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“Come with me through the archway of trust, we will look down from the crest of the glistening mounts, and from the summit of our sublime sanctuary. Together we will wage war in the lion’s den and the leopard’s lair as they watch nightly for their prey.’ – Song of Songs 4:8
This morning I heard the words “Don’t despise the archway of trust it’s taking you UP”. I saw three sections in the body of Christ:
First section: MOVING INTO BREAKTHROUGH: I saw many moving into breakthrough and new levels of release and favour that was glorious, yet unchartered territories, altitudes and magnitudes that they had not known before, which was stirring anxiety, nervousness and fear for many.
Second section: DELAYED: I saw many coming up against constant opposition. Constant resistance. Constant closed doors and feelings of delay. Many were being left weary, discouraged and in despair.
Third section: IN THE WATERS OF WAITING: I saw many in the ‘waters of waiting’ – like they were treading water. Staying positioned, waiting on breakthrough and direction but there wasn’t any ‘direction’ that had been released as yet. Everything around them felt quiet, almost like a “dead stillness” and many left wondering if the Lord had forgotten and why there was such silence. I saw the Lord beginning to turn the waters of waiting into WINGS OF WAITING. Many being moved from the ‘treading water’ in the waiting to gaining “wings” to begin to ‘take off’ and soar to new heights of peace, encounters with Him and a supernatural strength of overcoming in the waiting.
The thing that struck me was that across these three sections there was a HUGE archway and it was the ARCHWAY of TRUST. This is the second time this year I have seen the archway of trust so profoundly.
In each section many were finding themselves in, there was a new level of trust that was being required by the people of God. In the breakthrough, in the despair and delay, in the waiting, there was a deeper level of trust that the Lord was asking for, even when you don’t understand.
I felt the Lord saying to NOT despise the archway of trust for as the people of God move through this archway of trust through the declaration of their heart and their mouth, the Lord was taking them higher up a MOUNTAIN OF ENCOUNTER.
The Lord was lifting His people up higher into a place of encountering Him, where clarity, direction, season shift, peace and room to ‘breathe’, rest and deeper levels of romance was going to take place. In each section, the Lord is leading His people into NEW LIFE. Awakened to life in Him (John 10:10) and new beginnings. Don’t rush the ‘section’ you are in. Move through the archway of trust, for He is perfecting His work IN YOU. You NEED what He is doing IN you in these sections in this season for what He is going to do THROUGH YOU.
He is working on your “inward life”, He is working to bring you deeper into a place of Songs of Songs 4:13-14 “Your inward life is now sprouting, bringing forth fruit, what a beautiful paradise unfolds within you when I am near you”.
I saw the enemy releasing huge amounts of discouragement and despair through his lies in this season that are finding their root on the soil of disappointment. Press deeper into the secret place, and ask Him to minister to your heart in these areas. Keep your thoughts in check and in line with His Word. Cast down anything that raises itself against the knowledge of God (2 Corinthians 10:5) as the enemy is seeking to lure many into giving up, striving, self-promotion, of settling for something less than what the Lord has by moving forward in impatience, because the enemy is attempting to hinder the birthing that is taking place. The Lord knows the heartache, He knows the struggle, He knows the sacrifice and He wants to meet you IN IT. Allow Him to minister to you IN the process, but do not RUSH the process for it is leading you to a greater breakthrough and outcome than you have dreamed (Ephesians 3:20)
I then saw that FROM that place, from the higher level of encounter the Lord was training His people to wage war WITH HIM.
“TOGETHER we will wage war” (Song of Songs 4:8)
There was a level of ‘warring’ that was taking place in each section, but as the people of God were moving through the archway of trust and into higher realms of revelation and encounter, the Lord was inviting His people into a place of partnership with Him to wage war on the giants that are standing in the three sections.
Don’t look at the situations around you in whatever section you may find yourself in, as things that WILL overcome you. Look at these sections as areas where the Lord is teaching you to OVERCOME in Him IN and THROUGH the womb of intimacy. He is leading you deeper into the revelatory truth that HE IS YOUR HOPE!!!!
I heard the words “You are going to EYEBALL YOUR GIANTS WITH HOPE”. As you move through the archway of trust, the Lord is revealing Himself to you AGAIN as your GREATEST HOPE. Get ready for huge downloads and refreshing rains of hope. You are going to SLAY your giant with the new revelation of HOPE, that is JESUS, that is going to be placed in your hands as you see Him afresh on the glistening mount and in the sublime sanctuary.
The giant may be screaming at you “IT’S OVER” but the Lord is roaring through you.. “YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE KNOCKED OVER!!!!”
Move through the archway of trust, He is taking you UP and into the position where you will meet a strategic divine heavenly point called…THRUST.
The archway of TRUST is also the runway called THRUST. A divine THRUST is going to be released to you and through you as you continue to hold His hand.


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  • Rael bett

    Thank you so much Lana for being used of GOd to minister to me this powerful word.It is speaking directly to my situation and i am encouraged to cont waiting on God.I am so blessed and totally surrendered to God, may he alone receive honor and glory for all that he is doing in my life.

  • Nathan Ruhiiga

    It is as thought you are reading the script of my life as it is IN HIM right at this moment. I am amazed at the accuracy of this prophetic ministry. Glory to God.

  • Marilee

    This has helped in me the process the Lord is bringing us through:
    Daughter, you may write, for it is I, your Savior, who stretched forth My hands upon the cross and who died and shed My blood for the sins of all men, for all time, and then rose on the third day.
    This is an important concept I wish you to understand and My Bride must learn these deeper mysteries of My Kingdom. She is ready to receive such impartation.
    I will speak of the eternal moment of now and the meaning of having faith like a child. When I speak of having this kind of faith, it is a faith that comes so naturally, a faith unquestionable, a faith that does not falter-no matter the external circumstances or situations. It is a deep and abiding level of trust and assurance that what has been spoken and taught is infallible truth. This child-like faith is a deep abiding, an abandonment of all doubt and uncertainty, based on the evidence of the full indwelling of My spirit in you. Pray for this faith My loves as it serves to ground you in Me, the Rock, and keep you from swaying to and from as the winds of change are upon you.
    To be still and know I am your God is to have this truth deeply embedded in your hearts. The more turbulent all is becoming around you, the greater the intensity of this, My peace and My security within. Do you see how this faith will carry you through any and all challenges and will propel you deeper and deeper into intimacy with Me? This faith is not only understanding Our relationship with your minds, but knowing Me in your spirits. This knowing that neither life nor death, angels or principalities, powers or forces of darkness, sickness, famine or plague could ever separate you from the love I have for you. We My loves, are One in Our Father and One in spirit and in truth.
    When this level of faith is exhibited, you are called My over-comers. Many are the promises I have for those who will overcome. I will teach you from the Tree of Life and you will forever be with Me in My Kingdom. I will give you victory over life and over death, and no manner of evil will ever prevail against you. It is given unto you, My over-comers, to rule and reign with Me in My Kingdom and righteousness and justice will prevail. You will be victors in the eyes of the One and only sovereign God of All, Our Father Adonai and Elohim.
    Now, as to the eternal moment of now, I will explain. As you grow into this deep faith in Me, you will then understand My words about being anxious over nothing. You will learn to never look behind you into the past, nor will you be concerned of thoughts for your future for you will know as truth in your hearts that I have all of your tomorrows. Just as I clothe the birds in the sky and provide for all the needs of My precious creatures, will I not look after your every need as well? It is written and it shall be so.
    So hence, this deep faith allows you to stay always in the eternal moment of now, as in My Kingdom there is no such thing as time. You are then able to focus on being with Me fully in the now, not looking forward, not looking behind you, but abiding in My heart while experiencing true, great tranquility. Man defines this thing of ‘time’ in a linear fashion, placing the focus on moving from point to point, task to task. To understand this deeper mystery, know that My ways are not man’s ways. As you move into deeper levels of faith and maturity in Me, instead of moving in a linear fashion, you learn more of Me by the expansion of love with Me in your hearts. Maturing in Me is an ever increasing and expanding of Our hearts as you are drawn into the fullness of who I am within you.
    Think of this as a pebble thrown into the water. The ripples extend out from the center in small rings but then radiate out in ever growing and ever expanding waves that carry themselves outward continually. In My Kingdom, the expansion of Our love will never stop growing and becoming more and more radiant. Do you see the many, many ways in which I am limitless? Knowing Me is a continual expansion of your hearts.
    And so I wish for you to pray and spend time with Me asking for the greater understanding and clarity of what I am speaking here today. This is very important now for My people to understand with all that is coming your way. To whom much is given, much is required but in Me your reward is sure. Grasp this concept now My loves, and allow Me to use you to teach others. Go now in My peace and My love.

  • Pam

    Thank you!Spot on. James 5:16. Prevailing prayer that obtains that BLESSING that it seeks. Effectual prayer effects it’s object.

  • Deborah

    After much confirmation God brought a man into my life. God told me where he was going to be from, his name, etc. We fell in love and it was a great testimony! We got engaged and were to be married 2 yeArs ago but a few weeks before the wedding he said he couldn’t do it and I was sooo hurt. He didn’t handle it right. But I’m still in love with him and God has been speaking to me these last few months that He’s been dealing with him and his fears and he’s on his way back. This is the promise I’m hanging onto however my middle daughter two days ago said mom get him out of your head. Im contending for this promise of God and feeling so alone cause in the natural it looks impossible. So the dreAd you were describing is so heavy. It was hard enough because of the time lost etc but now that she has said this I feel crushed.

    • Christine G.

      Deborah, my heart is heavy for you, I think I can empathize w/your hurt & burden. So I want to share a word of hope, from Paul’s epistle to Philemon – years ago, I heard a woman giving her testimony abt how the Lord encouraged her w/these Scriptures, when her husband left her for another woman – v.11, 15-16. She waited on this Word for a year or more, her family, friends etc. pretty much rejected her and it sounded to me like she was very alone – but her husband finally came back, on New Year’s Day.
      May you find encouragement here as well.

    • Laura

      Ave gott the same promise…name, place and occupation…haven’t met him yet but am holding on….just to encourage you, our God is a faithful God, even the devil used peter to discourage Jesus…he will also use your kid to mess u up..recognize his camouflage skills and cast him away….
      Don’t let go….

  • Jodi S.

    Does anyone know from which this translation of Song of Songs 4:8 is? I have been so blessed by Lana’s prophetic ministry and am glad the scriptural references are included, but I’ve never seen this interpretation before and would like to read and study it further.

    • lanavawser

      Hi Rick – Lana often uses the Passion Translation, but sometimes will read through a few versions to find the one that best communicates the message. Blessings – Kevin Vawser

  • Marty Turner

    A friend sent this to me, so I sat down with it to study before the Lord today. I believe Holy Spirit moves in gifts of prophetic language through the children of God. The thing that disturbed me about this is that you have given Biblical references at 3 points in this prophetic word, as if you are directly quoting the passage. I looked in every version I could find and never found one with wording anything like what you have listed as scripture. I can only surmise that the way you have worded the scripture reference is the message you heard Holy Spirit impress upon you at your reading of it, which is fine, but should be noted; otherwise, people will think you are trying to rewrite the scriptures. For instance, war was not mentioned in any of the versions I consulted. I would like the favor of a reply or comment, please. This word has value, it just needs clarity.