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In this season, I have ministered quite a bit from the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in Daniel 3. Many have been feeling like they have been “thrown into the fire” and just when they thought it couldn’t be endured anymore, the fire was turned up 7 times hotter. But IN THE FIRE, there has been a FOURTH MAN.. JESUS! He has been with His people in the fire, and He has been using the very fire that has been sent against the people of God to hinder them, to attempt to kill them, to steal from them, to destroy their calling by having them give up, or to bow down in compromise.
I felt the heart of God that MUCH has been accomplished by the Lord IN the fire. Even this fire that came to harm you, the Lord has preserved you and is turning it and using it for your good. (Genesis 50:20) I felt the heart of God to encourage His people that NOTHING has been LOST in the fire because He is the God of RESURRECTION POWER and RESTORATION.
The fiery darts of fire that the enemy has shot at you, the Lord is turning them by His Spirit, and they will be the very ARROWS that ACCELERATE YOU!!!
I heard the Lord say “I am turning the furnace. I am turning the furnace!!”
Instantly I had a vision and I saw a door in the midst of the fiery furnace of opposition. It was a doorway right in the middle of the fire. The Lord opened the door in the midst of the fire of opposition and I could see the dial for the adjustment of the heat and the Lord turned it up to 7×7 as hot. Double the heat of what the fiery furnace was. But instead of intense fire of opposition and trial, it was a DOUBLE PORTION of the REVELATION of the FIRE OF HIS LOVE!!!!
The Lord then spoke again “I am turning the furnace. I am turning the furnace. The furnace of My love! The furnace of the fire of My love! Get ready for amazing, deep, mind and heart blowing encounters with My love. In this ‘turning of the furnace’ you are now going to see the fire of My love for you that consumes Me. That burns for YOU. Where the fiery furnace of opposition attempted to DEFINE YOU in this season, in this turning, I am releasing the SEAL OF THE FIRE OF MY LOVE UPON YOU!!!! You are going to be CONSUMED by My love like you have never experienced before. Double portions! Such weight and intensity of My fire, the fire of My love that you will be FOREVER CHANGED.”
“In the fiery furnace of My love that is getting hotter and hotter as the revelation of My love is released, I am allowing CLOAKS OF SELF-CONDEMNATION to be revealed. Cloaks that many of you My beautiful people have placed upon yourselves by what you have spoken over yourself and your inner beliefs about who you are and what defines you, that is NOT true. I am allow these to come to the surface with INTENSITY, because in the DEEP UNPRECEDENTED encounters with Me and My love in this “fiery furnace” that I have turned, you will receive MANTLES of My fire, impartations of My fire, the fire of My love that is going to affect EVERYTHING, CHANGE EVERYTHING and see the fire of My love released with INTENSITY everywhere you go. Every where your feet tread, ATMOSPHERES will be changed and BLAZING TRAILS of the fire of My love. Where the enemy has attempted to lead many of you off the paths that I have for you, the paths that I have orchestrated for you as you move forward onto them, out of these encounters will you see the MANIFESTATION of the fire of My love in ways you cannot even fathom. There will be healing, shifting, saving, redeeming, restoring, resurrecting. LOVE will explode from you everywhere you go as the INNER has been consumed by My love, so the OUTER will be affected and changed.”
The shift in the ‘turning of the furnace’ is going to be so significant, it will be COMPLETELY TANGIBLE, there will even be signs and wonders in the natural to confirm the TURNING. Where the enemy has tried to burn you out, you are now going to BURN FOR JESUS like you never have before and have the burning conviction of HOW LOVED YOU ARE!!!!!!! Strength, boldness, confidence, greater sight and healing will take place not only in accelerated ways, but for many it will be instantaneous in the ‘SHIFT’ and ‘TURN’ of the furnace.
I felt the Lord say “I am about to unveil the purity that I have built in the hearts and lives of My people in the fire of opposition and trial as they have said YES to Me. I am about to unveil My handiwork, My healing and restoration in the transition into these unprecendented encounters with the fire of My love. Many are going to see how I have refined character and integrity, I have cleaned out impure motives, I have used all of this season, to see My people looking more like Me. I have birthed a cry in the fire in My people of “I JUST WANT YOU JESUS! IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU JESUS AND ALL FOR YOU!!” I have birthed the “PURE IN HEART shall see God!!!” in the fire of opposition and trial. It’s time to SEE ME like you have NEVER seen Me. To look into My eyes burning with the fire of My love for you and be transformed even more. As I have been strengthening the foundations, cleansing the hearts, birthing purity and refining character and you have not fought the process, you are coming out as PURE GOLD. There is an increase in anointing in significant ways that will happen from this point. Anointings will go to a whole other level and I am releasing a HEALING ANOINTING in the increase of anointing upon My people, for I am doing a great work of healing globally in My people.”
“The fiery mantles of My love that I am releasing are going to see a significant shift and increase in HEALING all across the planet, testifying “MY LOVE HEALS AND RESTORES!!”
“There is greater purity being released in the prophetic. Many of the prophets that have been walking through this intensity of the fiery furnace of opposition and trial, in that place, I have been sharpening hearing and accuracy and healing the heart and souls of My prophets. I am shaking the prophetic to bring a cleansing of competition and jealousy from amongst My prophets.
“I am birthing prophets of LOVE as they come deeper. I am birthing prophets of LOVE as they press into Me and from that place a NEW LEVEL OF PURITY in their PROPHETIC words is being released. To cleanse, heal, purge and purify My body as they prophesy. I am shaking and cleaning out areas of the prophetic that have been tainted and turned into anything but what I CREATED the prophetic to be.. a TESTIMONY OF WHO I AM, MY GOODNESS AND LOVE!!!!
“My prophets, many of you are weary, so weary of giving out and giving out, and facing fire after fire and trial after trial.. I say unto you you are going in OVER YOUR HEAD!! You will be overwhelmed in the most glorious way by the refreshing, the healing, the empowering, the strengthening that I am releasing to you right now in this turning of the furnace, that will not only see you restored and refreshed, but moving out with greater impartations of the fire of My love, purity, authority and power upon the prophetic words that you release from My heart reflecting My goodness and kindness. Get ready for a whole new level of the supernatural to manifest in the NATURAL as you PROPHESY!!!! It’s time for the dry bones to rise!!”


  • Patricia Sperandio

    Thanks Lana for that encouraging word! I’m in awe everytime God uses you to confirm what He is doing in my life! I always thank my God for you! ♡♡♡

  • Franca

    Amen ! Thank you Lana, I really needed to hear this has been difficult “lately”..attacks after attacks..despite I am in the country God sent me…or maybe just because I am in the country He sent me…God bless you!

  • Deborah Lobo

    A mighty HALLELUJAH!!!AMEN!!!O Father, thank you! Thank you Jesus! Yes Lord, its all about You my Awesome God! Your Glory Father!
    Love you Princess n thank you. God bless you.

  • David Drew

    You have been reading my “mail!”
    My wife of 52 years, died 2 months ago after an 18 month battle with cancer.
    To add to that I was told a month ago I have bowel cancer and require surgery on June 1st. I’ve never had any disease before, take no medication, and have never needed surgery before.
    Additionally, a family member went into a blind rage of irrational ranting at me a week ago over nothing, except they took the opportunity to unload their frustrations on me.
    Talk about satan being enraged… no doubt about it!
    I could go on but primarily want to confirm the complete accuracy of your new post. It is a vital word from God for some (maybe many).
    I have indeed been in the firey furnace (7 times hotter) but the Lord came to my wife and I with amazing angelic encounters in recent months with people, most of whom were not Christians as far as we know.
    What the enemy meant for evil, God has meant for good, as was said in the prophecy.
    I love the concept the Lord used , “I’m turning the furnace.”
    Atmospheres will be CHANGED!
    For months now the Lord has been saying to me, “CHANGE! CHANGE! CHANGE!” is coming. This fits perfectly with the word given to you.
    Thank you Lana for your faithful heart and for the time you spend waiting on Him.
    Today, I have been blessed twice in one day by your posts.
    Bless you and thank you Lord!

  • Elsie Bouwman

    While sleeping I heard, “Keep looking.” My heart’s reply was, “Keep looking at what?” “Looking unto Jesus”. Oh, it’s looking at the fourth man in the furnace!!
    Laying in bed thinking about titles for the three small paintings. I looked in my heart at the painting of the small boat on the shore with the fragrance of blossoms above it and thought of: “The Fragrance of Christ: Crucified with Christ.” It’s the fragrance ON Christ from Mary’s broken alabaster oil all over Him before His death by crucifixion. We were crucified with Christ.

  • Connie L Goehler

    It took me forever to complete this post…It resonated right straight to my heart and brought my spirit to attention! I read, re-read, through tears that were clouding my physical ability to read. The past six to eight weeks I have not been able to get through a day without weeping. This weeping became a weeping before God, a desperate repenting and needing Him to just do whatever He desired to prepare me for whatever He has chosen. The tears were sometimes coming from depths inside me that i had no idea were even there; deep pain and wounds. Then the weeping would turn into a release, a grateful refreshing. Bottom line…thank you for just being you…and speaking from your heart the words you know God has shown you.
    Kept by His grace, a fellow warrior…

  • Tamara

    This is such a confirming word to me, thank you Lana! In 1993 I had a vision as I stood outside of our home under construction. It exploded into flames and I felt the heat of it. The Lord told me I was entering the refiners fire there and that it would eventually turn into the Fire of His Presence; that everyone who came near our home after that would feel the heat of God and know His Glory was there. It truly was an intense time and it has been long. But in 2011 the Lord spoke and said “You see the fire on the horizon and I say in the past fire you were terrified and your enemy laughed. But now this Fire will cause your enemy to be terrified and YOU will LAUGH!” I have not let go and now things are rapidly shifting in my family heritages; both mine and my husband’s…effecting everything around us. We are entering our Garden of Eden and the enemy is a mess!!

  • Lorna

    Hello Lana,
    Your prophecy is a confirmation of the new song we are practicing for our praise & worship…. the title is “Come Alive (Dry Bones)”. God will breath on the dry bones to come alive! And last week, we sang, “God of Miracles”, part of the song goes… “God of miracles come, we need your SUPERNATURAL LOVE to break through, nothing is impossible for the God of Miracles!”.
    Thank you again Lana for the Revelation God gave you and for sharing His message to us. God bless you!

  • Cheryl Carlson

    Lord Jesus, I do feel this word is for me, as my heart is heavy and I feel I’m at the end of my rope. I receive every word of this and pray for my turnaround today, in Jesus’s name. You will be glorified Lord.

  • Karen Baunsgard

    Thank you for this encouraging word! It reminded me of something I saw in my minds eye while I was praying last year. I saw myself in a dark wood and Jesus came and picked me up and threw me on a campfire as if I was a piece of wood. Then he picked others up and threw them on the fire. Finally, He threw Himself into the fire! Soon people began to come out of the woods to warm themselves by what was now a big bonfire.

  • sheron bachus

    Your words minister so much to me. It seems I pray something and then there is a word from you that confirms and encourages me. This is an awesome word. Thank you for being so obedient. God bless you and increase your gift

  • W Keith Buchanan

    Once again we believe you are indeed hearing the voice of the Father. Thank you for sharing with such clarity. This is for sure a time in the fire for us and many other children of God that we know have been in the furnace. May God continue to give you His Word for people.

  • Ian Brearley

    How I thank God for you Lana – I think of you as “our own Cindy Jacobs”.
    Love in Jesus
    Ian Brearley
    Grandfather and ex-hippie

  • Sheila Woodward

    I am so thankful for you and your heart that goes after Gods heart. This word is so on target with what I have been facing for the last few days. My desire and prayer is for the fire of the river of Gods love for me to be known more intimately so that I may impact nations with the knowledge of Daddy Gods love for them.
    I declare a greater awakening to the beat of Gods heart and love for us and it sets us on fire for Him to burn even brighter to cause a dark world to hunger for more of the things of God!!!!
    Thank you so much Lana!!!!

  • rich davidson

    I honestly do not know what it is to be loved or to love myself at this point. I welcome this amazing love of our Father. Thank you Jesus and Lana.

  • Niall fahy

    Lana very true ,hearts need to change and shaped by our living god ,to prepare HIs people for what’s up ahead ,niall

  • natasha

    Oh.My.Oh.My…. God had me in his mind when He sent THIS word!!! Thank you for sharing… Rivers not Reservoirs… Bless you!!

  • Kay Bieber

    Thank you, Lana, for faithfully speaking the Word of the Lord. . .He is Mighty and has done Great things among us. . .He is overwhelming us with His Glory and Goodness. We, His children, are Blessed beyond measure!

  • Jerry

    There are 18 year olds in Silicon Valley making millions of dollars. The last thing we need is more “fire” or more “testing” . People are at the point of crumbling. If we older people haven’t made it yet, or been refined enough, its over. A 18 year old isn’t prepared either. Some of us are so old, theres not going to be anything left to prepare for. Job 42:12: Latter days would be better than the former.

  • Andrea Campodonico

    Thank you Lana ! I declare that the Kingdom come and His will be done in your live . I’m thankful for your life.

  • Rebecca

    Dear Lana, I am so grateful for your words of encouragement from God. Matthew 13:24 parable has been speaking to me lately and your message of the furnace really correlates to what God has been telling me. His angels have been gathering the tares in my life and throwing them into the furnace of fire. The cloaks of self-condemnation have been very evident to me lately and I could feel God telling me He was bringing all that yuck to the surface so He can dispose of it and fill me ever full with His Love and who He says I am. Thank you so much for sharing these words. Love, Rebecca

  • Lita Reid

    Awesome what the Lord has been doing to His people I too experienced all the goodness of our Lord Jesus in 1999 I was in the situation that seems no way out. Ready to give up that is when the Lord envelope my entire being with His Love. I cry and laugh at the same time, for 3 weeks. Finally I told the Lord, thank you much Lord for imparting that revelation of your love. I’m not a spirit Lord I’m a human. That is how much He loves us. He love the world so much that He gave his only begotten son that through Him we might have life. In the blink of an eye it stop. It was a very overwhelming experienced. I thank God for saving me.