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LVM Update

G’day friends! Hello from the great lakes area!
We are so excited to be back in the USA, and have had some amazing meetings so far. We were part of some strategic workshops in Michigan, focused towards ministering from the marketplace, and more incredible meetings filled with joy and Holy Spirit. Last week we were in New York City and Massachusetts.
This weekend we are in the Buffalo area, (East Aurora) and the following weekend back in Sanford, Florida. We are excited to see what God does in these meetings. Later we will be in Dallas, Denver, San Francisco and Los Angeles. If you are in these areas please keep an eye on our itinerary page for more information.
We are excited to have a few days to rest, as the last weeks have been quite fast paced. That said we have had some great times with amazing friends, and met even more.
We would love you all to keep an eye out for malicious Facebook accounts. There is someone who is repeatedly creating Facebook accounts mimicking Lana Vawser, even going as far a copying all her photos and posts. We have seen around 6 accounts deleted in the last two weeks, the fraudster sending invitations from the fake account, even asking for money in some circumstances. Lana has reached the maximum limit for her friends on her Facebook account, and therefore cannot possibly send friend requests. IF ANYONE SENDS A FRIEND REQUEST FROM “LANA VAWSER” IT IS A FAKE!!!!.  We are sorry that people have been hindered by this pest and we wish there was more that could be done to stop them.
We really appreciate your prayers and blessings. It is always a big endeavor to compact the family’s belongings into a few suitcases and rubbermaid boxes, jumping from hotel to hotel…. but the grace of God is incredible.
Blessings and thanks to you all
Kevin and Lana Vawser.


  • Sonny

    Many blessings for miles and many many miles more. ThankYou for the update. Praise our lord God Almighty and wonderfull King.

  • Faith Lubitz

    Hi Lana and Kevin…
    I am flabbergasted at your USA prophecy recently…wonder if you have heard of something called NESARA? It is a 200+ page piece of legislation..designed to restore our govt to be in line with the Constitution. If you Google it you will find people saying it’s a hoax…but read about what’s in there anyway. I have known about it for years..and have had dreams showing me we would have at least some of the parts of it. It addresses not only the govt but banks as well as they are so corrupt.
    Hope you see this…it was great meeting you both…and I love reading everything you are getting….
    Much love and Blessings..
    [email protected]
    413 923 8529

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Yes the grace of God is incredible and greater and greater and more greater! Great grace, great grace!!

  • Phyllis J.

    Praying God’s continued blessings upon you on your travels. I know the Lord is working mightily through you!!
    Safe Travels,
    Phyllis J.
    Raleigh, NC

  • Rhoda

    LORD make us holy as you are holy, Psalm 51:9&10 in the name of Jesus. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God!!! Purity
    Jere. 42:3 Show us Your way, help us walk in it? We love You!!! XXMM

  • Rhoda

    Such harassment and opposition is an exciting sign, great and wonderful things are here from the LORD!!! Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice!!! Adonai Nissi!!!

  • Linda Joy Serviss

    I feel that so many of the words God speaks through you both are SO TIMELY for me! I sincerely trust that others are ministered to as well!
    Blessings as you CONTINUE speaking the oracles of God in such PROFOUND ways!
    Linda Joy