Prophetic Words


I was preparing to minister this weekend and one of the words the Lord gave me for this group was “It is PRESSURE before the PROMISE”.
As I sat with the Lord, the Lord spoke to me that this word was not just for many in the group, but many in the body of Christ.
There are many that the Lord has given a specific promise that He has said is going to manifest now, in this time, and as many of you have positioned yourself in faith and begun to walk by faith in these promises, it seems that all hell has broken loose over your promise.
The truth is, the enemy is coming at your promise with blazing fury, because he’s terrified of you receiving and stepping into this promise because of what it signifies.
The Lord showed me that this is indeed a kairos season and this is the APPOINTED TIME for the NEW LIFE. The NEW LIFE of His promise being received and manifested and the enemy doesn’t like it.
The Lord showed me this intense pressure that the enemy was bringing upon many on every side, and it has been more intense than you have walked in, in quite a long time.
The enemy is trying to squeeze you out of your promise, but the truth is, you are moving through the narrow way, the birthing canal into receiving your promise.
The Lord spoke to me that “It is the pressure before the promise” – the pressure is an indicator that the promise is upon you.
I heard the Holy Spirit say “The promise fulfilled symbolises more than you realise”.
This promise the Lord has given you and you receiving this promise and stepping into it, symbolises more than just the receiving of what the Lord has said, but the Lord showed me that the PROMISE IS A TRUMPET.
When I asked the Lord “Lord, why is the promise a trumpet?” and He said “It is a trumpet because it is HERALDING a shift of a completely new era in the lives of My people”.
The reason there is such contention over this promise, is because there is going to be an activation that is going to take place in the spirit that is going to happen in the manifestation of the promise, and I heard the Holy Spirit say that the receiving of this promise is tied to your ASSIGNMENT and your DESTINY.
The Lord showed me that when you step into the receiving and manifestation of the promise in the natural, that this will signal a shift into a new realm of your destiny.
The Lord is going to activate and open up a whole new realm of revelation, and moving in His Spirit as you step into it. The Lord also showed me that in the receiving of this promise, that there will not only be the promise fulfilled in the natural, but there are new mantles that are going to fall upon you in that time.
The manifestation of the promise is a promise fulfilled in the natural, but it is also a trumpet heralding a new era upon you as His child to move with Him into new things, new pathways, new mantles and anointings and that’s WHY the enemy is raging like mad, because he’s furious and does NOT want you to move into the place of occupying and inheriting and especially not moving into new realms of your destiny that are closely connected to this promise fulfilled whether you know it yet or not.
The Lord showed me that in the receiving of this promise of the Lord in its manifestation there is major deliverance, healing and wholeness taking place. Many of you have been dealing with areas of your life where the enemy continues to come in and attack and attempt to crumble you and intimidate you.
There has been a spirit of witchcraft that has come against many of you over and over and over again and it continues to come in different ways to steal from you and attempt to stop you from moving into your assigned times and seasons with the Lord.
The Lord showed me enemy coming with his ‘old tricks’, ‘old ways’ ‘old strategies’ and coming in such a way that is ‘twisting’ and ‘attempting to confuse’ but the Lord is saying that there is such a major deliverance, healing and wholeness that is going to happen simultaneously in the receiving of this promise manifested, that these ‘buttons’ that this spirit of witchcraft continues to ‘push’ in the lives of many believers and cause them to feel like they continue to ‘come under’ the affect and oppression of this spirit, those ‘buttons’ are being healed, removed and delivered from God’s people.
The Lord showed me many of you have been assaulted by a spirit of witchcraft for many years, and others have faced it your whole life, some of you recognise it, others of you haven’t, but it has been a battle with this demonic spirit for a very long time. The Lord is not only bringing you above this attack now in teaching you how to stand against it, the shift that will take place in the manifested promise upon you and the major healing, deliverance wholeness that the Lord has for you right now, but there is also a rising up of the WARRIOR within you like never before.
This spirit has come after you and assaulted you for so long, now the Lord is going to use you to WAGE WAR against this spirit of witchcraft. Not going out looking for it or chasing it down, but through your obedience to the Lord and operating in the gifting, anointing and strategy of the Lord, He will use you to come against this demonic spirit of witchcraft and uncover it and expose its operation in others lives and places, and see the Holy Spirit move through you to bring radical deliverance to others who have been mightily affected by this demonic spirit.
The pressure has been intense. The onslaught of this witchcraft attack has been heavy, there’s been much pressure, but focus not on what the enemy is doing. Lift up your eyes for where does your help come from? It comes from the Maker of heaven and earth (Psalm 121) Keep your eyes on Jesus.
Listen past the noise of the pressure the enemy has been placing upon you and HEAR THE SOUND OF THE PROMISE.
HEAR the sound of the NEW LIFE coming forth. This is the hour! This is the day! This is the moment where that specific promise that the Lord has told you is for now, it is going to MANIFEST and it is IMMINENT and it symbolises WAY more than you realise.
This promise is a TRUMPET heralding a NEW ERA upon you in your relationship and walk with the Lord and an unlocking of a new realm of your destiny.