Prophetic Words

Lean In For 2018!!

God is releasing clarity, direction and insight for 2018! Lean in!


  • Joshua

    Might be a connection to leaning in to year 5778 Hebrew with Israel as their new year begins on our September 21st and you are getting this just as September arrives. 🙂

  • Tammy

    Lord show me clarity for ministry and direction. Lord shape me and me BOLD FOR MINISTRY. RELEASE YOUR WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR WORD. CONSECRATE ME FOR USES.

  • Kellee

    Father, I’m leaning in!!! Thanking you in advance for clarity, direction, divine connections and supernatural manifestations!!! GLORY TO GOD!!!

  • Rose Gervasi

    Pressing into the Lord… leaning in…. From vertical positioning… a descended position…. descending to ascend…into Him…great revelation for strategy will be revealed when lean in…bow….bend… put our ear to hear what the Spirit is saying…. Kingdom movement comes from leaning into…and hearing…resting…and acting…. Great word… thanks for leaning in Lana.

  • Bren Glover

    Lord, I hear Your voice & follow only after You. I receive all Wisdom, direction, & strength You send. Be it unto me as You say…. Amen

  • Thomas Nodoubt

    Thank you for the direction, guidance and instruction of the Holy Spirit’s words unto us, Father. And thank you that You have given us the ears to hear clearly and to understand what You are desiring for us, Your body of Messiah, Yahuwshua, Jesus our Lord!
    Open the gates of Your Spirit and let the flood waters of Your Spirit pour out upon us Father. We are a dry and parched land and we have lost our way. You are the I Am. You are the Way. You are the Truth and Yours is the Life and we seek You in this time of trials and testing which are upon us.
    Father, lead guide and direct us into all the truth of Your Word, in Yahuwshua’s Mighty Name!

    • Thomas Nodoubt

      As the enemy has come in like a flood Father so lift up Your standard against Him. Hide us and protect us under Your wings like a mother hen protects her chicks. And bring honor and praise unto Your Name for You are worthy to receive all honor, glory and praise.

  • Dwight Clemmons

    Amen I totally receive this word. God most definitely showed up with some clarity after church last night. While waiting in traffic in Connecticut on the highway both on the way to church and on the way back He spoke to me twice through the same license plate on two completely different cars. They both said the same thing. ” First in Flight, North Carolina”. God is so funny and amazing

  • Joan Laurie

    Lord, may I hear clearly whar you are saying & be obedient to what you speak. I’m so grateful that you are ultimately in control. Amen!

  • LightWriters

    Joy & blessings— yes let us lean on our Beloved, and praise Him for making His ways known unto His faithful, listening and humbly waiting servants. You are oh so precious in His sight, dearest Sister Lana…and Kevin. Thank you for this extra gentle nudge to seek after His heart anew, with more diligence. Xox in Jesus, Shalom…