Prophetic Words


The Lord is releasing great wisdom, insight and hindsight upon His people. I saw many of the people of God flying in the skies high above circumstances, above situations and difficulties and the Lord was releasing insight and wisdom that from a “hindsight” view that is going to bring breakthrough and atmosphere shifts.
I saw many of the people of God fighting off discouragement and weariness in impossibilities. The picture of an eagle was before me as I thought about how the eagle soars and does not struggle nor fret but is carried by the wind and glides in such peace with great “sight”.
The verse then came to me:
“But those who hope in the Lord, will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.” – Isaiah 40:31
As discouragement, weariness and despair come before you continue to position yourself before Him and keep His promises ever before your eyes and do not move. You must fight to keep your hope. Guard your hope and continue to encourage yourself in the Lord. You will not be shaken as you continue to keep your eyes upon Him and His promises.
As you continue to make the choice to hope in the Lord despite how things around you look, encounters await you. There will be increase in encounters with the Lord, increase in prophetic dreams, and visions. The Lord will renew your strength as you continue to position yourself before Him by remaining in hope.
I saw many entering into these encounters and beginning to soar higher than they ever have before. Carried by the Spirit and moving through the season of difficulty with ease as they are carried by Him.
In these encounters the insight, wisdom and hindsight of God will be released. Higher “sight” awaits you and a higher realm awaits you where you will move in greater empowerment, grace and strength into all He has for you and you will not be faint and weary.
Receive the impartation of greater sight and strength as you press in. He is birthing destiny in the supernatural wombs of His people as they begin to see from HIS perspective.
He is training HIs people to move deeper in His sight and see through His eyes and move in the Spirit, and declare what heaven sees and seeing it transformed on earth.
Seeing things in a new way and moving into these greater encounters with Him of insight and wisdom will see weariness broken off and circumstances and atmospheres shift.
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  • harpeth21

    Continuing on in the Spirit in everything I do. Holding tight to Him in His faith and hope to usher in the free gift of God’s graces. Upon awakening there were floods of doubt and despair. I held MY tongue and presented my body a living sacrifice to God for Him to pray, seek, declare and decree His perfect ? Word through and over me; which is my reasonable service. I’m so thankful to Jesus for this gift of speaking in tongues. HE IS the POWER to give life. Even as I write this I’m yielding and speaking in tongues. There are MANY things against me, right now; BUT, if God is (be)for me who can be against me. So, I allow Him to be (be)for me. Thank you, Lana, for being in a position to go before many and bring God’s encouraging Word to keep pressing on and in to all God’s goodness and grace. Blessings.