Prophetic Words


During worship I saw many of the people of God marching around walls, and suddenly I was reminded of the “walls of Jericho”. I saw many had dropped their instruments and there were garments of praise lying over the ground and these ones were so heavy laden and tired. They were still marching but it seemed to be incredibly difficult to put one foot in front of the other.
I saw many facing strongholds and things in their life that seemed sealed up and will not move, many feeling like they are constantly coming up against things in their life that seem heavily fortified.
Many feel like they have been marching and marching around these “heavily fortified walls of impossibility” in their lives and it seems NOTHING moves.
I sensed the Lord saying “LIFT UP YOUR VOICE AND PROCLAIM MY GOODNESS ALOUD”. No matter how big the impossibility seems to be, no matter how long it has been there without moving LIFT UP your voice and praise the Lord, exalt His goodness ALOUD.
Keep marching, keep moving! He is faithful and will demonstrate His faithfulness to you.
Pick up your garments of praise again! Pick up your instruments and begin to praise Him for His goodness again.
As many of the people of God picked up their garments and their instruments again and began marching around these “heavily fortified walls of impossibility” I began to see cracks appear in the walls. One after the other. The more the goodness of God was declared aloud, the MORE cracks began to appear in these fortified walls.
Then SUDDENLY, the walls of impossibility came tumbling down.
I felt many of you needed to be encouraged today! Keep marching, don’t lose your garment of praise, don’t put down your instruments to lift up your worship to the Lord and PROCLAIM His GOODNESS ALOUD.
Many of you feel heavier and more opposed by these impossibilities this week because THEY ARE ABOUT TO COME TUMBLING DOWN! IT’S COMING!
Don’t lose hope! Those “heavily fortified walls of impossibility” are about to BOW TO THE NAME OF JESUS!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE ABOUT TO BOW!
It’s time for the things that have kept you bound and kept you from the blessing and destiny the Lord has for you to come TUMBLING DOWN and the gates of DESTINY open and you will walk right through in confidence.
Don’t let the impossibilities or the enemy steal one of your greatest weapons away from you. The weapon of PRAISING and DECLARING His GOODNESS ALOUD!!!!!!!
The “heavily fortified walls of impossibility” ARE COMING DOWN!
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  • Donna (@uniquelynew)

    Thank you! This is so brilliant!! I was just crying out to God this morning telling Him that I can do no more and if He doesn’t show up, then I give up. Me and my family have been pushing against very thick walls for years now and I just can’t push anymore. Thank you for the encouragement. This has spoken to our situation in such a precise and exact way. Thank you for your obedience in sharing the visions you get. I have only just found your posts but they have encouraged me beyond what I could ever say. I pray for many, many blessings upon you and renewed strength and wisdom!

  • Ron Phillips

    Thank you Andrew, I had this experience last night in a two hour declaration time. It was so encouraging to me, I felt totally edified and avenged by the Lord. Have you and Yolinda gone to Cayman Islands yet? Love you Brother, thanks for all of your encouragement!!
    Have a blessed day, Ron

  • Shari Phillips

    I just got to read this…really good! God affirmed in me to send it to Patrick…praying he receives it=).

  • Shirley S

    Thank you.. …this is very couraging. I hear from many people….so many are loosing hope. Thank you for all you do. Shirley

  • Petro Coetzee

    Thank you Lana, so true what you have said. This past week I also was praising and praying, then I saw this huge iorn gate moving slowley open. I am an artist, trying to find a place to exibte my art. It’s my gift from the Lord that I only discovered in 1993. It was so amazing when I discovered this gift, I also later helped people with art classes, and also in prison.
    Then the last past years it is if something stoped. Thank you again

  • Cherie Dohy

    Aaron, This went with what Sam was saying About God being good. I wanted to read it to You on the way home but I forgot. Love you. Mom
    > >

  • Charlotte

    Dear Lana, I needed this word today and will lift my voice in praise aloud. I have thought to give up on my dream of being able to sell my paintings, that the paintings would find favor with people who can buy them. I know it is only the Lord who sells my art, really. I am no salesperson and not all that good of an artist. but the Lord has continued to encourage me to paint. I desperately need the money from sales. but have become so discouraged recently. Thank you for this word. Thank you for who you are to the Body of Christ. Charlotte Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2015 01:07:27 +0000 To: [email protected]

  • tldean2014

    Amen Woman of God!
    This was the very scenario that took place in our worship assembly on yesterday. I agree with you, THE WALLS ARE TUMBLING DOWN! God bless you and you continue to hear and see from heaven for the healing of the nations.
    Twanna L. Dean