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By Lana Vawser

In 2016 the Lord had me release a word on the “all access pass” being released in the spirit to enter into new realms of favour and through new doors in the natural.

This weekend as I spent time with the Lord He showed me gates that have been set up by the enemy through containment words, curse words, and blockages set up specifically to bring delay and attempted detours, set up right before another major shift and breakthrough for God’s people. These gates had the words on it “ACCESS DENIED”. 

I saw the hand of the Lord coming down and He was smashing these gates. He was avenging His people and the vision that He had given them. Where there have been “ACCESS DENIED” blockages that have raised themselves up, God is breaking them right now with EXPLOSIVE  revelation of His truth and confirmation. 

I watched as the Lord reaffirmed vision, callings, promises and also was calling His people up higher in their expectation of the season and what He is doing and going to do. 

The very areas where these “ACCESS DENIED” gates had been set up, ancient gates were now being opened up in the spirit to see the King of Glory come in and a major move of His Spirit in the very area that these “denied access” labels and decrees had been set up. 

Where these curse words, false accusations, and containment words had been spoken, the Lord was breaking them, and He was releasing an increase in strategy, specific keys to bring RELEASE and insight. 

The enemy has tried had to keep the treasures, breakthrough, strategy, clarity and insight hidden from God’s people that are waiting on the other side of these access denied gates, because they contain double portion, explosive breaker anointings to unlock and release a tidal wave of the Spirit of God to resurrect, restore and rebuild. 

Favour is going to fall upon the places where “access was denied”. Where there was a constant assault, containment and ceiling that said “You will not pass here”, “You cannot go through”, “You will not enter” – the winds of favour are now blowing and will carry you further and higher in these new areas than you have ever been, and with INCREASE AND UPGRADE! For the trouble that has been caused to you by these “denied access gates” – you shall now have DOUBLE portion breakthrough, blessing and provision. 


I heard the words “I am activating the heavenly strategists in the new realms of access”. I saw as the Lord catapulted many of His people into these new realms of access in the spirit and in the natural, I saw the Lord carrying them into the river of the Spirit that was flowing and as He took them deep, in over their heads, He activated them as strategists. 

These heavenly strategists were being awakened and activated with the keys and revelation needed of the ACTION that needed to be taken to AWAKEN and BUILD what God was wanting to build. They were carrying the wisdom and strategy of heaven, of the plans of His heart to BUILD what He is building in this Nehemiah season. 

The Lord clothed these strategists in a robe and embroidered in gold on the back of the robe was what looked like a HOOK. The Lord spoke to me and said that these strategists are carrying specific Kingdom revelation and keys to build, that will pull down the strategy of heaven to earth. They are hooked into the heart of God and His reality, His wisdom and as they release the strategy of heaven and equip the body on how to take action and build in this season, doors would open for greater extension of His Kingdom, influence, signs and wonders, breakthrough and momentum. 

The Lord spoke to me about the necessity of having eyes to see and ears to hear. For these heavenly strategists are arising with biblically based, sound strategies from His heart, but they are different to the roads that have been walked before. These heavenly strategists will release the blueprint and wisdom of heaven that could offend or challenge religious mindsets but He will supernaturally confirm His strategies, ESPECIALLY through the Word. 

As these strategies are received and acted upon, people, areas, cities and regions were exploding with the resurrection power of Jesus. Sudden breakthroughs, life and rivers in the wastelands. These heavenly strategies were suddenly unlocking and re-digging and releasing what needs to be released from ancient wells, releasing the sound and fire of revival, even in the driest, darkest and most barren places. 

These heavenly strategists are rising up with heavenly insight to root out and expose the hidden things. The spies in lands, through the strategy of heaven being put into action, is seeing and will see truth prevail. Seeing the spies cast out of the land and the breaker released for a tidal wave of His Spirit to come in and release revival and resurrection life all around. 


I watched as the strategy of heaven was acted upon for the next steps of action, and as the action began, hosts upon hosts of angels of awakening and breakthrough were released on assignment to bring tremendous SHIFT, UPGRADE and ignite the strategic areas of people’s lives and areas geographically by them driving heavenly stakes into the ground, declaring and heralding the shift of a new beginning and move of His Spirit. 


A scribe anointing is falling upon these strategists to write down what the Lord is releasing and I saw books suddenly being begun and finished in supernatural acceleration containing strategies for this season and the keys to overcome. 

I heard the words: 

“As the scribes write down My strategy I am releasing the new sound of CLARITY!!!” 

“The cloud of confusion is lifting as the SOUND OF CLARITY begins to RESOUND.” 


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  • Kris Miller

    Thank you for your prophetic words.
    How beautiful to invision massive cargo being delivered by angels. Bringing in preparation of people to live comfortably in the Kingdom Age and setting up the atmosphere for a perfect King Jesus to rule on His Earth.

  • Susan M

    A L L E L U I A and Kingdom whoo hoos!!!!! Breakthrough, increase, upgrades, ‘access’ no longer denied, a ‘sound of clarity’, and so much more. This is God making all things new! Precious warrior Lana, thank you so much for sharing His heart of hearts so wonderfully well. I must read this over and over to soak up the riches, and see this as a prelude in the Spirit remaking us as overcomers…in ‘overdrive’! Shalom…blessings…