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By Lana Vawser
This morning as I sat with the Lord I felt Him say “I AM HEALING THE FORERUNNERS” and I saw SUDDEN HEALINGS taking place over the FORERUNNERS, but it was SPECIFICALLY in their bodies and health.
I saw this crazy whirlwind, cyclical cycles of health issues, one after another, random unexplainable symptoms coming out of nowhere that was bringing great fear, anxiety and unrest.
The Lord has been healing with deep issues in the hearts and souls of the forerunners, and they have been through intense fire in this season as the Lord is purging and cleaning house.
We have a responsibility as God’s people to steward our bodies well, to make the right choices to live in health for all the Lord has called us to do.
But in this vision, these WHIRLWINDS of cyclical cycles of health issues I saw being used by the enemy to bring fear, distraction and stop these forerunners from moving forward into all God has for them in this season.
The FORERUNNERS are moving into their most GROUNDBREAKING season! Not only is there BREAKTHROUGH upon BREAKTHROUGH being released, but they are moving into the manifestation of the season of seeing GROUND BROKEN OPEN!!! As I was watching this take place, I heard Him say “I AM HEALING THE GROUNDBREAKERS!!!!!! Where the enemy has used sickness and disease to attempt to GRIND them down into the ground, I am bringing a SUDDEN TURNAROUND and My power will break the chains of this sickness and disease and release My FORERUNNERS into greater strength and healing than they have ever experienced. Many of them have faced “hit after hit” in their bodies, now I am decreeing “strength upon strength, energy upon energy, health upon health and life upon life!!!!”
“Many of My FORERUNNERS have faced incredible TRAUMA in 2016, but I am HERE and I am HEALING TRAUMA. I am soothing you with My love and comfort. I am taking you deeper into the revelation of My love and reality as your STRONG TOWER, your place of SAFETY (Psalm 18). I am HEALING AND LIFTING the TRAUMA of 2016. You will DREAM AND HOPE AGAIN!!!”
“My forerunners I have seen the price you have paid. I have see how you have poured out, how you have continued to stand amongst these swirling cycles that have attempted to take you out and kill you, now CHANGE IS UPON YOU!!!!!! Your BODY shall know great PEACE!!! Continue to follow My promptings in how you steward your health, I am leading you, I am guiding you, but this torment of cyclical sickness in this season and random unexplainable symptoms, I am breaking and healing the root and shutting down the enemy’s access. Where many have been HEART SICK that is causing SICKNESS in the body, I am SHOWERING YOU with My love and HEALING YOUR HEART and your BODY shall follow suit!!!”
“Proverbs 4:19-22 is a KEY in this season for you My beautiful FORERUNNERS!!!”
My son, give attention to my words; Incline your ear to my sayings. Do not let them depart from your sight; Keep them in the midst of your heart. For they are life to those who find them. And health to all their body.
“Keep pressing in, INCLINE your ear to what I am saying, FEAST on the Word, you will know LIFE upon LIFE. You will know HEALTH! Let me saturate you with My truth and strengthen your body!!! I am BREAKING the hold of CHRONIC SICKNESS. I am HEALING it, the years upon years of torment and catapulting you My FORERUNNERS into a new PROMOTION SEASON and giving you KEYS for your health to move forward. Listen to what I am saying and where I am leading. Where 2016 has been sickness manifesting and hit after hit with infirmity, I am decreeing over you that you shall not STUMBLE into 2017, but you shall SOAR IN STRENGTH and the HEALING in MY WINGS INTO 2017. Encounters with Me that will bring SUDDEN TURNAROUND and HEALING of bodies!! The SUDDEN TURNAROUND will leave MANY ASTOUNDED!!!! MANY will NO LONGER walk HEAVY LADEN with the weight of heaviness and unrelenting infirmity, but you will KNOW GREAT JOY!!!!”
“But for you who fear my name, the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in his wings. And you will go free, leaping with joy like calves let out to pasture.” – Malachi 4:2


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    • araxi

      Thank you Jesus! With your stripes we are healed!
      Our God is so great and faithfull. Every Word is true! Amazing God.
      Lion of Judah, I love you, please come and bring peace to this world.Amen!

  • Anusia

    This word was so timely and so spot on, esp for me and new husband just now after what we’ve battled in past 18 months. We pray for you often, for increase in your gifting, for protection and more new revelation. Your heart is so beautiful. Thank you precious woman of God.

  • Elsabie

    Good morning from Zeerust, South Africa.
    Without you knowing it, every message you’ve send this week were deep confirmation of what Father shared with us and what we have experienced on a personal level. On Sunday the Lord shared with us a word that our issues will stop. Not just health but all issues that are tormenting our lives.
    Thank you for confirmation through this email. Once more it just confirms God’s awesome presence in His children’s lives. He is ever so faithful and there is literally no distance in the spirit realm. Blessing upon blessings for you and your family, as well as the ministry.

  • Yisraelle

    My Ever Faithful Living Mighty God who is there like you?? Who is there indeed but you!! I praise, worship, adore and love you Papa. You are AWESOME in ALL your ways. The Lion Of Judah IS roaring!! Glory glory glory. Exciting times here!

  • Michele Hendry

    Thank you Lana. The word regarding Redeeming Time, and Healing the Forerunners has come at the perfect time. I have been challenged for the past year to believe God for the redeeming of time and speaking over my body the very things spoken in this latest word. Several times, Jesus said to those seeking restoration and healing, “Let it be according to your faith.”, ” Your faith has healed you.” We need to set rational thinking aside and cast aside the limitations we put on our Lord and cross over into really believing who He said we are as Sons and Daughters. Trauma effects the body and our health in intricate ways whether emotional or physical such as a surgery or infirmity. He can redeem lost time due to set backs. thank you

  • Gordon Grieve

    Tremendous ,encouraging word for myself and intercessors I know. We receive this word in the name of Jesus the Christ the Son of the living God. Thanks to the Lord for He is good and His mercy endureth forever.