Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
The Lord is doing a mighty work right now to increase the faith of His people. The Lord showed me that many are in deep struggles right now still awaiting circumstances to shift and breakthrough to come. There is still a transition that is taking place in the body of Christ right now and many are still feeling the ‘struggle of transition’ plus the intensity of circumstances that continue to keep them in a place of battle and contending for the promises of God.
I felt the Lord say strongly this week:
“Don’t despise the struggle right now, I am increasing your faith”
I felt the Lord’s heart so strongly that He is teaching His people in greater ways to take Him at His Word and to not move from what the Word of God says. He is fortifying His people in the Word of God and He is bringing His people deeper into the place of being unmovable anchored deeply in who He is and what His Word says. Many circumstances that many are facing the enemy has sent to bring fear, and to cause distraction and to steal from God’s people, but the Lord is doing a deeper work, leading His people into greater manifestations and breakthrough’s of the victory that is already theirs in Christ. I saw a significant shift taking place where there will be a decree of the Word of God and so many SUDDENLY manifestations of breakthrough.
I felt the Lord say:
“Do not get distracted by the struggle. Do not get distracted by the circumstances that surround you. For I have positioned you for great breakthrough. I have positioned you for monumental shift and I have positioned you for great blessing. For what I am doing deep within you is bringing you into a place of greater strength in My Word and who I am. Being unmovable and living deeper in the reality that My Word is truth. For many of you are facing smoke and mirrors, where the enemy is attempting to blind you with a false reality, but as you take Me at My Word and as you decree My Word, you will see the smoke and mirrors SUDDENLY clear, and you will see the monumental demonstration of the POWER of My Word. For the enemy is attempting to keep My people from seeing the truth of My Word and being distracted by their circumstances, but it is time to come up higher. It is time to come up higher. It is time to receive the increase of vision that I have invited you into. For in the coming days, weeks and months, you will receive revelation from My Word concerning your circumstances and direction that will release powerful divine shifts in your life to usher in significant breakthrough. For many of you are dealing with circumstances that “keep coming up” but you are about to see the power of My Word as a HAMMER to destroy the root and power these circumstances have had in your life. But My people, do NOT move from My Word. Be intentional to be feasting more and more upon My Word and DECREE My Word.”
The Lord showed me many feeling bewildered and discouraged by the battle and circumstances they are still facing. I heard the whisper of the Lord and He said “The battle has increased because you are moving further into breakthrough.”
Suddenly, I had a vision and I saw many of God’s people deep in the battle and the enemy moving in the battle attempting to distract God’s people from something. When I looked closer I saw that it was the door to the library of heaven. There has been an invitation that the Lord has given to His people in this season to enter into the library of heaven and to see and hear what is written by the hand of the Lord in the books of heaven concerning their lives, family, situations, circumstances, cities and nations.
I saw it SO clearly. The enemy is using these circumstances and battle to attempt to distract God’s people from that deep place of encounter with Jesus in the library of heaven.
Friends of God, there is a deeper level of SIGNIFICANT encounters upon you with Jesus in the library of heaven. The Lord is going to show you greater revelation of the destiny that is written in His book about your life, your family’s life, your city and nation. There is such a significant new beginning upon you that will be ushered in by the revelation and insight the Lord is going to give you.
Shake off the distraction! KNOW that the Lord has you, He is holding you and He is going to turn things around. He is building your faith as you feast upon the Word, to believe for greater things in Him and SEE them manifest.
What you will hear, see and experience in encounter with Jesus and what has been written and dreamt in the heart of God for your life is going to leave you undone. You are going to be blown away by the greater revelation of His plans, wisdom and insight that will be given to you.
The battle is not only over your breakthrough, but it is over the revelation that the Lord wants to release to you in the library of heaven. It’s a completely new day for you. Things are not going to look the same, but they are going to look better than you can imagine. What He has planned is going to leave you in awe of Him.
I heard the Lord say:
“I am turning the page, I am turning the page and in the turning of the page there is a greater fine tuning that is taking place.”
The enemy is attempting through fear, lies and circumstances to tell many of you that you are still in the same place, nothing is changing or will change, nothing will shift, but the truth is, the Lord is turning the page, it’s a new day! Completely new and in the turning of the page, the new season, the new beginning amongst so much transition, the Lord is FINE TUNING YOU.
He is fine tuning you to hear His voice clearer than ever, to be tuned into His heart in greater ways as you feast upon His Word and receive revelation, and to see greater explosive alignment and the supernatural breakthrough of God invade your heart and life propelling you further into knowing Him and His heart and further into realms of breakthrough you’ve never experienced.
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