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I had an encounter with the Lord where He showed me another level of ACCELERATION being released into the body of Christ beginning in June. I saw the acceleration in the spirit increasing so dramatically in June and for the rest of the year, there is going to be significant shift, change and breakthrough in double portions to what we have already seen. 
As I saw this, I then see Jesus sitting in a beautiful, small, quaint room, He was sitting at a wooden table and He was waiting for His people to come and sit with Him. I knew that this place represented the secret place. When I looked on the table before Him I saw a PLANNER and on the PLANNER I saw the months from JUNE – DECEMBER.
I then hear Him say “There must be PREPARATION for the NEW LEVEL of ACCELERATION. These next few weeks leading up to June are weeks to RE-ASSESS and ESTABLISH boundaries and structures to be able to move in this acceleration with great strength in Me, depth and longevity. My heart for My people in this new level of acceleration is to have healthy boundaries, habits and lifestyles in place in order to thrive in the breakthroughs, acceleration and increase and not be overcome and overwhelmed.” 
I watch as people hear the invitation from the Lord to RE-ASSESS and ESTABLISH boundaries, healthy habits and lifestyles with Him and they enter this room. I see Jesus going over with them what is already in place, tweaking, reshaping and adding to. I see many titles on the planner but the ones that stood out to me were:
* REVELATION DAYS (days/time spent with Him to seek His heart where revelation would come in DOWNPOURS)
* SOUL CARING TIME (taking time out to look after the soul, rest, hobbies)
* HEART SURGERY HEALING TIME (times to deal with the Lord and with others – prayer ministry etc, what dross is coming to the surface)
* HEALTHY HABITS (food, exercise)
As I watched these different areas being established and planned I saw them all joining together creating a beautiful harmony and balance in the spirit where there was a powerful flow of the Holy Spirit through their lives. I saw strength over their lives from strength in intimacy with Him, to strength of body, to strength of soul, to strength of heart, strength of mind etc. The Lord was highlighting the need for balance and priorities and putting into practise the wisdom of God will see these winds of acceleration stewarded with purity and integrity and great ease.
Each planner looked different for each person, but it was re-assessing the foundations and priorities before Him to make sure that this increase of acceleration being released, that His people were prepared for it in the natural. As I watched these planners, I saw what looked like confetti coming out of the planners flying everywhere and the word “CELEBRATION” surrounded me. There will be SO MUCH celebration in this acceleration but the Lord wants His people to be moving in PREPARATION now for this acceleration.
I heard Him say “SO much is going to happen SO FAST it is going to be glorious, and SO much breakthrough and there will be great REST that is found in it all as My people rely on ME and My leading, My wisdom and where I am going. They are living for Me as their audience of One and not to please man. SO many opportunities, favour and increase will be released in these winds of acceleration that are about to pick up speed, that My people must prepare now. There is grace upon grace upon grace upon grace in this acceleration but My people must be wise with how they steward their lives, their time, their bodies as the increase happens.”
These winds of acceleration are going to bring significant change and significant shifts, and greater responsibility. Tent pegs will be extended significantly from June onwards. 
This new level of acceleration will not be a stressful if the wisdom of the Lord that He is releasing is implemented. As there is deep dependence on Him and living in His wisdom birthed in the secret place, He is establishing strength and right priorities for longevity. He is preparing His people in maturity to move forward with greater strength in Him and lives full of healthy balance.


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  • Elsie Bouwman

    Hahahaha! Smiled all evening Thursday night….something my spirit had knowing about! Cried and cried during worship Sunday morning 11 am service….something my heart was experiencing deep. Smiling now!!
    I remember last week and other days shopping specifically for a specific agenda! Yes, my brown agenda I started writing in has writing in it from June 2015 until now. The calendars in this agenda go from January 2015 until June 2016! Knowing I needed a replacement so I could continue, I’ve been looking for it. Oh, here’s the manufacturers: Markings by C.R. Gibson….Nashville, Tennessee..Made in China. Maybe I ought to google it.
    Thank you for this message. There were so many key words in it from here where we live! ‘Agenda’ was the very first key word!! The ‘room’ that Jesus was in, in the message: there was a Bible room in a dream in which we had spent a long time in. Last night I had Paticia King’s booklet titled ‘Wisdom’ in my hand; the book of Proverbs. The tent peg scripture, been praying that for Return Ministries….the confetti! “Throw kindness around like confetti” is a saying in bright neon marker colors included in my prayers. And ‘strength…strength…strength…strength noted at the end of the message I see the wonderful scripture: “Be strong and of a good courage, be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed for the Lord thy God is with you withersoever you goest.” Thank you Kevin and Lana for yielding your lives in the Body of Christ!! Your Bride is making ready Lord Jesus; she will be ready for Your return!! Shalom, shalom!

  • Susan Michaels

    This is incredibly in tune with what God’s doing and what He’s been placing on my heart and with others I meet with in prayer/fellowship/ministry. Praise the Lord! Thanking God continually for your listening heart…

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Remembered what I had forgotten to say. Here in Eastern Ontario, Canada we have historical sites. Among them is the Battle of the Windmill in Johnstown, near Prescott, Ontario? Yes, we went to that site a few years back. Historically, there wasn’t much happening at this site, but I do remember that criminals from this part of Canada were sent to Australia!! Yes, grateful, grateful for the Lord at work making things right! hahaha! 🙂

  • Deborah Lobo

    Your will and Your Glory Father, Amen. O Father, You see it all, the accusations, the misunderstandings, You see it all Father, But I know Lord that You are ever Faithful, and You will not let me be put to shame. Love You Jesus.
    Thank you Lana, love you n God bless.

  • heartpeace

    Praise the Lord! We praise You Lord! Thank you Lord, for this word. Oh, Lord this is for me, like manna from heaven, and I thank you Lord. Thank you for working in our lives…preparing us for what’s coming! There is no other… YOU are my God and King, I seek to please. YOU will be exalted, Hallelujah. Bless my sister, Lana. May Your blessings overflow in her life. Thank you Lord! We love You <3

  • Evan Liu

    Amen!! I wish it will happen on me soon for now I am waiting for this breakthrough of my identity. I have been asking God who I am for long time.
    A Chinese pastor in Christ

  • Ronda

    I have been feeling very out of sorts?? Like i can’t hear or feel him. My daily reads & prayers are time wasted, just bouncing around in a dark hole! Totally not connected..
    NOW it all makes sense(doing the happy dance) He was blocking all transmitters to /from my Savior!! The Lord must have allowed it, to then show/excite me when I read the news!! My spirit is renewed, may you be so very blessed for being obedient.

  • Paige

    TREMENDOUS word- I am so grateful for your faithfulness in sharing Dad’s heart. TY very much.

  • Diane LaBadie

    Kevin, Thank you for sharing this word. It really ran true to me…
    Last Thursday,5/12, I sensed the Lord sharing a specific time frame for me, unsolicited on my part, of the next 6 months, as I was praying for clarity and direction in ministry and personal life. There has been this tug in me and the sense that I need to press in to Him more than ever now for the purpose of re-evaluation/ adjustment/and focus.​ This involves most of the Planner titles that the Lord shared with you in the vision. I found encouragement from your sharing of this vision, rather than uneasiness/concern (in me) about possible changes. Thank you.

    • Kevin

      Thank you Diane!!
      It means so much to us that you were encouraged. I must share, thought… Lana posted the word, my computer was just logged in at the time. I cannot take credit for her prophetic mantle. Thank you for blessing me (us)!!!

  • mandy marotta

    Hi Lana,
    Thank you for your posts. My friend gave me ur link and im loving reading your posts. I agree and truly hope for what u have written here. A couple of words really hit me… for the audience of one. God said those very words to me the other day. Im trying my best at something and i got criticized by someone on my team the other day. I felt like she was saying im letting the team down. That nite God gave me 2 dreams. In one a man walked into my bedroom at 10pm, my husband wks nites. The man had the keys to my house. In the 2nd a woman had been hiding in my house and watching all that goes on. Both unwelcome visitors. I felt God say that when we become christians God changes the locks, but we can still leave the doors open. We have to choose not to let negative and false comments into our hearts and live 4 the praise and audience of one, God. Increasingly we need to have thick skins and soft hearts in this society. I just need to learn how!!!!

  • Elizabeth Ricci

    Thank you Lord for speaking to us through your faithful servant Lana.
    Help us Lord to abide in you and prepare us for your acceleration in June. We need your touch and favour Lord.
    Praise the name of the Lord for these encouraging words.
    Richest blessings to all who call upon the name of the Lord. Amen

  • Lidia

    Amen, Amen, Amen, Lord God I am ready for You to do all as You have Decreed and Declared, Lord God Let Your Will and Your Way Be done in me, in Jesus name, Amen!

  • Leslie Beaumont

    ‘Extending the tent pegs’ and having a life full of ‘healthy balance’ …These ring so true right at this moment in my life. Thank you for your obedience in getting the visions out, Lana and Kevin. Your book, ‘Desperately Deep’ helped catapult me forward to find that secret room with the Lord daily. I pray that much fruit will be produced from this book and these printed visions the Lord allows you to see. Bless you….. Coventry, England.

  • Wendy yates

    This is an accurate and timely word for me, you even published it on my birthday! Blessings all the way from Bethel Church in Redding California ❤️