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Lana Vawser 
Quite a few days ago I heard the words “All access pass” and the sense surrounded me that the Lord was increasing favour significantly in this season. 
Where many of God’s people have felt hindered in moving forward, where there has been restricted access in the spirit because of intense opposition from the enemy in regards to moving into the next set of doors (Isaiah 22:22)  and breakthrough the Lord is opening up for His people, the Lord was releasing His trump card.. The “ALL ACCESS PASS”. 
Because of the level of restriction that the enemy has been attempting to put against many of God’s people that He is now positioning in increase, promotion and breakthrough not only is the Lord bringing a breaking through over that restrictive opposition, He is releasing an UPGRADE OF FAVOUR as many of  His people cross over into these new promotions and breakthroughs. These new promotions and breakthroughs are coming following much PRUNING they have allowed the Lord to do and this UPGRADE will see that favour and increase added to them in SUDDEN and SIGNIFICANT ways! 
These “ALL ACCESS PASSES” in the Spirit that He is releasing is not only seeing God’s people move further forward into new avenues and breakthroughs but moving into a deeper level of breakthrough momentum and unrestricted access into NUMEROUS new doors and opportunities. These passes are also getting God’s people into places, positions and connections with people that would look completely impossible in the natural. 
The level of favour released in these “ALL ACCESS PASSES” is not being released lightly, for the Lord has been looking for hearts of purity, hearts after His heart alone, and hearts that have embraced the fire and allowed Him to do whatever He needed to do in the pruning. Hearts simply wanting to see Him glorified and haven’t been chasing after greater favour. 
Many receiving these “ALL ACCESS PASSES” have endured deep, deep heart surgery, deep purging and purifying in the fire and have continued to seek Him as their first love. The Lord is releasing these “ALL ACCESS PASSES” to those who have stewarded what He has placed in their hands with purity and He is now entrusting much to them. 
The doors, connections, opportunities and positioning that will open up from these “ALL ACCESS PASSES” are extremely strategic and will require a much deeper level of surrender and sensitivity to what He is saying, His ways and where He is leading from God’s people. 
As these ones minister and move in the realms of favour opened up in these “ALL ACCESS PASSES”, I saw explosive demonstrations of the Spirit of God, sudden atmospheric shifts, baptisms of the fire of His love released in unprecedented ways, signs and wonders, exponential manifestations of His power and breakthrough in the areas/realms of favour He has assigned them to. I then saw ripple effects of breakthrough and impartation being released into the body of Christ that was awakening many to this new season we are moving into and awakened to an invitation into deeper intimacy and surrender with the Lord. 
These “ALL ACCESS PASSES” being released in the spirit are going to see things change suddenly! For many it will be literal overnight upgrade, increase and open doors that will testify to the power of God and that it was not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord (Zechariah 4:6) 
Tent pegs are being extended dramatically right now! Spheres of influence being enlarged and it is happening from the place of deeper trust and surrender, purity, deeper intimacy and embrace of pruning He has called us into in this season.


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  • Sifa Wainaina

    I have been experiencing intense pruning the last couple of months, I never understood what was going on until I read this message. Praise God for the prophets of this season.

  • Stacey

    I can already attest to this word! I had significant warfare Sunday, and I told myself this word was not for me. But my prayer partner, thankfully, came against the enemy and also prayed this word over me. Today (Monday) was abundant in favor!! My boss honored me in front of other leaders and throughout the day doors were opened. Even my “enemies” showed me favor!
    I am also believing this word as I prepare to move to another country. I pray for doors to open as I obey God’s command.
    Thank you, Lana, for listening to the Lord and keeping this blog!