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I felt the Lord saying this morning that He has seen the faithful obedience of many as they have continued to seek Him, continued to stand, continued to obey through the hardship, trial, opposition and waiting.
I felt the Lords delight over His children in who He has made them to be and as they have continued to put “one foot in front of the other” even when they don’t understand, even when it has been so overwhelming and difficult. I felt the Lord’s compassion and beaming joy as a proud Father over His children.
I felt the Lord’s “well done” as many of His people have continued to fight for truth despite circumstances that He is GOOD and FAITHFUL AND continued to believe Him and His Word to come to pass despite disappointment and difficulty.
I sensed the Lord saying that “faithfulness/obedience is being rewarded”. He has seen the pain, He has seen the sacrifice and a great return is coming to His people.
He is bringing great return to seeds sowed and rewarding His children’s faithfulness with His faithfulness.
It is time to rejoice! There is a great harvest return being entered into for faithfulness. Heavenly returns will not only be received in the very areas of the obedience and sacrifice but such explosive blessing of reward that it will infiltrate and be lavished upon many areas with great overflow to bless others.
The faithful stewarding that is being rewarded is opening up new levels for many of the people of God. Greater increase and favour that “all that they put their hands to will succeed” because of His hand over favour over them. Spirit empowered excellence and faithfulness have danced and are leading many of His people into a new level of stewardship with this great heavenly return.
It is time to see the goodness of the Lord again in the land of the living. (Psalm 27:13)
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