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Hi, Friends
We hope you have had a great week! We just wanted to touch base with you all about something that has concerned us, and wanted to give you the heads up.
Yesterday, a fake Facebook account was set up, in Lana Vawser’s name. Under this guise, people have been sending friend requests, asking for prayer requests, and even asking for money. We have been contacted by many concerned people, and are writing to tell you, this is not from us.
If you have received a friend request from Lana, please know that it is not actually Lana. As a general rule, until this point we have stayed away from making our financial needs known to man. IF you have been contacted by such people, please report them, and if you have been solicited out of money try to get your money back. We have repeatedly requested of Facebook to give Lana a verification star, but for some reason she has not met their requirments, which seems to change every time we ask.
On a lighter note.
We are having our first actual holiday in a very long time. We have stopped on in Hawaii on the way back to Australia to celebrate our 10th anniversary. It is nice to enjoy a week out as a family, without having to think about the next meeting or where we are driving to.
Next week, we return back to Australia and start preparing ourselves for our next road trip, down the East Coast of Australia, and New Zealand. We are looking forward to seeing our friends along the way.
We hope you all are pressing in to Him, spending time in His presence and hearing His voice clearer each day.
Kevin and Lana Vawser


  • Tasha moore

    For the past month I have been having dreams of little signs about Hawaii and the islands I have been praying and asking the Holy Spirit in his divine timing to reveal what it is about Hawaii that I need to share. Hope you have a amazing trip

  • Beverly Long

    I had someone start a fake site in my name! My daughters helped and FB got rid if the other one!

  • Pam Thompsom

    Gods richest blessings upon you both and your family. Wisdom, mercy and unity to be yours, eternally. In Jesus Name, Amen

  • Phil

    Yes, you’ve really got to watch out for that sort of thing. A couple of years or so ago, i (and others) had an email arrive, purporting to be from a person from whose (Christian) site I get regular emails. This email said that the person was stuck for money in some emergency or other. Needless to say, I smelt a rat and was going to contact the genuine site about it, but others had already done so, and the genuine person said it was nothing to do with him.

  • Kathy Moldrem

    Thank you for your update & about the Facebook hack. I will watchout for that. Have a blessed safe trip.

  • Roz Campbell

    Thank you for the heads up. I love it when you say you have not let your finances known to man AMEN. have a wonderful Vacation .❤

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Thank you Lana and Kevin, for walking in the light as He is in the light. So glad that you have had a well deserved holiday!! Very happy that no one can stop the joining of His body together across the earth!

  • Home

    Thank you so much for email. We serve a Great Big God. Nothing lost. Only Gain. Seeking and pressing in. Loving every minute in his presense. Thank you, Love to you Lana and your precious family. Cheri-O Kris Miller
    Hope I said that right. Heavens Blessings!
    Enjoy some rest and peace together, hopefully with no interruptions from the outside world yuke.

  • Suzanne Gray

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU! Pray His peace and rest is doubled for you in this time! Thank you for all you do!

  • Bonifacio Ocampo

    Thanks for the recent advice. Meanwhile enjoy your vacation with the family and God bless you all!

  • Gene Williams

    Until MZ’s god, is the Creator of the universe, God of gods & King of kings, Lana or anyone else representing our Lord Jesus, will never get fair treatment on facebook. Keep praying for him.