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“I pray for them all to be joined together as one, even as You and I, Father, are joined together as one; I pray for them to become one with us, so that the world will recognise that you sent Me. For the very glory You have given to Me, I have given them, so that they will be joined together as one and experience the same unity that we enjoy!” – John 17:21-22 – The Passion Translation
I saw an attack happening upon the body of Christ in many different forms where the enemy is working very hard to bring division, strife, and offense between believers. I saw this attack upon God’s people happening at a level I had not seen before in the Spirit.
I felt an urgency in the Spirit and encouragement from the Lord for the people of God to continue to walk with clean hands and pure hearts – that in this moment where the enemy is working harder to bring division and offense and for His people to press deeper into Him to guard our hearts from offense.
The Lord is doing a tremendous work within the body of Christ in the area of networking and doors of great favour opening through that networking and the enemy is mad. The enemy is attempting to come and destroy what God is doing.
As His people press deeper into Him, He is empowering His people to move in the opposite spirit to what is happening. In the midst of pain, in the midst of betrayal, in the midst of broken relationship to continue to trust Him, to hold His hand, and to love and bless those who curse you. To pray for those who have wronged you, and not allow the enemy to have a foothold. To stay in His presence, to keep pressing deeper until His beautiful comfort, love and encouragement brings healing to hearts.
I saw many struggling to forgive because of the hurt they have endured, the betrayal and broken trust. There has even been fear of not knowing “how” to forgive, and the fear of things being delayed or missed out on. I felt the compassion, tenderness and love of God that He is bringing comfort, encouragement, empowerment and strength. That through the process of continuing to choose to forgive, He is bringing the healing and restoration and there WILL be a shift. It is all about our hearts. Making the choice to forgive, and He will do the rest. He is with His people through the process loving on them and helping them to move in greater love in the midst of deep pain.
I sensed the Lord saying that the enemy is coming to bring this division to not only destroy the networking the Lord is doing which is going to release a greater move of His Spirit into the Church and the world, but also to delay the destiny’s of many of God’s people. But the enemy is a toothless lion, he may roar and he may try, but when God releases a warning, He has already equipped you with the victory to OVERCOME.
The people of God are to fight to keep their honouring of one another, to fight to “keep their love on” as Danny Silk says. Restoration and reconciliation may not eventuate in disputes sadly, but I felt the encouragement of the Lord that the people of God keep their hearts in check in His presence that there is integrity, love, forgiveness and honour THROUGH the process.
The enemy is fighting HARD to DIVIDE because the Lord is bringing about a mighty release of His Spirit in corporate settings, His Glory to be seen in a greater way. When the people of God are meeting together to worship, to pray, to delve into the Word… He is ready to come with greater encounters with His Glory and the enemy is attempting to stop it. Stand against this through love and prayer. Protect your hearts and unity!
I also saw an attack of the enemy within marriages lately to bring division. To bring strife into the place of deep intimacy and create havoc. I felt the Lord encouraging His people that are married to continue to pray with your spouse for this is your greatest weapon and will keep your intimacy strong. Do not forsake praying together.
Also for those who have unbelieving spouses, to continue to pray for them. Continue to “Keep your love on” as there is coming a revival in households where there is one spouse who does not know the glorious joy it is to be in relationship with Jesus. There is going to be tremendous increase in testimony’s of salvations of unbelieving spouses in households. Spouses converted because of the love they see through their husband/wife. I also saw these ones having prophetic dreams and visitations of Jesus in the night that will open their eyes and bring salvation. Do not give up on praying for your spouse!
I saw many relationships that have died, even when there has been constant attempts to reconcile, I saw many of these coming back to life. Where hope has gone, where hurt has remain, where prodigals have not returned, I saw many of these relationships coming back to life. A greater restoration of relationship and deep reconciliations where the people of God will see just how effective the prayers of a righteous man really are.
God is opening wonderful doors of great favour and networking in relationships right now in this season that is going to usher in a great move of His Spirit. Guard your hearts, guard your relationships, fight for intimacy, honour and love with one another. Guard your heart from offense and be intentional to love. Know that for many of you the strife and havoc you are experiencing in your relationships is the enemy coming to divide and destroy and plant seeds of offense and unforgiveness to delay destiny’s. Move in the opposite spirit. Move in love. Keep your prayer strong together…..
AND WATCH.. the enemy fall on his face.. and doors of GREATER NETWORKING FAVOUR open unto you!!!!!!!!
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