Prophetic Words


Over the past few months one of the things I have been feeling the Holy Spirit speaking in many different ways encouraging His people in is to TRUST His timing.
There is a deeper call from the Lord right now to TRUST the Lord’s timing. Recently as I was sitting with the Lord, I felt the Holy Spirit saying in the place of waiting upon the Lord, offer up a praise to the God whose TIMING is perfect!
Declare your trust in the Lord by praising Him that His timing is perfect. Declare your trust in the Lord by praising Him that He is the God who doesn’t lie. Declare your trust in the Lord by praising Him that He is the God who is NEVER late. Praise Him that His timing is ALWAYS perfect and RIGHT ON TIME!
The Lord is wanting to encourage many who are feeling stretched and pressed right now in the ‘timing’ of the Lord, that His timing is PERFECT and that He is NOT going to disappoint you.
Psalm 27:14 was bubbling in my heart as the Lord was speaking to me about His perfect timing.
“Here’s what I’ve learned through it all:
Don’t give up; don’t be impatient;
be entwined as one with the Lord.[a]
Be brave and courageous, and never lose hope.
Yes, keep on waiting—for he will never disappoint you!” (TPT)
“Wait for the Lord;
be strong, and let your heart take courage;
wait for the Lord!” (ESV)
It’s always of utmost importance to go with the Lord’s timing and pace and not run ahead, but I feel it stronger than I ever have right now. Wait on the Lord, be at peace, and surrender to His timing. Allow your heart to be filled with the encouragement from the Holy Spirit that He is not going to let you down, you will see that His timing is perfect and His way is glorious. Steward your heart well in the place of waiting upon the Lord. Lift up a shout of praise that He is the God of PERFECT TIMING!
You’re coming into His appointed time with joy and increase!

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  • Barb Purcell

    I am currently feeling led about a change in my life and this word along with the last has been so encouraging as I look to follow His timing instead of that dictated by natural circumstances. Really good! Thank you !