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In this season of unprecedented breakthrough, promotion, favour and increase I felt the Lord releasing an encouragement and exhortation to His people. 
“Do not try to manufacture anything or make anything happen. In rest, you will find explosive breakthrough, fruit and favour.” 
I saw this unrest in many hearts and souls in this season and when I asked the Lord what it was I felt the Lord say that there is a great FEAR upon many of being LEFT OUT or LEFT BEHIND! 
“Many are fearful they will be passed over, that the breakthroughs, increase and favour being released will be for everyone else, or they will lose their place of favour as others increase and breakthrough.
It is IMPERATIVE in this season that My people are leaning in for deeper encounters with My heart, with My love, for in this season of accelerated breakthrough and promotion, if there is not the secret place of constant communion with Me and diving deeper into the revelation of My love and who I am, there will be a significant breeding ground for COMPETITION and STRIVING!!
In encounters with My heart and awakening to My love there is a DEEP REST being brought to My people’s hearts and souls. I am working for your best! Continue to lean in and give Me your yes! You will not miss out as you follow the leading of My Spirit. I am the God that rights wrong turns. I am the God who establishes in your life what no one else can. I am the God who takes you where you could never get yourself. Do not be concerned by the promotion and breakthrough of others but REJOICE WITH THEM as they take ground for Me and KNOW there is abundance for you!!”
“Your roots must go down deeper into My love! The deeper your roots go, the higher you will rise!!! I am strengthening foundations right now. I am bring a deep stability and maturity to My people so you will stand with strength in Me as the building increases. Do not allow competition, jealousy, or striving to steal your breakthrough. 
Know that the most glorious breakthroughs, positionings and alignments are before you right now. They are TAILORMADE by Me, FOR YOU! Concern yourself not with favour, promotion or breakthrough, CONCENTRATE ON ME!!! CONCENTRATE ON ME and you will see MORE FRUIT, MORE BREAKTHROUGH, INCREASE and FAVOUR over your life as you simply concern yourself with knowing Me! Seeking Me, delighting in Me.. And oh how My rest and living deeply in the place of My love and who I am, is going to change everything. Let Me take care of everything! I am birthing your dreams!!! 
There is a test before you My people to keep Me as your first love in this season of acceleration! There is grace upon grace upon Grace for you! There is also a test to rejoice with others as they breakthrough and more will be added unto you! I am removing cloaks of self-condemnation and placing the seal of the fire of My love upon your heart! Your destiny is to KNOW and LOVE ME! EVERYTHING flows from that place! 
The tidal wave of My love that is flowing into your life will see the competition, the striving, the jealousy all melt away. Position yourself in repentance and KNOW that in the REST of My love and revelation that I am working for you, you are becoming a SPIRITUAL HURDLER! You are overcoming all the obstacles before you and by the power of My Spirit you are taking greater ground in acceleratory ways. 
In this season as you lift up your hands in worship and press deeper into glorifying Him, He is restoring the wonder of who He is and His beauty! 
As you go deeper in worship in this season, the feeling of WANDERING (looking for the place to rest) and the feelings of WONDERING (what is going on) will be settled and you will enter deeper into the WOW ZONE!!!! 
The AWE zone of being awakened again to the wonder of who He is! 
In the WOW ZONE you will see the WONDERS that are orchestrated and are on the way for you!!! 
Signs and wonders will explode and manifest before you as you continue to move deeper into your sacred times of worship and seeing your entire life, everything you do as worship to Him! 
Get ready to be WOW’d! 


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  • Anne Hibbard

    A great word Lana. So true. Learning to rest in the Lord and not try to manipulate or make it happen isn’t easy. I think it is crucial. It is surrendering complete trust in the Lord and entering into the deep places in His heart, abiding.

  • Donna

    Gloooooooooryyyyy haaaalllleeellluuujjaaahhh. I feel a quickening in my spirit with this word. I’m laboring to rest in Him.

  • Madelon Dribble

    Again, so accurate and helpful. Confirms what God has been doing in me.
    So did Lana’s most recent message today . You two are truly amazing!

  • Chris Kauffman

    Amen, that’s so good! About 2 weeks ago, the Lord told me that He is increasing our authority in REST.

  • Deborah Lobo

    Amen n Amen!! Yes Father, only You! We love You Jesus! Take us deeper, draw us closer. Your Glory Father! Hallelujah!
    Thank you Lana, God bless you Princess!

  • David

    This is so spot on. The lord has been speaking to me about rest and I will see the breakthrough in my life. Thank you for this word.

  • Carlton Amerson

    Wow! This really read my mail. I don’t have any jealousy towards anyone that is blessed by the Lord in this season, I just don’t want to be looked over or passed by in receiving what He has for me. I have to admit that this has been bit of a fear or mine, but a lot of this has been put to rest based on the word you gave in this message from the Lord.

  • A J B

    This is exactly how I have felt!
    Like I would be left behind, or left out!
    Thank you for the exhortation I much needed this day.
    I so needed to hear this.
    May God continue to grace you to prepare the Bride for His coming.

  • Charlotte

    I am so impressed and happy about these words.
    These are so a consolation and such a strengthening for me.
    Praise the Lord and thank you, Kevin and Lana, for sharing of all your prophetic

  • Lorna

    Thank you Lana for hearing from the Lord. What you wrote is exactly happening to me. I’ve been reading your prophesies since last year and your prophesies are so precise! You are being used so mightily by the Lord to speak to me personally and to our ministry. I pray for more of God’s power and anointing over you. May you continue to hear clearly from the Lord! I also pray for your protection against the onslaught of the enemy! I will be praying for you! God bless you!
    Yours in Christ,

  • Douglas J Martin

    The words the LORD has given to you to share has minister to me as I am only wanting to do His will in the city of Santa Fe N.M. The Father lead my wife,daughter and I here a little over a year ago to reach this city and region by starting a church plant ministry work. The name He has given to us is Pulse Point Ministries. I amazed how He is using so many people to bring Glory and Honor to His Name as He carries out His will in this season of life. I continue to remind myself that with each new day He could return for His church. I desire to do much as I can until that time. Thank you for your continued faithfulness to callingredients has on your life and family. God bless you and your family.

  • Rose

    I believe this was the day that I experienced a powerful attack – so difficult to discern – that I just went into “rest” and let the Lord deal with it.
    I really appreciated this post.
    p.s. I believe that, in the aftermath of the “battle”, I had a rare vision (for me) of the sky absolutely filled with roses and rose petals falling (it was BREATH-TAKING!) and there were beautiful fat dew-drops or something, intermittently falling and resting within the petals… It was soooo lovely. πŸ™‚

  • Rose

    Just an addedum to this “overflow of the heart…”
    A short while ago, the Lord gave me two pictures that I found for awesome deals at the second-hand store… (we converse through pictures (actual) that He gives me when I sense that a new season is coming/is here…)
    1. A plaque that said, “HOME: Where your story begins!”
    2. A picture of pillars, with flowers everywhere…and an open sky. I called this picture, “Happy”…because, like the words in the song, I began to sing, “I’m so happy! Like a room without a roof!”
    …just HAD to share.
    Many thanks πŸ™‚

  • Jule

    is it possible to request that you put in page breaks between paragraphs .. it is SO difficult to read your words when they all run together without adequate breaks …. thank you SO much for consideration in this …

    • Kevin

      Hi Jule!
      Thank you for your query. It is quite a common request, but unfortunately the layout of the posts is governed by the software embedded into the website, which we have little control over. Updates do come to the software, each with little fixes, so we do hope that our requests are seen to soon.

  • Rose

    Just had to return: I just received the meaning of those falling roses, petals and the dewdrops! πŸ™‚
    He was mirroring back to me my unashamed, abandoned love for Him! But He did it from a heavenly, exponential angle: my little heart busted out toward Him, but all of heaven filled with His heart answering mine! The dewdrops? Liquid Love.
    He is really passionate about us. My name, in dream language means Christ and His Church: Rose.
    My heart feels so full right now. I’ve been receiving knowledge from Him all morning…and I’m absolutely captivated by His Hug this morning!
    Bless you! Bless you, Lana and Kevin…in Him.
    Encouragement is a Hug and triggers the spontaneous need and want to continue the joy of…hugging. :0

  • Rose

    Sorry to bug you again (but not really πŸ™‚ ) That’s just the “Canadian” in me coming out. πŸ™‚
    I just needed to add that, this Spring, the wild roses around our house our absolutely bursting with buds that are now flowering with a proliferation of blooms.
    Following my dream (i.e. shown in above comments), my mouth dropped open when my eighteen year old daughter came into my room, holding a large bowl of wet full-bloomed wild roses. She told me that, there were so many of them, she decided to bathe in them, and filled the tub with them. Then, she scooped them all out, like pot pourri! Her middle name is “Rose” and she loves the Lord, and He meets her in lucid dreaming…sitting on a bench beside her, to spend time with her.
    I love the Lord.
    He is…beautiful.