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Hi friends

It has been a short while since we updated you on what is happening behind the scenes. We are traveling, and have been really busy on the road. These first two weeks of our US trip are the busiest, but they are exciting days none the less. We had a great weekend at West Palm Beach, at Covenant Center International. We met some wonderful people there and we really look forward to returning someday. We have since jumped on a plane for a few days of media stuff and will be back in Florida for Friday’s meeting with our old friends at Glory Fire Church, Sanford, FL. On Sunday, we are Lakeland, FL, at Ignited church. I have finally completed our itinerary page, with the details for a Friday night meeting, in Arlington TX, Nov 2. Please check out the itinerary page with THIS LINK

Lana’s book is now available. Our partners at Destiny Image set up a beautiful webpage for it, where you can order it directly from the publisher with THIS LINK.

We were so blessed to meet so many of you in West Palm Beach, we welcome you to come by if we are ever in your area. We always love to say hi whenever we can. Thank you, all, who have continued to support us during this journey, in prayer and financially too.

Thank you all!!

Kevin and Lana Vawser