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As we go deeper into the garden of delight and intimacy with Him, He is bringing hearts desires into FULL BLOOM. I saw a sign over the desires of many that said “COMING SOON” and the sense that the Lord is not only bringing hearts desires into FULL BLOOM but He is unveiling “THINGS TO COME” (Jeremiah 33:3) that are going to move many of God’s people BACK into hope as they encounter Him again. 

As you first encounter Him as your true hope again and the “COMING SOON” dreams on His heart for you are revealed it will open up new avenues of adventure you haven’t even considered. Where there have been chains of pain and financial strain, He is bringing breakthrough and healing to be able to move freely again.


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  • Violeti

    Holyspirit. I receive your word. Bless you Lana! Can’t wait for School of the Prophets next week. Infact that would already be fulfilling something that I haven’t even considered.

    • Kevin

      Hi Jim
      Personal ministry (including personal words) is not a service we have the capacity to offer at this stage, I’m sorry to say.

  • Elena Perez

    Amen! I’m believing and hanging on every word of promise. Lana you have been a much needed voice of hope during the past few months for us. As we have gone through one of the hardest times of our lives, when we have had terrible financial strain, the words that you have given have been our beacon, our encouragement that the Lord knows our situation and he’s working in the deep areas of our hearts for our good and he’s bringing breakthrough for his glory. Thank you so much, MaybGod bless you. Love from Chicago, Illinois.

  • Zella McDonald

    Praise God!!! Alleluia, I receive to the Glory of God!!! Thank YOU, Dear Lord God. Amen

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Yesterday, was the day that the offer to upgrade to Windows 10 must have come for the 10th time and I aquiessed to it!! It took all night and all morning for it to finally come to completion!! Started fiddling with the themes and color backgrounds and such later in the day, and ended up with a shocking black background everwhere with bright green text. I got to change it to all white and even that was shocking to me! I couldn’t take the time to fix it because I was already late to do chores in the barn!! On return, swiftness came to remedy the situation using a theme of flower backgrounds; a single flower in full bloom each time!! Ah, the colors are so pleasant that go with the large single flower in bloom; like the colors of sunset and sunrise!!

  • Meshack/Suzan Ivy Baloyi

    Thank you, it has been my prayer since I began to know him as I was going through a lot of temptations and trials.

  • Dee

    Dear LANA thank you for your word. May the Lord bless you in your ministry. Please tonight I ask for urgent prayer for my hubby,going through some tribulations. We are on different continents for work reasons. He In the M East. Can’t say much more but trust that our Abba will reveal in open heaven. Thank you and God bless