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I heard the words today "It's not a causeway of confusion, I am causing the way of victory".

I saw many feeling in the bridge of transition they are being flooded with confusion in regards to their sense of direction, as they felt things had suddenly shifted gears and they were being shifted in a completely unexpected direction. Many felt like they have been on a causeway of confusion with no exit in sight. HE is your exit from confusion, He will not let you drown. Press in!

I felt the Lord saying, do not despise the UNEXPECTED. For He is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33) and even though things have taken an UNEXPECTED DIRECTION, no matter what CAUSED the UNEXPECTED DIRECTION, the Lord is USING IT all to get you into a place of greater heavenly ascension (revelatory encounters of His heart and Word). Press deeper in Him, for He is leading you down the highway of peace as you trust Him.

He is "CAUSING THE WAY OF VICTORY". Many of these "unexpected directions" are going to see you released onto a "CAUSEWAY OF VICTORY". A sudden turning of circumstances, a sudden breakthrough, a sudden opening of doors you have been contending for. A sudden release into peace, peace that has been a battle for you to keep in this season.

These "unexpected directions" are leading you into greater levels of faith, where you shall see that nothing is impossible for Him (Matthew 19:26). These "unexpected pathways" for many are actually the 'breeding grounds' for your miracle.

Many are facing these "unexpected directions" taking them 'seemingly' in the opposite direction to your promise, but hold onto Him, stay in faith and trust in Him, for you are being positioned for A MIRACLE. If you could SEE and WORK OUT how this was going to WORK OUT it wouldn't be a miracle.

As you move across the bridge of transition, expect to be flooded with peace, hope and breakthrough as you seek Him. Heaven and earth are colliding!!! He is causing the way of victory and your heart and mouth shall shout… "IT'S A MIRACLE"


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  • Annetjie Ver Burgh

    I absolutely witness with my spirit that this word is for me. Something happened that confused me, as it was not the outcome I wanted, but now I know that God is going to give me the victory!!!

  • Nanette McDowell

    Thank You for hearing and explaining. Helps much with the peace process. Yes I will PRESS! Love you, Lana!

  • Marilee

    I have been doing this–speaking the promises-great!!!
    Higher Powers
    My Children, everything you see around you is subject to higher powers. I Am the ultimate and Most High power. The enemy of your souls also has powers at work in your world, and you see them gaining ground, from time to time.
    I desire My People would affect their atmospheres by speaking My Word, that these higher powers would not reign where I have placed you.
    Whenever you see the adversary winning, if you will speak My Promises, I will dispatch angels to fight against him. (I saw that He means speak whatever promise is the opposite of what you see the enemy doing or accomplishing. For example, if you see sickness reigning, speak healing promises; If you see death reigning, speak promises of life, etc.)
    Do not accept defeat when I have given you the weapons of victory.

  • Barbara Ferguson

    Lana, I just wanted to let you know how much I look forward to reading your words from the Lord. I feel such electricity in the air, so much power from the Holy Spirit. It’s like we are all standing in the upper room waiting expectantly We aren’t sure how it will manifest, but one thing is certain, OUR LORD REIGNS!

  • Nancy Slocum

    Powerful word dear sister and right on point!!! That’s exactly where I am right now and it’s a good thing. It is so supernatural! God is orchestrating things and moving in such a way that He will get His people right where He wants them to be for His glory and purposes… so they won’t miss it. Just keep your eyes on Jesus! HE IS THE WAY TO EVERYTHING GOOD IN JESUS’ NAME!

  • Elsie Bouwman

    I had been looking at some specific circumstances that were unexpected, and wondrously I got to see: Jesus is the SAME!! He remains Who He is!!! Haha, and surprisingly, not long later, I got inebriated in the Holy Ghost!! Later, one of the songs that came was: “continue in the faith; continue in the faith; continue in the faith!!”