Prophetic Words


Recently, I heard the Lord say “Prophets, I am issuing a warning to you. Do not trade purity for platforms”

I then heard the Lord say:

“Do not use My voice to build your platforms”

Instantly I saw a PARADING OF PRIDE that was taking place. “Look at what God has spoken to me!!!”, “Look at the revelation that the Lord has entrusted me with”, “Look at the Word I am carrying and the doors God has opened for ME.”

There was such a strong warning in my spirit from the heart of the Lord to not spiritually prostitute the gifting and to come to a place of impurity where the revelation that is being released from the heart of God is being used to build platforms.

I felt such a grief in my heart as I felt the yearning from the heart of God. I felt His eyes roaming the earth and He was looking for prophets who will steward His heart with PURITY, with INTEGRITY and HUMILITY.

His voice thundered again:

“The deep secrets of My heart will be released to My friends. The deep secrets of My heart will be shared with the humble, with those who will linger. I will entrust the PURE STREAMS of My revelation that will bring corporate transformation, reformation and shift in the body of Christ and the earth to those who are truly seeking My heart and not getting caught up in the acceleration, and building their own platforms.”

“Surely the Lord GOD does nothing Unless He reveals His secret counsel To His servants the prophets.” (Amos 3:7)

There was such a thundering call from the heart of God over the prophetic movement to “COME BACK TO THE FIRST LOVE”

The Lord continued to speak:

“It’s not about prophetic words. It’s not about platforms. It’s not about numbers. It’s not about your ministry or your name, it is about living in the place of deep intimacy with Me where you are My friend and I can trust you with My heart and My secrets.”

I was then undone by His Words:

“I am looking for the prophets that I can trust with My heart.”

The fire of God is coming upon the prophetic movement in such a significant way it is going to rearrange, it is going to purify, it is going to purge and the move of His fire is going to OFFEND many minds. The rearranging of the Lord’s hand and the purging He is bringing is going to bring OFFENSE to the minds of the religious or those with agenda, but those with clean hands and pure hearts (Psalm 24:4) will embrace the rearranging of the Lord and partner with His re-alignment and re-shaping of the prophetic movement.

I then had a vision and I was lifted above the body of Christ and I saw many shofars being sounded across the body of Christ. I knew instantly that they represented the prophets releasing prophetic words. There were many different sounds, different shapes and sizes of shofars. I noticed that the shofars were connected to “wells”. The wells were where the prophets were receiving the revelation from and then the sound was being released from the shofars. I then heard the Lord say: “Look beyond the surface”

Instantly it was like my eyes were sharpened in the spirit and I saw beneath the surface of these shofars in these wells was water. The top layer of the water looked ‘normal’ but then as I looked deeper the waters were contaminated.

His voice surrounded me again:

“The waters are being muddied. The waters are being contaminated by many things. The waters are being muddied by self promotion. The waters are being muddied by compromise and fear of man. The waters are being muddied by words being released that are not coming from a place of deep intimacy but a place of MANUFACTURE.”

The Lord then spoke again:

“There are many prophetic words that are being released in the body of Christ right now that are not from My heart and are being released to create ‘platform’ and ‘influence’. Simon the sorcerers are arising in the Church and I am inviting My prophets back to the table of intimacy with Me again to allow Me to examine their hearts in the light of My presence and My fire to purify and prepare them for what is to come and what they are to carry in this new era.”

This word the Lord gave me was not blanketing all prophets in this place of compromise, self-promotion, or operating in witchcraft, manipulation or mixture, BUT it was an invitation for all prophets to come back to the table of intimacy and invite the Holy Spirit to come, to examine hearts, and give Him permission to align anything that needs to be aligned, purify anything that needs to be purified and highlight anything that He needs to.

It was the love of God that was releasing this invitation back to the table as a place of preparation and re-examination in the light of His presence to then be prepared to carry some of the deepest secrets of His heart and revelation of His Word upon the earth that would bring the greatest transformation that they have ever seen.


As I continued to seek His heart I heard the Lord say:

“In this new era My prophets do NOT RUSH on the release of prophetic words. The mysteries and the secrets I will release to you and through you will bring transformation and reformation unlike anything you have ever seen as you live from the pure well of deep intimacy with Me and heart health before Me, the positioning of humility and integrity. It is imperative in this new era of RAPID ACCELERATION that you My prophets are living in deeper COMMUNICATION and SATURATION. It’s time to LINGER more than you have ever lingered. Do not get caught up in the “acceleration” where the “ministry” and “opportunity” outweighs the place of intimacy and saturation in My presence and My Word. “

“MARINATION AND MATURATION is CRUCIAL in this new era. Allow the words I speak to you to MARINATE, to MATURE and continue to ask for discernment and wisdom (James 1:5) from Me to guide you in the timing and release of when and what to share. For I will add layers of revelation upon words I am releasing in this new era that you will miss if you release them too quickly.”

The Lord is summoning His prophets deeper into the Word. The Lord is calling the prophets in preparation for what is coming to invest more time IN THE WORD than releasing the words. The Lord is calling the prophets to a deeper place of MARINATING in the Word and a greater MATURING will take place within them.


The Lord showed me where ministry and the release of prophetic words has become an idol and the determination and focus upon ‘building a platform’ and ‘having influence’ has become the ‘main thing’ in the lives of many prophets. I then heard the Lord say:

“The prophets that will continue to arise with the pure words of My heart in this new era will be those that minister to Me first, before ministry to the saints”

The invitation to minister to the Lord first is going to weigh heavier and heavier on the prophets in this new era. The place of deep consecration to the Lord is going to weigh heavier than ever and these prophets will be the ones that will continue to arise with the pure word of the Lord that will bring the plumbline, alignment, transformation and reformation in the areas where the Lord releases them into.

The Lord spoke again:

“These prophets will OBEY and release the Words I am releasing without compromise, without apology and will speak My Words without watering them down or adapting them to ‘tickle ears’ but will speak with boldness, unhindered by the fear of man, releasing the word of the Lord with purity, with an accurate depiction of My heart and My nature but will not bow to the expectations of man, but speak forth My Words.”

There is a purifying fire of the Lord that has begun to burn in the prophetic movement but it is about to significantly increase. There’s a call from the heart of God to the prophets to draw closer to Him than ever before. To allow Him to examine hearts in the light of His presence. There is a repentance that the Lord is calling for, for areas of compromise, areas of mixture, areas of pride, areas of self-promotion, areas of manipulation and mis-use of the prophetic gifting and operating in witchcraft and allowing the fire of God to come and burn away all that needs to be burned away to prepare the prophets to carry the pure words of the Lord for this new era.

Let us join together in one accord and cry out:

“God, I invite your searching gaze into my heart.

Examine me through and through;
find out everything that may be hidden within me.
Put me to the test and sift through all my anxious cares.
24See if there is any path of pain I’m walking on,
and lead me back to your glorious, everlasting ways—
the path that brings me back to you.” (Psalm 139:23-24 – The Passion Translation)