Prophetic Words


I have been sensing the Lord saying “My provision has no limit!!!!”
The Lord cares for His people, for their needs and hearts desires. Many have been waiting on provision for their dreams and His promises to be fulfilled.
The “waiting time” has wearied many and reduced their faith to a level of believing that the Lord will simply provide them with the “scraps” and “leftovers” to them. Bare minimum to simply “get through”.
Choose to step out of this belief system and move back into your inheritance in Him as a child of God. You are highly favoured, you are greatly loved and have been blessed with EVERY spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus.
I feel many need to hear today that HE CARES! He has seen the cries of your heart, your hearts desires and long awaited unfulfilled dreams.
Do not limit Him or put Him in a box. He is going to provide above and beyond what you could imagine, hope or dream. Align your faith with His Word again and declare that which He has told you to declare and watch the Holy Spirit empower you and fuel the dreams and desires He has given you with His unlimited provision.
The Lord is really demonstrating His faithfulness again, especially to the weary and broken in heart. Especially to those who have been so wearied by the waiting that their faith has been so reduced. Do not give up. Stand tall, arise in faith knowing that He is a GOOD FATHER who delights in giving His children GOOD gifts.
You cannot envision the provision He is about to release!!! You are highly cherished by our Heavenly Father and greatly loved and you shall see even moreso in this season that it is His GOOD pleasure to lavish good things upon you.
It is going to rain favour at a level you have not known before. Align yourself with Him and what He is saying. Do not limit Him with unbelief, turn away from unbelief that will rob you of your extravagant manifested provision and stand in faith.
Keep standing in faith. Impossibilities are turning. You are about to see that His provision truly has no limit. Abundance shall be given to you so you may abundantly bless and give away.
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