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The Lord has been speaking to me a lot lately about the seven mountains and recently I had an encounter with Jesus and He showed me the seven mountains crying out for the manifested sons and daughters of God to arise and to take their place. It’s time to ARISE and SHINE. (Isaiah 60:1) The positioning is happening from a deep place of intimacy and rest/trust in Him, and doors were opening that were unimaginable and so glorious, to position God’s people to move into and further into these seven mountains of culture (arts and entertainment, business, family, religion, government, media, education) awakened to the truth that they are called as “salt and light” and releasing the Glory and goodness of God wherever they are positioned.
As the Lord is taking me deeper into His heart to see cities and nations transformed through influencing and taking the seven mountains for Jesus, I heard the seven mountains crying out “WHERE ARE THE JOSEPH’S?”
Instantly I was surrounded by the sense that many with a Joseph-like mantle and calling on upon their lives are hiding in caves because of the opposition and trial they have faced constantly and are weary and disillusioned about their mantle, release into their destiny and positioning.
I saw others still in the PIT process and waiting to be “called for”. In the midst of ‘process’, keeping their hearts positioned towards Lord, going deeper in intimacy and allowing the Lord to do the deep heart surgery, character refining and building work within their hearts. There was such a purifying work taking place in the PIT, they could recognise the work of the Spirit of God, and at the same time dreaming of the day of release and destiny.
Over both of these areas I saw the Spirit of God blowing powerfully. A mighty rushing wind and as it blew fiercely I heard the words “AWAKEN! AWAKEN! A GREAT MOVE OF AWAKENING! I AM AWAKENING THE JOSEPH’S!!!”
For the past few years (2012 and February 2016) the Lord has been highlighting the positioning of the Joseph’s to me, almost like the ‘lead up and preparation’ for a great REVEALING.
As I heard the seven mountains crying out “Where are the JOSEPH’s?” I was surrounded by the sense of the “FULLNESS OF TIME” has arrived for the Joseph’s to be DELIVERED and POSITIONED!!!!!! VINDICATION is UPON you!
There has been an INTENSE preparation over the Joseph’s and that has been to mature you in intimacy with Jesus. To prepare, train, purify and refine you but you are now being CALLED FOR.
The PIT you have been in is now turning to POSITION! Your destiny and increase is about to MANIFEST! Networks, connections, and open doors are open you, a strategic placing to release the word of the Lord and divine wisdom and strategy to AFFECT THE NATIONS!!!!!
Your positioning in this season will see the move of the Spirit THROUGH YOU to affect cities and nations. There is an extension of tent pegs and sphere’s of influence opening up in this season for the Joseph’s to move in with their mouths FULL OF TRUTH.
Where there has been intense attack, where there has been venomous poison words, intense jealousy and lies of the enemy coming at you and the dreams the Lord has given you, the Lord is turning the tables. He has strengthened you and taught you how to fight using His Word, and broken off strongholds of the fear of man. He has taught you to keep your heart pure towards Him and others in the assault, and He is now positioning you for GREAT promotion. The VERY AREAS that these venomous poison words, and lies hit, is the VERY AREA the Lord is now positioning you in with great FAVOUR and PROMOTION. Your roots have gone deep in Jesus in the PIT so you can STAND TALL, STRONG, MATURE and with great integrity and character in the favour. His Glory will shine brighter than ever through you than you have ever seen in this new positioning of promotion.
The Joseph’s will speak in this season with such truth and boldness and their words saturated in the love of Jesus with sharp accuracy of heavenly strategy that there will be GREAT TURNAROUND seen on increased levels in the seven mountains from the grass roots to the top of the mountains. Everywhere the Spirit of God will move through these Joseph’s there will be an ACTIVATION for the destiny and dreams of individuals and nations AWAKENED!
Increase and momentous breakthrough is coming upon the Joseph’s personally and corporately in this season. You shall move forward with crowns of wisdom and heavenly strategy as you are positioned in places you never dreamed in this season. Positioned to release the strategy of heaven and see BREAKTHROUGH.
The Lord has been developing the revelation of the power of RESTING in HIM in the TESTING many of the Joseph’s have walked lately. They shall now see effectual doors and domino effects of breakthrough released THROUGH the Joseph’s as they minister.
Do not run and hide! Stay positioned and watch the Lord position you to see the greatest move of His Spirit through you that you have ever seen. You have been prepared for such a time as this!
He is not only activating your destiny and bringing you out of the caves and the pits more AWAKE than you have ever been, He is restoring to you YOUR DREAMS that have felt long forgotten.
Joseph’s you MUST take your place in this season as the Lord opens doors for you. The seven mountains of culture are crying out for you to arise!!! Say “YES” to Jesus again and watch and see the beautiful positioning hand of God. More shall be added to you in a day of obedience to Him than you have ever seen.
You’re being called for in this season! It’s time to step in as the voices of HOPE, but not only positioned as those voices of HOPE, but those who release HOPE AND STRATEGY!!! Your area of influence is about to TURN IT’S HEAD to you because of the wisdom and strategy of heaven upon you to bring LIFE and BREAKTHROUGH to that very mountain! From the grassroots to the top of the mountain, He is using you to REROUTE and CHANGE history and release DESTINY!!!!
I saw specifically the media mountain calling for the Joseph’s. The Lord is sending you into the media mountain in this season to release a great move of His Spirit to see the COMMUNICATION of heaven released. The prophetic is moving into the media mountain in explosive, increased ways in this season through the Joseph’s (and many other ways) to release the strategic revelation of heaven that will see the media mountain affect and changed by the revelation of the God who SPEAKS. Our beautiful, creative, powerful all knowing Jesus will speak life, revelation, insight and wisdom through His Joseph’s in the media mountain in this season that will see unprecedented signs, wonders and turnarounds take place where the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel and GOODNESS of God is going to be communicated in NEW, FRESH and CREATIVE ways.


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  • Eunice Embury

    Good morning from Australia
    I have a 16 month Calendar from Israel with 12 of the tribes mentioned for 12 of those months. Would you believe that July is “Joseph” month?!
    I’m new to your posts and am finding them very encouraging.
    Thank you and THANK YOU LORD!

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    Thank You Father God for bringing More Revelation and Confirming Your Word Yet Again! The LORD Bless You Ms Lana!
    Tuesday evening I arrived at work, Dr Skiles came over to talk with me.
    He’s a wonderful man who flows in the Prophetic. Father gave me a dream of Victory for his Grandson, who was given a less than one percent chance to live. Many United in prayer – The Doctors were baffled at how he could be alive. The child is now 5 months old, many people have come to Salvation through this little one’s testimony.
    As we talked, I told him of the posted Word “PEOPLE OF GOD, I ASK YOU “CAN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BE CHANGED IN A DAY IN MY NAME?”” – He said, we need a modern day Joseph. I told him the LORD was raising up many at this time. Later in the night, I was cleaning the Light Treatment room, happened to glance at a Medical Fridge temperature gauge and saw it reading 777 on the third line – i laughed aloud, took a photo of it, Praising God. As I began to mop out of the room, i looked at the time … it was 12:12 a.m.
    Father, lead us, teach us. Let us do our part and what we have no control over, You, by Your Mighty Hand, do what we cannot. Remove all hinderances and obstacles that hold us from moving into Destiny. We Love, Honor, and Praise You, through it all.
    Blessings & Much Much Love <3

  • Elsie Bouwman

    hahaha. Days ago two women were at our front door and gave me a magazine with the theme title on the top of: “Awake”. Yes, Lord, Awake!! And then this morning, it was like “blue skies, nothing blue skies” got to singing it at breakfast. Later in the day we were at Wlamart shopping and there is a bright summer banner hanging from the ceiling that said, “Time to Shine”, and I was thinking, “Lord, you put that there didn’t You?!! hahaha! Even shopping in the men’s department a stranger with white hair and a short white beard, with a Scottish accent watched us as the three of us were shopping. He spoke to us and said he would let us shop first because we were there first. Okay. Afterwards, I thought, that could have been an angel that we entertained unawares!! Hahaha! Yes, these are the last days! As we stood in the line to pay for our stuff at the Walmart in Ottawa, I saw in the Spirit the time in Walmart in Cornwall. It came as clear as that day unexpectedly I had seen all of Walmart SAVED. Yes, it shot at me like an arrow then and now, all of Walmart SAVED in Ottawa too. It’s that simple with the Holy Spirit!! It’s just like that!! Yes Lrod Yes, we say Yes!! Be saved! Be healed!! Be made whole in the name of Jesus!! Today is the day of salvaton!! Today!!

  • Elsie Bouwman

    The car ride home was just amazing to me too. I was surprised all this prayer declarations started popping up in my mouth while driving more than ususual. That was great. I love it Lord!! Do it again, and again, and again. Blessing You will bless. Multiplying You will multiply!! Do it in all the cars with all the saints of God driving or being driven young and old. The Bible says, “I believe, therefore I speak.” Just now I hear that song I heard in Ottawa: “Na na na, Na na na, hey, hey, hey, good bye.” I say goodbye to the darkness in Ottawa, and I say hello to the Light in Ottawa!! Yes Ottawa, say goodbye to the darkness, and say hello to the Light!! Get translated from the Kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of God’s dear Son, Jesus Christ!!

  • Robear

    Amazing Prophetic Words Spoken as I just Now read. Wow Confirmation to me. The Father said to me this will be a Joseph Season for me, to be patient as he turns the tables on my enemies, A promotion time he spoke to me, Favor, Favor, Favor, use my enemies as footstools, not sure what a Joseph Season means for me, yet I accept what the Father, has spoken to me a month ago. This is so much speaking to me. As much as I love my enemies and pray for them, the love is just not there in them yet my heart is grieved for their salvation. To God be the Glory, forgive them for they know not, it is him abiding on love towards my enemies. Awesome Prophetic Words, this day. Amen.

  • Nanny

    Lana, the Lord spoke a word to me about being a Joseph 1 1/2 yrs ago. I just couldn’t get a breakthrough. Did you do a teaching on it you can share?

  • Deborah Lobo

    Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Amen! Your Glory Lord!
    O Lana, I am so overwhelmed to read this beautiful prophecy again! It is so very confirming! Just yesterday, I was crying out to the Lord, as I returned from prayer, Abba led me to Judges5:12(a)’ Wake up, Deborah, wake up! Wake up, wake up and sing a song!!!(NLT). Thanks Lana, love you Princess.

  • Jane Zouhary

    When I awoke this morning the Spirit was downloading some amazing thoughts into my heart: ” this country was God’s gift to us for a purpose and now it’s in jeapordy. We who are called must take it back for God’s original intent: ” to be a city on a hill; salt and light; a land of freedom for all!” So don’t get caught up in rehearsing the problems but rather speak LIFE and TRUTH. “With God ALL things are possible!” Even taking this country back for it’s original intent! It’s up to us! Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to fill us for our sake and rest upon us for the sake of others! Then let’s be Jesus to everyone He sends today. After all He did say: ” these things that I do, you will do even greater!” So let’s dedicate the rest of our lives for His purposes; put on the Full Armor and call forth miracles!!! WE CAN DO THIS!!! We MUST do this! Our country hangs in the balance. Trust His Spirit, He WILL lead us!!!!!
    And may God bless your Independence Day!!!??.

  • linda

    Your words….about “Where are the Josephs?’… jumped out at me.
    For several years now the Holy Spirit has been working on …speaking to me. I came to believe that my life paralleled Joseph.
    I am saying YES to Jesus!

  • Denise kitson

    Thank you Lana the words of encouragement in this message is for today. I had been 9 rating for confirmation on dreams and visions I have and you right on. I’m having an increase of both dreams and visions. Yes, God us a revealer if secrets and we must be in tuned to his Holy Spirit in discernment of spirits in our relationships and moving forward with the white horse message of Yeshua great love. Love will make a way.