Prophetic Words

Please Read – A warning about a Fake Facebook Page

Hi, Friends

It seems that we have to do this all too often, but there is still a fake Facebook account pretending to be Lana. They post ‘words” as Lana vawser Ministries and ask for donations to other charities, orphanages and outreaches. 

I am glad to say that people are reaching out to us to confirm, although sometimes the damage has already been done before we can respond. 

We have two pages on Facebook – a profile called “Lana Vawser” (with 57,000 followers) and a public figure page also called “Lana Vawser” (with 104,000 followers). These are the authentic and official pages. I have applied again for a verification checkmark, we can only hope and pray that Facebook grants it to us this time. Our public figure page is

The fake page is called Lana vawser Ministries (note the lower case v). They currently have 2,700 followers and from what I hear are quite tenacious in asking for finances. The things they write on their website are not from Lana, and we have heard previously about malicious prophecies with curses for people who do not give to their ’causes’. As you could imagine, we would NEVER do that.

If you are on Facebook, please make sure you are not subscribed to this fake account. (Their URL is Furthermore, do not give them any money when they ask. We will never contact you directly, and we will never ask you directly for finances, to us or to other ministries. 

The best and most secure way to sow into our ministry is through our sowing page ( 

I hope this helps you. Please be careful.

Kevin and Lana Vawser