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There has been a very specific assault against many with the sole purpose of stealing joy. An assault to steal expectation, hope, contentment and feelings of joy in all that the Lord is doing.
I saw this assault as a very heavy weight and burden upon many. A heaviness and weariness that felt like the “life was being sucked out” of many.
This heaviness, discouragement, and heavy weight many have been feeling, many have felt it has been difficult to break through, shake it off and shift it. It has come upon many suddenly, but will also leave suddenly.
I felt the Lord was specifically highlighting fasting as a HUGE key to breakthrough. I heard the words while being with the Lord “Fasting is fast tracking many into and back into joy.”
I feel like the Lord is really putting emphasis on fasting right now to bring a great shift, deliverance, breakthrough and acceleration. Fast tracking into joy. A sudden ‘cutting away’, deliverance and freedom is going to take place in the fasting process right now.
As many of God’s people fast this month of January, are going to see the Lord position them for a greater “take off” in February. You are going to gain greater authority over the very area and demonic force and principality (some are facing) through the fasting process as He awakens you to the authority that you ALREADY have in Jesus, but also the authority you are gaining as you continue to push through this incredible heaviness and assault to steal joy.
Don’t give up! Push through! You are going to KNOW the joy of the Lord AS your strength.
“This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.” (Nehemiah 8:10)
The enemy has been lying to many that this season is like no other and will be another season of grieving, but I felt the Lord saying that He is rebuildng confident expectation in Him, HOPE ARISING and RAINING DOWN again that will see the FRUIT of that joy released. Get ready to laugh again and like you have not laughed before!
I asked the Lord why there has been a constant emphasis on “JOY” and a constant assault by the enemy to see JOY stolen, and I felt Him say, because this year 2016, is going to be the year of great JOY for many. Greater peace, greater confident expectation in Him. Faith will go to new levels, and breakthrough and increase of the manifestation of His Word will go to a whole new level. This will be a year where JOY and many fruits of joy, hope, peace, confident expectation and LAUGHS will be restored.
You may feel very heavy right now, but I want to encourage you to keep pressing in. Fasting is a key right now to unlock MORE than you are believing for. He is going to FAST TRACK YOU INTO JOY in areas you haven’t had it, and FAST TRACK YOU BACK INTO areas where you had it before and it has been lost. It’s going to break and joy will break forth again.


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  • MarkB

    Good word. . . . so many have lost the power in fasting. . . partly because so many are afraid to talk about it. . . and partly because of games and calling things fasting that are not. The truth has been watered down. Scriptural fasting has always been about food and or drink. And if we can talk about our prayer time we should also be able to talk of our fasting. I have been rebuked for talking about my fasting, by a pastor who spoke of his quiet time almost weekly. And he didn’t get it. (His heart was right but he really didn’t see the hypocrisy) We are NOT to fast to be seen, but neither are we to hide our good works. They are to be seen that God be glorified. Thanks for talking about fasting. We need the power that is released through it. Bless you.

    • Strongwind

      Beloved MarkB, please forgive them, that they do not appreciate fasting. Fasting is not tasting sweet for them. They are like children, who eat mainly pasta or bread and do not love vegetables. They will see the fruits of fasting in you, the presence of the Ruah (Holy Spirit) and they will want them too. I prayed for my pastor for 12 months for a similar reason. He got a multiple food intolerance. And yesterday he said that the Ruah presses him to pray more to clarify some things in his life. Be blessed. Pray and fast and be full of our King. Let His Pressence shine upon you.We will all laugh at the end.

  • Beverley Estes

    I had a friend call me from her work and said she felt like her heart was broken. She had come to me earlier wanting to go deeper with the LORD and I ask her if she was talking about the Bride getting herself ready and she said yes that is it. So I anointed her and her son also wanted that. Then she called me two days later and said she felt like her heart was broken. I said remember the Scripture that says “God desires a broken and contrite heart” Just let HIM do HIS work and thank HIM for it. BE

  • Lorraine Nwaering

    OMGoodness!!!!! This is just perfect confirmation that I heard the Lord correctly!!!! Been fasting and the enemy sure hit hard the first day to steal joy out from under me! BUT!!!!! I have the last laugh my verse of the day TODAY said..”The joy of the LORD IS my strength”-Neh.8:10 !!!!! How’s that for HIS awesomeness?!!!!!! God is soooo very good! Thank you Lana for sharing what the Lord puts on your precious heart!!

  • Sandra

    I was in need of this word because the vy joy I have felt since the new year felt threatened. I felt the lord telling me to fast. This word confirms what I felt Him telling me to do. Thank you!

    • Ester

      The lost months i have had many times feeling so very anxious and so very tired. Feel like giving up.than in december discovered the words you share from the Lord. And its exactly where i am going through. I sleep a lot and have a hard time beginning my day.Than i feel quilty because of a lack of trusting. But i often say outloud the joy of the Lord is my
      strenght. And fasting i know is a great key and this word gives me hope again to
      expect Great joy and wonderfull changes. That wil be another testimony when people
      see the change in us , the difference. Than we
      can also encourage others that are in need
      and tell of Gods faithfellness. Thanks Lana
      for sharing His heart. Sorry my English is not so great:)

  • Amber

    Thank you for sharing this message. I feel like this is exactly what is going on in my life right now. I was so excited about 2016 and what God had in store. Then in the first three days of 2016 we lost three of our beloved pets suddenly and tragically, it has left my family and I in a daze. Just how you described, heaviness, grief, our joy stolen as our pets have brought us so much joy. it had left me questioning what this year was even going to be like, what was in store. But your message has helped to encourage me, and confirm what I had originally believed and expected, I declare yes and Amen! Most definitely will be fasting, thank you and God bless.

  • Susan M

    Powerful affirmation to what God’s been leading in since mid December in my life… Praise Him! Blessings and thank YOU, Lana for God’s faithful powerful work in you!

  • Bo

    Lana, I am going to be honest here…I have resented some of your posts in the past. I have had bitterness that rose up within in response to some of your posts. The reason was I have been struggling with my health, getting a breakthrough in my business and finances and numerous other areas. I would read some of your earlier posts about breakthroughs for this month or this month and nothing happened. However, that doesn’t mean behind the scenes the Lord was creating a breakthrough which I do believe he is doing on a spiritual level. It is just so tough sometimes when you know who Christ is and the power we have access to through him(Luke 1:37 “With God, nothing is impossible”)…but there isn’t a breakthrough. It is frustrating but at the same time it can be wonderful to understand how Paul felt with the thorn in the flesh and John the Baptist along with numerous other followers that had been persecuted. I will say this…I landed on “Joy” in my Bible Promises book today and read several scriptures at random today talking about “Joy.” Due to health issues I have felt to go on a fast the past day and getting this word today confirms it. I am sorry to pour out the frustrations but I hope it blesses others here. I pray that everyone here allows the Lord to have his way in us and He is all we want!

    • Judy

      Thank you Bo, your message blessed me. I am also hearing all Gods promises of breakthrough.. and I know we just need to percevere, God WILL come through!
      He is Almighty, a Big God!

  • Heidii

    I praise the Father, for the enemy can not steal my joy, for it is forever within me, he can try all he wishes, for the Greater One, abides within my soul, he is Bigger than any Mountain,
    which may try, yet he is the loser, he has been defeated, and belongs under my feet, My Faith, is in Christ, alone, my Rock
    on which I stand, and No Weapon formed against me shall Prosper, God, is on my Side, Glory to God in the Highest.
    The Father, is My Strength, and Joy, forever more. I Praise
    the Father, for removing the enemy’s tactics from his beloved ones, in Jesus name, Thanks for sharing what the
    Father is speaking through you.

  • Marli

    Will do a fast day tomorrow – only for praising God the whole day. Ask nothing, just priase..
    so day – 8 January 2016. Anyone joining me?

  • Nathan Ruhiiga

    The Holy Spirit has been impressing fasting upon my heart the last couple of weeks. This is accurate prophecy.

  • steven

    it is February now…is it too late for me to start my fast? I fasted a few years ago, I felt gods presence….but I drifted away from it when it messed up. I went thru a few mental breakdowns and lost faith. will fasting help me now? I feel lost