Prophetic Words


Lana Vawser

The Lord spoke to me yesterday very clearly regarding “health and finances” in the body of Christ. The Lord showed me MANY of God’s people have been weighed down SO much in this season by the battles in the area of health and finances.

The Lord showed me many who’s heads are hung low because of the discouragement and despair over these two areas. They have battled and battled and battled, and some breakthrough’s have come but then other battles begin. The Lord showed me many who feel like they have been in a wheel like a mouse, running and running and unable to get off. Cyclical battles in the area of health and finances.

If that’s you, I feel to encourage you: stand in faith and be stay positioned for a breakthrough!

Expect a miracle!

Expect a major shift to take place and the power of God to turn things completely around.

The Lord showed me MAJOR restoration that is coming to bodies, MAJOR restoration that is coming to finances. As I leant into His heart, He showed me so many that have been hit in so many different ways in these two areas, they looked weary and wounded, but I then saw the Lord ROAR over those two areas and they began to violently shake. As they shook things began to rapidly shift and take a completely new shape.

The Lord spoke to me “What has been, will NO LONGER be!” His voice shook me as the declaration of His truth went forth, that what many of you have faced in your health and your finances will NO LONGER be part of your story.

The enemy has come hard against you in these two areas to steal from you, and to weary you to keep you from the inheritance that is yours, but the battle is OVER. Wait for it to manifest in the natural, because in the spirit the Lord has decreed it is DONE.

The Lord is turning the page and there is a NEW STORY upon you. The NEW STORY that is upon you is a story of miraculous healing, strength, restoration in your body and finances and INCREASE. The battles you have faced have added INCREASE to you in the restoration that God is releasing.


I had an encounter with the Lord and I was in a large room that had many, many shelves. On the shelves were huge jars and these jars were filled with new body parts and organs, and other jars were full of keys. The prayers of God’s people had reached the ears of the Lord and I watched as His face was full of compassion. At the decree of the Lord I watched as angels were sent to earth, some carrying these body parts and organs and others carrying the jars with keys of breakthrough.

The thing that struck me was these angels were riding on a HUGE wave to the earth and through the earth. They followed where the wave went and where it flowed. I could hear the decree resounding in the Spirit “It’s all in the name of Jesus. Jesus the healer! Jesus the healer! Jesus the healer! Jesus the Restorer! Jesus, the Glorious Lamb of God who paid it all!”

I knew that these angels were flowing in the rivers of the Spirit and where it was flowing and the healings and breakthroughs that were being released in bodies were being released not through them, but in the POWER of the NAME OF JESUS!

The Lord then spoke:

“A major tidal wave of HEALING is about to crash into the body of Christ in significant ways that is going to bring about MAJOR creative miracles, divine restoration of bodies, major healings and recreation of organs and body parts and KEYS to My people to live in divine health. There are going to be greater keys of My divine wisdom to live in divine health. The enemy has been so afraid of this tidal wave of increased healing in the body of Christ that he has been coming against My people intensely, but SUDDENLY things are shifting, healing and breaking forth. Not only will My people see a major increase in physical healing but they will also move into momentum of breakthrough as they follow My keys of wisdom on how to steward their bodies well.”


I heard the Lord say “FINANCES, FLOW, FLOW, FLOW” and I saw SO many in the body of Christ who have had MAJOR blockages in finances and heavy burdens. The Lord showed me that there are going to be MAJOR financial miracles in this season that is going to BREAK the heaviness of financial burdens. The Lord showed me that no longer will many be crippled by the weight of financial trouble, but the Lord is bringing PROVISION for the VISION that He has given them.

Suddenly, I was taken into another room with the Lord and I saw HUGE keys that were in jars on shelves but they looked different to the keys I had seen for divine health. The Lord spoke to me “Lana, these are keys of breakthrough ad financial wisdom.”

The Lord is not only unlocking a new season of financial PROVISION, but He is releasing wisdom on how to steward finances well – how to steward finances with purity, integrity and sensitivity to His Spirit.   

Many heavy burdens of financial pressure, many longstanding are being broken now and God is releasing major breakthroughs in finances but coming with the breakthrough of financial flow are coming BLUEPRINTS and STRATEGIES for the stewardship of the increase and ways to extend His Kingdom.

The Lord spoke to me “Many have carried the vision I have placed within their hearts for many years, but have come up against continual battles because of financial attack. I am now breaking these attacks and releasing financial increase to extend My Kingdom and My vision FURTHER than they could ever imagine. I am not only about to significantly PROVIDE, I am about to very clearly GUIDE My people into deeper realms of wisdom on how to steward the increase of provision to extend My Kingdom.”

“I am breaking the chains of attacks against health and finances that have kept SO many bound, I am breaking them by the power of My Spirit and leading them into a new day of FREEDOM and FAVOUR. It’s a whole new story!”

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