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I had a vision where I saw Papa God shining a HUGE spotlight into the lives of His people and He was highlighting what looked like little gold boxes that began to appear in the lives of His people. As the people of God began to open these boxes there were different messages, and symbols, and Scriptures in each of the boxes but they were shaped as a PUZZLE PIECE.
It was like these puzzle pieces were 3 Dimensional because I could see deep into these puzzle pieces and that’s where there was specific messages, symbols and Scriptures for His people, but on the ‘surface’ of the puzzle piece and it was the same on every one it said “Get ready for a new divine adventure”.
I then heard Proverbs 25:2 being quoted “It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out” and I realised that the Lord was inviting us as His people into a new divine adventure with Him. Creative ways of hearing Him speak specifically for us, using symbols that would mean something to us specifically. The Lord was releasing a divine highlight on a piece to a glorious puzzle of a divine message of revelation that He wants us to search out.
I then saw the people of God as they accepted the invitation into a new divine adventure, I saw them running with Jesus through large fields with such joy, climbing mountains, being carried through valleys by Him, dancing in the rain and resting in the sunshine. These creative streams He is going to use to speak to His people specific strategic messages for their lives was leading them into a new level of JOY in hearing His voice, but also deepening intimacy with Him like they have not known before.
This divine highlight from the Lord that was highlighting the specific “puzzle piece” and “theme” that He wanted to speak to His people about individually suddenly began to sing. I heard music coming loudly out of this puzzle piece and it was a new sound, a beautiful heavenly sound and I then heard the words “It’s a new song, for a new season”.
These ‘divine highlights’ the Lord is releasing is not only taking the people of God on a brand new adventure with Him, a new level of FUN and JOY in hearing His voice and watching Him radically confirm the ‘strategic theme’ He wants them to focus on in this season. This new adventure with Him was also bringing them to a deeper place of intimacy for a new level of revelation for this new season that is upon us.
It was like He was using this “puzzle piece” representing a new heavenly “theme” from His heart for their lives and this season, this strategic piece was being used by Him to HERALD a new level of revelation, a new SOUND from the heart of God being expressed through His people in CREATIVE and FRESH ways, that was going to see an expression of His goodness, His power, His love and the Gospel preached throughout the earth with greater signs and wonders, the greatest of this sign and wonder being HIS LOVE. These “puzzle pieces” were dripping in heavenly wisdom and healing balm for cities and nations.
Revelation and divine wisdom in its outworking are meeting together in a POWERFUL way in this season that is going to bring HEALING to MULTITUDES,  cities and nations in Jesus name.
Pay attention to the “God-incidences”, the “reoccuring themes and symbols” in your lives right now and be seeking the Lord and His Word for what He is saying. For these is a divine highlight being released over your life that will not only take you into depths of intimacy with your Beloved that you have never dreamed of, but it is going to release THROUGH YOU a revelation of Him, His heart and His message into this season with a NEW CREATIVE SOUND that is going to see a move of God IN you and THROUGH YOU like you have never seen before.


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  • Rose

    I’m gob-smacked.
    We put up our Christmas tree…once the lights were on, we stopped. It seemed right to leave it without all the business. It was beautiful.
    Leaving out the details as to “why this is so”, I also placed four empty gold boxes under the tree. Two “box books” rest against them – empty as well – whose titles are, “Home” and “Simple Wisdom.”
    I typically enter into conversations with God in new seasons by finding special pictures, or placing items that “speak” on the shelf above my desk. “Risk”, “Scrabble” rested there in the last memorable season. As the “warfare” raged, I placed His WORD over these until victory was completed.
    I’ve just been saying to the LORD how these empty gold boxes feel like where I’m at. I have no more creativity within me to give. Therefore, I am at my MOST joyful! This means that, where I end, HE BEGINS.
    This post is alive with promise and touches so many trigger points in my heart…
    The only “call” from God I’ve ever received was an odd one, “Play!” I played my heart out in the last season.
    I am filled with expectation that He is going to teach me an entirely new game. I am vibrating with excitement!

  • Nancy

    Rose, such beautiful thoughts and ideas! Thanks for the reminder that where I stop, He begins…..I’ve been feeling confused & empty, but at the same time I still have feelings of expectation that make me joyful! You’ve given me the words when I haven’t been able to find them….thank you!

  • Marilee

    Yesterday 11th, I felt it is no longer He and I, But just He. I sense a real joining together. Here’s another confirmation-
    See Me in all you do. Look for ways I am at work in your life, for I am working behind the events that affect you each day. Each event provides an opportunity or a lesson for you, but you must look closely to understand.
    I am always teaching you. You see Me in nature, in the things of the Earth, in people, in happenings. Sometimes you see My Mercy, sometimes My Love, sometimes you see examples of My Enemy – there are lessons and opportunities for you to show My Love in the world in each one.
    Look beneath the surface. There is more for you to see.