Prophetic Words


Recently I heard the Lord say “There is a wealth of wellness before you” and the sense surrounded me SO strongly that there is a TOTAL restoration of WELLNESS that the Lord is bringing supernaturally into the lives of MANY who have been through intense battles in their health in this last season.
I heard the Lord say “This IS the moment, this IS the season where you are stepping into a WEALTH of wellness that will see you run with Me in physical strength further than you have ever been.”
WELLNESS DEFINITION: the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort. (
The wellness that the Lord spoke about was not just physically, it was emotionally and mentally. There is a powerful move of the Spirit of God taking place in the body of Christ right now where the Lord is leading His people into a place of WHOLENESS unlike anything they have walked in before.
This is a POWERFUL time of healing. This is a POWERFUL time of deliverance. This is a POWERFUL time of freedom and restoration.
This isn’t “coming” friends, this is UPON YOU right now. There is a wealth of wellness before you. You are stepping into it. This is just the beginning. There is a fresh start of WELLNESS before you. Things will not remain as they have been. There is a DEEP WELL of wellness that the Lord is drawing you into and you will see the faithfulness of the Lord demonstrated in your life bringing wellness to you that will unfathomable to your natural mind. The Lord kept highlighting the word “WEALTH” over and over to me. It isn’t going to be a “barely scrapping by” of wellness, the Lord is going to lead you into a place of the ABUNDANCE of wellness. The restoration and divine reset in your mind, your body and your heart isn’t just going to be a “small” thing, this is a POWERFUL miraculous restoration where MANY things will be healed, delivered and come into alignment with the Word of God, SUDDENLY.
The Lord spoke again:
“It will be UNDENIABLE that it was by My power and My hand that brought My people into this WEALTH of WELLNESS because of the VISIBLE MIRACULOUS TRANSFORMATION that will take place.”
There have been MANY in the body of Christ that have faced assaults and trials in many areas all at once. In their bodies (one thing after another), in their minds and in their hearts. It has been a bombardment for many in body, heart and mind, but I heard the Lord say:
God isn’t just going to fix, restore and heal one thing, there are NUMEROUS “one after another” miracles that God is going to do in the lives of His people. Bodies will be healed, minds will be healed, hearts will be healed, traumas will be healed, pain will be healed, grief will be healed.
The Lord whispered again:
“Lift your expectations! Raise your faith! I am bringing you into a new ERA OF WELLNESS!!!!!”
There is a new beginning, a new track to run with the Lord in 2020 and this new era and the track has been marked “DESTINY”.
The Lord showed me that many feel like they have had to ‘slow down’ or be ‘side lined’ because of physical, emotional and mental battles in 2019 and the last season.
I then saw the hand of the Lord come down and in power He began to heal, rearrange, restore and revive. A supernatural strength was filling their bodies, hearts and minds and they were then suddenly being positioned at the ‘starting line’ again, but this time this ‘starting line’ was bigger than before. I knew in the spirit that this represented a new beginning of running in the plans and purposes of God like never before. “Next steps” of destiny and the sense surrounded me so strongly that this ‘new beginning’ and ‘fresh commissioning’ was SO miraculous that what they had endured and faced previously didn’t matter in the sense that none of the previous issues, battles and trials they have had in their bodies, minds and emotions were not part of their story anymore. It was over. The delay it had caused because of the enemy trying to ‘sideline’ them, was over. Now they were positioned in supernatural strength, restoration and joy to run in acceleration in WELLNESS into all God has for them.
I also saw many who are older in age and have been feeling weaker in body and dealing with many physical issues and crying out to the Lord for healing and feeling like they can’t run in all God has for them because of these physical issues, the Lord showed me powerful encounters with Jesus and the Word of God taking place right now where they will be completely and totally healed and led into a wealth of wellness unlike anything they have experienced and have supernatural strength and vitality to run in this new era in all God has for them. There will be SO many testimonies of the restorative power of God in bodies especially in those of older age and the renewing of youth and physical strength to run with greater endurance.
I heard the Lord say “A KEY IS TO FEAST ON THE WORD”. Feast upon the Word of God as a place of positioning for stepping into the WEALTH OF WELLNESS that the Lord is leading His people into. The Lord is going to DEMONSTRATE the power of the Word of God and the POWER of DECREEING the Word and aligning with what He is speaking that is going to bring healing and wellness by the power of the Spirit of God into many bodies, hearts and minds.
The Lord showed me that in this life-changing breakthrough where many of God’s people are being led into this WEALTH OF WELLNESS I saw a HUGE explosion of JOY  in 2020 and beyond in the lives of God’s people as they ran UNHINDERED by the past seasons battles in their bodies, mind and emotions, running in total freedom and healing into the assignment of the Lord on their lives, exploding with a JOY like they had never known before. The JOY they were finding in the slipstream of His power, healing and anointing was indescribable.
They were running in a way that felt like life had JUST begun. It is a new supernatural lease on life for MANY. Running in the abundant life (John 10:10) that we have in Christ like never before.
“They who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles;
they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)