Prophetic Words


This word still resonates! Posted in 2015! 
By Lana Vawser
I have been sensing a real “fatigue” and “tiredness” in the atmosphere the past week. There has been a great shift taking place, a deep transition, a battle, an extending.
When pondering these things before the Lord this morning, the words filled my heart “As My people rest in Me, they will be carried on the wings of grace into the higher space before them.”
No matter what you are facing, whether it’s an intense battle, whether it’s a mountain to climb, whether it’s the joy of breakthrough, whether it’s new opportunities, whether it is stepping into something ‘new’ that is ‘bigger than you’, whether it’s holding onto the promise of God, there is ABUNDANT GRACE for you to move forward IN PEACE. As you REST in Him, He is carrying you on His wings of grace into the higher space before you. The people of God as they are resting in Him and not giving up, are MOVING FORWARD. There is promotion and increase in the atmosphere.
Don’t let the battle you are in cause you to FORGET WHO YOU ARE!!!! Remain in your authority as a child of God, remain in your true identity, DO NOT let the battle steal your peace. Rest in Him, for there is GRACE, GRACE, GRACE for EVERYTHING that the Lord is leading you into and through.
Many have been so bewildered and disorientated by the battle, that they have felt they were being “SIFTED”.. about to be “knocked out”. This is A LIE! The enemy wants you to give up. Give him NO attention! Give GOD all your attention and praise for as you rest in Him, you are NOT BEING SIFTED, BUT YOU ARE BEING SHIFTED!!!!!!!!
Many of you (including myself) are seeing 5:55 on the clock continually. When I asked the Lord about these numbers, He spoke to me “GRACE, UPON GRACE, UPON GRACE!!!!!!!!!” The bigger the SHIFT, the BIGGER the TRANSITION, the BIGGER the BATTLE, the GREATER the GRACE.
So if your battle is BIG, if your transition is HUGE, if your step of faith is ENORMOUS, BE ENCOURAGED, for you are being given GRACE UPON GRACE, UPON GRACE, and will move forward with EASE in His peace, and what is waiting for you on the other side of your obedience and not giving up is MIND BLOWING it is SO good! Beyond what you could imagined (Ephesians 3:20)
His GRACE is going to get you where you need to go. Just stay in His flow!! You are being carried on the wings of GRACE into a HIGHER SPACE!!!