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It's a time to really lean in through the 'intensity' of the 'process'. We are all at various stages of the 'birthing journey' but there has been a common denominator of 'intensity' at every stage of it.

The stretching, the contending, the favour, the promotion, the release, the breakthrough, the opposition, the hardship, the Lord is USING IT ALL.

In the "intensity" the Lord is increasing the rate of VELOCITY in His people. There is a "speeding up" of change happening. An acceleration of the "changing of position" for the people of God. The key through the intensity is to NOT give up, to continue to stand (Ephesians 6:13). Make an active choice, an active resolve to NOT GIVE UP. If all you can do is stand, STAND. Things are rapidly changing.

Whether you are on a mountain top, or in a valley, BE ENCOURAGED for the Lord is using your process to BIRTH YOU. The manifested sons and daughters of Glory are arising as they lean in, as they continue to stand. There is a deep shaping, moulding, pruning and empowering happening in the intensity of the process.

I had a vision and in the vision I saw angelic hosts descending into the lives of God's people and there was a sudden release of these huge books. Thick huge books, and each one had the name of the child of God on it, that it was delivered to. I then heard a loud voice that spoke "The time is NOW for these to be opened". As these books were opened by the people of God a whole new realm opened up before them. They looked like holographic 3D images as the people of God began to turn the pages. On each page was a message from Papa God, messages about their identity, their calling, their gifting, their process, their future. Every page at the bottom was signed by Jesus. I was surrounded again by the beautiful sense that EVERYTHING is IN HIM. HE is the centre. IN HIM, WE LIVE AND MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEING!! (Acts 17:28)

It was then I heard the voice again, filled with such love and hope, encouragement and fire, I knew it was the Lord. "This is a new realm of revelation. My Word coming alive to My people in various areas of their lives in the processes they are walking through that I am using to BIRTH THEM. To bring them forth. I am birthing overcomers. I am birthing warriors. It's time for R & R"

When the I heard those words "R & R" I instantly thought of "Rest and Relaxation". In this vision I look away from the books and look up and Jesus was standing before Me. He smiled and said "REVELATORY REST". The realm of revelation I am moving My people into as they seek Me, grounded in My Word, My revelation is bringing breakthrough and rest. Many have been carrying SO MUCH unrest, peace feeling far, anxiety brewing, fear screaming, the intensity of the process causing a feeling of 'unsettledness of heart', as My people enter into this realm of revelation there is SUDDEN REST that will take place. They will find the place of REST in the MIDST of the intensity. The REST that flows from the REVELATION of who I am and My Word. It's time for REVELATORY REST to sweep across My Bride. In the place of REVELATORY REST, My warriors, My overcomer are ARISING with a fierceness of love and boldness that is UNSHAKEABLE. The process I am using in the lives of My people is not just for THEIR GOOD, but for the sake for nations, and the world and for the WORLD'S GOOD. This process is bigger than just them. I have a bigger picture. Life changing breakthrough is upon My people as they step into REVELATORY REST."


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  • Jackie

    Thank you so much for the encouragement. I am trying to rest but it does feel like a continuous battle, I needed your encouraging words!

  • Jonathan

    Just ran across a powerful word that God told me on March 22, 2015:
    “Before victory, the enemy comes with a counterfeit. This means he even brings the disaster of the ‘old season,’ when really the victory of the new will birth forth instead.”

  • Abigail

    Posts that the HolyGhost Himself leads you to read and look for ..
    this is just awesome revelation I am more than blessed

  • Julie Rolandsen

    Having an intercessory call of God for the nations for over three decades, I am especially encouraged to read of life-changing breakthroughs springing forth “for the world’s good” as well as in the lives of God’s people. Very much appreciate these frequent prophetic words, which I have often been led to pray through and together with.