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Hi Friends,
I wasn't going to release this prophetic word till July 1st and then realised today it's already July 1st in some places in the world (like Australia ;))!! 😉 So here it is! I pray you are encouraged and blessed by this word!!!!
The Lord highlighted the month of June to me a few months ago that a new level of acceleration was going to be released that would continue into the rest of the year, and as it happens, we must get our roots deeper still in Him.

As we moved into June, the winds of acceleration have been blowing strongly and as we have been moving towards July, the Lord has been speaking to me that July would be the month to OCCUPY, PRIORITISE and RESTRATEGISE.

The Lord showed me that in the acceleration the "cracks" are coming to the surface of the areas that need to be worked on. These "cracks" have been coming to the surface in the lives of believers so you can restrategise with Him to build a stronger foundation so that you can move into the realm of MOBILISATION. This year the Lord is working on His people deeply to bring them to a place of MOBILISATION. He is restoring the POWER OF MOTION by His Spirit by intentionally removing what has held God's people down and kept them STUCK. He is assembling His people with READINESS. He is AWAKENING His people to ACTIVE service. He is bringing us together as His army, mobilising us to OCCUPY!!!!!!

We are about to OCCUPY the very areas that have refused to bow, we are about to OCCUPY in July, the new realms of destiny, the mountains of influence the Lord has called us to, and OCCUPY our LAND OF INHERITANCE.

In July, I saw God's people that were intentionally pressing in moving into a deeper place of STRATEGY with the Lord where He was bringing a great REARRANGE because July will be a month of GREAT CHANGE.

The Lord is bringing us deeper to seek the strategies of heaven because He is going to tweak strategies, change strategies, lead us away from old strategies and into new strategies in July that will not only lead us into OCCUPYING the lands that He has for us, but setting up the needed structures, boundary lines and priorities because in occupying these lands we are moving into the place where we THRIVE.

I saw the people of God moving into such a deep level of OCCUPYING the lands the Lord has given them, there was an exchange happening in the spirit from the Lord to His people. The TITLE DEEDS are being handed over in July.

On the TITLE DEEDS Jesus was handing over I saw Joshua 1:3

"I am handing over to you every place you set foot, as I promised Moses."

You are moving in and occupying!!!!!!! The enemy is screaming and shrieking at the 'loss' of the land, but you are moving in not only with JOY, but a double portion of awakening to your authority in Jesus and strategy to RISE AND BUILD in this new land of breakthrough and inheritance.


We are all called to live in the place of OVERFLOW because of who we live in. In this season we have been learning how to live in and from OVERFLOW in the secret place of intimacy with Jesus.

In the natural, many of God's people have learnt to live in the deep place of 'contending' with hardly seeing any fruit, and now the Lord is transitioning us into the place of learning how to STEWARD ABUNDANCE, BREAKTHROUGH, OVERFLOW, FAVOUR and INCREASE. The explosion of fruit and harvest being released and manifested in July will require deeper levels of wisdom, stewardship and strategy to see God's intended 'ripple effect' take place.


I saw prophetic dreams all across the body of Christ in July and onwards being released to God's people who have been living under the chains of heavy financial debt. The Lord is releasing divinely inspired financial strategy to not only see breakthrough of these chains of debt but huge increase in finances across the body of Christ to put "wheels on the visions" that He has given His people. He wants His people to learn to steward finances well and with divine strategy, and July is a month of deeper 'learning' and breakthrough in this area.

These areas of financial breakthrough will also release much needed material resources to 'rise and build' in the new land of breakthrough about to be occupied.


The changes I saw in July are SO glorious, they are moving His people from Glory to Glory but it will require a deeper level of surrender and trust of His ways to move forward in obedience to His changing of strategy and priority/focus. But these changes, many will not understand, but when they come, trust the leading of His Spirit for He is setting you up for not only BREAKTHROUGH but MOMENTUM! He is setting you up for LONG LASTING FRUIT.

These 'changes' of structures, alignments and strategies may not make sense to the natural mind, but they will add MORE breakthrough and usher in radical increase to you in exponential proportions that others will look and see the demonstration of His power and goodness loudly.

July will see Zechariah 4:6 explode forth even more:

"This is the word of the LORD to Zerubba
bel: 'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty.

The Lord is already doing and going to do A LOT this year that is going to DEFY the natural mind, DEFY the 'packages' we expect breakthrough to come in, but a release of His power and glory like we haven't seen. The SOVEREIGNTY of God is going to be demonstrated in July LOUDLY and gain momentum and volume into the rest of the year.


There will be an even greater divine highlight on PURITY in July as the deeper level of purity in intimacy is paving the way for promotion. He will be teaching His people in July and onwards the necessity to follow the Spirit of God and where He is moving, even away from old alignments, to keep the callings, giftings and visions He has given His people in a place of purity. Not tainted by expectations and pressures of man for things to be done or look a certain way. He is drawing a line in the sand in July, asking for the commitment of heart from His people to follow His leading and not compromise at whatever cost. This 'stepping up to the line' of your yes and remaining in purity of heart motive and obedience to what He has asked you to do will pave a greater pathway of promotion in your life than you could ever do if you tried to pave it yourself.

"Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time, casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you." – 1 Peter 5:6-7

Stay in peace! Don't be anxious! You are being planted to EXTEND and THRIVE!


These new lands before God's people in July are FULL of surprises. The threshold of crossover into the occupying of these new lands will see the manifestation and release of Jeremiah 29:11 like FIREWORKS!!!!

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." – Jeremiah 29:11

Get ready for loud, colourful, creative, joy-filled surprise revelation and manifestation of His gloriously good plans for you. There are not only new strategies, blueprints and plans for this new land we must receive from heaven, but there is a revelation of SURPRISE plans that God has for His people. Joy! Joy! Joy in the plans of God for your life are about to be lifted HIGH!


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