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By Lana Vawser
As I sat with the Lord today I felt the Lord saying that many have been ‘suddenly’ thrown into the lion’s den from seemingly out of nowhere as they have continued to take a stand for Jesus and His promises.
Where there has been a “suddenly” of being thrown into the lion den, where the enemy has come suddenly to try and take you out, to silence you, to cause you to hide and steal, kill and destroy from you, I felt the Lord saying “Take heart, I am not only with you in the lion’s den, I am fighting FOR YOU!!!”
There is a SUDDEN DELIVERANCE, manifestation of His power, protection and provision about to manifest in your life. Not only is the Lord fighting for you (Exodus 14:14) the lion’s den is but an INDICATOR of promotion and new ground that you are about to take.
I heard the Lord say that many are “on the cusp of zip line breakthrough”.
DEFINITION OF ZIP LINE: a cable or rope stretched between two points of different heights, down which a person slides for amusement by means of a suspended harness, pulley or handle. (
I felt the Lord saying that this ZIP LINE BREAKTHROUGH is taking HIs people from one place to another SUDDENLY and FAST but there would be GREAT JOY and HIGHER CLARITY and SIGHT in the transitionary breakthrough.
I asked the Lord why He chose the analogy of the “zip line” and I felt Him say that in the place of Exodus 14:14 where He is fighting for us, we need to just HOLD ON TIGHT!!!!! In this DELIVERANCE and BREAK OUT of the lion’s den the enemy has thrown many people in, for standing without compromise for what the Lord has spoken, that there would be GREAT EASE and ACCELERATION in the transition from one place to the next.
The “taking of this new ground” is not going to be hard, it is not going to feel like you are walking through mud, but you will SOAR on the wings of eagles and run and not be weary, walk and not faint (Isaiah 40:31) as you REST in the One, our beautiful Jesus, who is fighting for you and moving you deeper into the slipstream of His grace and power.
Take heart, you will NOT BE HARMED and being thrown into the lion’s den SUDDENLY by the enemy is an indicator of the SUDDENLY that’s about to manifest as the Lord leads you into breakthrough you have not experienced before.
You are actually transitioning higher, deeper, further and wider than ever before, but your POSITIONING is key! SURRENDER!!! Let Him carry you!!! Trust in His ways and His timing, for another level of acceleration and breakthrough is about to manifest before you.

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  • Caroline

    Lana, your last 3 messages have been bang on target for me but also the missions base I serve at.
    Thank you for faithfully sharing what the Lord gives you.
    My “lion’s den” has been facing suicidal feelings once again. In the midst of a mysterious illness which Drs and a hospital can’t find an answer for, I came to the point of just having only the strength to choose – choose Jesus over the enemy & my own wants, choosing to live rather than death (believe me, much harder than it sounds spoken or written down).
    So I continue to choose.
    I hope and pray for that “suddenly” from God to release me, to release this base from the heaviness we have all felt.
    Keep listening to God, Lana. Keep speaking his words of life and…

    • Pamela Kilgore

      God continue to keep you Caroline. I know how you feel. I was in hospital for almost a month last month- I was bleeding in brain and lost mind- which I don’t remember. God brought me home!!! I’m in my right mind. The bleeding has stopped.
      Pam in Detroit Michigan

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    Thank You Father God!! Praise You!! I’m Watching one of my favorite movies right now, “Sabrina” with Audrey Hepburn <3 I left it playing as i looked up articles in another window … i go back to movie and my first glance at the time counter, i see 14:14 – 14 is Deliverance. I said aloud "Exodus 14:14, Lord, YOU are Fighting For Me." I just saw a couple of emails come in, so i check. This Word was one of them, CONFIRMING EXODUS 14:14!! Over the past few days I have also seen 10:10 several times, reminding myself The Lord comes to give life Abundantly. I am in COMPLETE AWE of our MIGHTY and FAITHFUL FATHER GOD. Thank You LORD, Thank You Jesus! The LORD BLESS You Ms Lana, Precious Lady Warrior. Much Much Love <3

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    Want to also share, I’ve seen 11:11 – 11 is Transitioning. And you mentioned “SURRENDER” – on Friday I threw my hands up at work and said to the Lord, “I Surrender Lord” – Sunday, i had a Ladies day with my Mother and we watched “War Room” (My first time seeing it) – the Seasoned Lady Warrior in the movie told the young woman she must surrender to Him – again confirmation. Blessed Be His Name.

  • Deborah Lobo

    Thank you Princess, I’m exhausted but this precious Word from the Lord has revived me, looking forward eagerly for the beautiful suddenlies. God bless you.
    Amen! Thank you Jesus ??

  • Esther Mutua

    This is soo amazing! Thanks man of God for sharing these revelations with the YES people of God. I’m one of them and this has been like a spring of fresh water for me as I position myself for the things that the Lord is doing for His people. The other day the Lord gave me the name ” sweet waters ” for the place where I live!

  • Sharyn Wilbraham

    Lana that totally made sense of now for me. Beautiful Jesus such faithfullness.
    Bless you.

  • Richard Davidson

    Yes Lord Jesus!!! We continue pressing through to deliverance, breakthrough, power, provision and promotion as we surrender, rest and trust in you. Thank you, Jesus! Hallelujah, Amen!!!


    You are on that nose. First the “Remnant” lands on the beach head,
    and then the way is opened for the others to come and Wipe Them Out.
    What would your example of “How to fight” and Do nothing, in the
    Lions at the same time.
    I could use a scripture to carry when you have the opportunity.
    This is a BIG Hollar, from Longview, Texas, Marte Blackmon

  • Geneva Doster

    Confirmation. The situation I’m in came suddenly. I told God if HE doesn’t do it it can’t be done. There’s no way I can do it as fast as it needs to be done. Last week I kept hearing SUDDENLY. Please pray for me I’m having surgery on friday and me & my grandson need to be out of the house we’re in by 2nd week of September. I’m starting all over & need everything. Home,everything to furnish the home, car, finances, and my grandson needs school clothes as well as shoes. Had a kidney transplant almost 2 yrs ago kidney is working well but the disease is trying to come back and I’m on disability. BUT GOD !!!!!! Thank You for being Obedient and sharing THE WORD. Thank you for PRAYING

  • Pamela Kilgore

    It would take too long to tell you but this happen to me last week where God shut the mouth of the enemy and God gave me this story. To see this story from you in my inbox was OVERWHELMING. I HAVE TO THANK GOD AND YOU!!! IN JESUS NAME!!!!

  • Robear

    Awesome to me Father God, my deliver. I place my full complete confidence into you, the Almighty One, my Awesome One, who
    is fighting for me, who has his best interest at heart for me. I delare and
    decree this day, as I accept your words of truth spoken here, I will
    prevail, what looks like a setback, is actually a setup for you Father
    to do some miraculous things into my life. I bind the enemies of my
    soul. Yes, Father, you are with me in the Lion’s Den, and there will
    be a Suddenly, I will Soar, as on Eagles Wings, what the enemies
    meant for my harm, will turn upon them. I surrender all into your
    mighty hands Father this day, and will always look to you, the author
    and finisher of my faith in you. I thank you Lana, for his…

  • Christine Reynolds

    I woke up last week to the song, ” The lion sleeps tonite” and several times since then I have heard the song in a commercial and in a movie. Perhaps the Lord is saying, you can rest in me and sleep while I watch out for the enemy for you! He is our protection from our enemy who prowls around as a roaring lion. I’m thankful that Jesus is the Lion of all lions

  • rich davidson

    Come to think of it, I will have to surrender more, and let Jesus carry me, as I trust in his ways and timing! Amen.