Prophetic Words


Lana Vawser
The Lord has been speaking to me a lot in this season about how He is breaking delay. In the last few weeks I have felt the momentum increasing on the Lord breaking delays.
Recently, I had an encounter with the Lord and saw the Lord’s hand breaking delay over many in the body of Christ. I watched as the chains of delay that had caged many for SO LONG were SUDDENLY breaking and catapulting them into a significant slipstream of acceleration and suddenly’s.
As this was taking place, this huge breakthrough over the delay, there was then a major commissioning that was taking place. Jesus was positioning them in a new place of commissioning.
There was a significant transition taking place into a new birthing, and this birthing and commissioning was anointing them to go forth as “DELAY AGENTS!”
God was sending them into various places and even “undercover” for Him to break delay in many places in the authority and power of Jesus name.
As these ones were commissioned to go forth I saw the words “DELAY AGENTS” over them as they went on specific assignments for the Lord, but then the words would flip to “CHANGE AGENTS”.
They had so much armoury and they were all tools and weapons they had gained in their own wrestles with delay. These ones are being sent forth with HUGE authority and anointing to see delays BROKEN in so many other places and lives, because they have OVERCOME.
They will go forth partnering with the Holy Spirit and resurrection power of Jesus to see the Lord use them to bring forth HUGE change and tidal waves of breakthrough.
Their “wrestle” with delay even though it was not the Lord’s heart, has prepared them and gained them greater authority to break the chains of delay and move forward with a major BREAKER anointing and they won’t be stopped any longer.
I watched as Jesus REBRANDED THEM with His fire and His fire rebranded them as “UNSTOPPABLE”.
So if that’s you today, and you have been battling with delay in your life, I want to encourage you, the Lord is bringing forth His truth into your life. He is awakening you to His promises and the POWER of His Word and the power in the name of Jesus.
You are going forth UNSTOPPABLE! You will no longer be delayed. I prophesy over you that you are not only seeing chains of delay breaking by the power of the Spirit in your own lives, but you are being recommissioned, rebirthed and rebranded as UNSTOPPABLE.
You are being given new shoes to go forward as a “DELAY AND CHANGE AGENT” – sent forward to BREAK DELAY and bring great CHANGE in Jesus name. You are moving forward with such boldness to go after the unjust delays and see them broken in Jesus name. You are moving forward and you will go forward in greater empowerment and take unjust delay by the throat and see it bow to the name of Jesus.
New tools have been given to you through your wrestle with delay, you are going forward with new armoury and weapons to BREAK DELAY and see the POWER of the name of Jesus DISPLAYED!
I declare over you today, that this is your moment of great breakthrough, the delays are breaking and you are being sent forth as an AGENT for the Lord to BREAK DELAY and bring forth GREAT CHANGE with Him!
It’s time!!!!
“And he swore by him who lives for ever and ever, who created the heavens and all that is in them, the earth and all that is in it, and the sea and all that is in it, and said “There will be no more delay” – Revelation 10:6 (The Passion Translation)