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Hi Friends
It has been a few weeks since we sent out an update, and as always, a lot has happened.

Firstly, we are in the USA!!! We love this land, and are so blessed to be visiting once again. We are currently recuperating from jet-lag (with our 3 boys) and getting ready for our first meetings next weekend. Our itinerary page is almost complete, there is just one more meeting in Dallas to add which will be up in the next few days. If you would like to see where we are going, and when, please check out our itinerary page (LINK HERE)

We have uploaded to our media page a preview of Lana’s book!!! We are excited about this work and we are sure you will be blessed by it. Please feel free to check out our media page and view/download the PDF from there (LINK HERE). It will be available for purchase on Oct 16.

A few weeks ago, Lana did another Facebook live video. We did put it on the media page but the gallery did not show it until today. If you missed it, or are interested in having a look, click this link to see it in your browser (LINK HERE).

This will be a big trip for us, and we are excited to be coming. As we are traveling with a newborn, we are trying to balance our schedule so we can do the most we can with the time, and still be realistic with our capacity and the capacity of those traveling with us. That said, we are excited to be here, and look forward to meeting you, if you are able to come by.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We are blessed by all those who would take the time to support us in prayer, we pray for continued blessings and encounters with His love and presence, as you go through your daily life.

Be blessed

Kevin and Lana Vawser