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By Lana Vawser

Pay attention to your dreams and ask God for wisdom and interpretation. There is a specifically an increase of “warning dreams” right now. Don’t fear! The Lord is uncovering the strategy of the enemy, so through your prayers and the power of the blood of Jesus, can disarm the assignments and attacks of the enemy. You are taking ground!


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  • Zaraz

    Woke up with a word ringing in my ears this morning. I believe God said
    ”The enemy is about to bring seas”
    I was pondering over the word then opened my email to see the word on warning dreams. Thank you. Would be happy to know what seas mean.

  • Diana Burton

    I had a dream last night about snakes in the hose, one of which was beheaded but still moving. It was very dangerous but we (myself and others in the house) were working on killing them and ridding the house of the snakes.
    Very interesting warning in light of this dream.

  • Susan M

    Praise the Lord!The dreams that have been coming may seem frightening but are being sent by God to prepare us, not to scare us…Thank You Jesus!This is most timely wisdom…a reminder to use the dreams God sends to pray and disarm the enemy…thanks so much dear warrior Lana!

  • margaret petersen

    amen! I beleive that.I had a dream last night that I was in a big vehicle with my family,and as we were pulled off to the side,to prepare to move ahead,behind us were these huge snakes,at least 25-30 feet long.I said,watch out for those snakes stay in the car.