season of flourishing isn’t upon you, the “dying process” is actually the PATHWAY to life and the indicator that you are about to FLY.
I saw that many have been in that COCOON process for SO long in this season and just when they thought they were about to fly into the new level they faced another level of the COCOON process. The process has specifically INTENSIFIED in the last few weeks. That is because… YOU ARE ABOUT TO FLY!
The COCOON process for many came out of the blue and came as such a surprise and many wrestled with “How can this be? Isn’t this the season of increase? I feel like I am going backwards? Aren’t I supposed to be flying? I feel like my wings have been clipped?”
BUT GOD is dealing with the areas and issues of the heart that have always been there that He KNOWS will stop you from flying, the areas that can ONLY be dealt with in the process of surrender and yielding. This actually is the PATHWAY to increase, flying higher, freedom, acceleration and promotion.
The COCOON PROCESS wasn’t the end, see through HIS eyes, it’s just the BEGINNING of what God is about to do.
I saw the cocoon beginning to crack and I saw wings about to come through slowly out of these cocoons. The BREAKING OUT is happening now at a whole other level than we have seen and experienced before.
As the wings were breaking out, I saw written in gold on the wings was “DOUBLE PORTION”.
The COCOON PROCESS is almost over as you are now BREAKING OUT, free of limitation, free of fear, free of the lies that have held you, free of the insecurities, free of strongholds, the torments and the ‘hooks’ that the enemy found residence in. In the place of DEEP SURRENDER and YIELDING to Jesus in this cocoon process where you have come to a place of “YOUR WILL BE DONE, HOWEVER that looks”, your wings are bursting forth and you are about to go further than you ever have. You are about to take off and fly higher and you will carry a DOUBLE PORTION!
As I am watching these butterflies begin to break out of the cocoon it’s uncomfortable and it feels like another transition, and it feels scary, but I felt the Lord say, “Don’t fear the wrestle that’s taking place, don’t fear the feeling of transition, you are BREAKING OUT and you are breaking out into something SO NEW, SO FRESH, SO REFRESHING, you will FLY ON THE WINDS OF JOY!
As these butterflies were breaking out and about to fly I heard the Lord say “These ones shall move out and fly and they will have the EYES OF ELISHA”
Instantly the story of 2 Kings 6 rings in my heart, where Elisha and his servant saw the army of horses and chariots surrounding the city and Elisha’s servant was scared. Elisha then prays for his servant “Open his eyes, Lord so that he may see” and the servant then saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.”
The Lord spoke to me that these ones that have been in the cocoon process again, are coming out with carrying a double portion of prosperity and blessing, anointing and increase and they will have the EYES OF ELISHA. Supernatural vision to SEE and LIVE in the REALITY of God’s REALITY and what is happening in Spirit. Many of these ones will move out with a greater increase of the SEER ANOINTING and prophetic revelation will explode and increase to a level they have never experienced. The JOY that will come as they enter this new realm of prophetic revelation will see them receiving and seeing so much that they will not be able to keep up with all God is downloading and saying. They will have double the SIGHT they have had before.
It will not be a BURDEN, but a BLESSING. There will be such ease, joy and DEPTH OF INTIMACY with Jesus that will take place in this CONTINUAL FLOW of revelation and increase of sight, the seer anointing upon their life.
The COCOON has been a place of SUCH pressure, SUCH hardship, SUCH pain, but now there is upon you the breaking out into a level of EASE and JOY in the FLYING!
You’re about to go higher than you have ever been, you are going to soar on winds of His Spirit in ways you have never imagined. You won’t recognise yourself because of how free and different you will be. There will be JOY ALL AROUND.
Hold on tight as your wings break out, what God has before you, you are going to LOVE!