Prophetic Words


As you have sowed faithfully, as you have given obediently, you are going to reap bountifully.
Don’t rush the process God has you in. Embrace the daily process and know you are going to SEE HIM in the daily process.
He is training His people how to “see” intentionally. How to see what He is doing, how to see what is coming, how to see what He is moving upon. Eyes are being opened and vision sharpened. Allow Him to sharpen your discernment and watch Him confirm what He is speaking by His Word. There will also be an increase in dreams and visions and heavenly encounters where you will see into realms you have not seen before and this is a good time to be processing with leadership, mentions and those carrying great wisdom in this area. Stay connected through these encounters. As others will have keys to helping you unlock and understand the revelatory jewels contained in what you see.
I also saw the ears of the people of God growing and they were growing bigger and bigger and sensed the Lord saying in the process He is teaching His people to hear Him more clearly and what you hear from Him will bring heavens shifts and heavy burdens lift.
Many have been feeling like they have been missed but this is a lie. Keep pressing in and watch for heaven’s kiss.
God is going to be releasing His kisses of favour in new ways that will bring great joy and expectation in His people, covering them in such awe of Him that will sow seeds of hope in His people that it is only going to get better and better from here as His glorious plan unfolds.
God is revealing “the next steps” to many in His Glorious plans for their lives that will be in such increase for their faithful sowing. The “next steps” will require bigger faith steps but the joy of being in the move of His Spirit and realm of acceleration will far outweigh the risk and sacrifice.
Great joy will be upon His people as they see what is before them… And it is only going to get better and better!
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