Prophetic Words


Lana Vawser

The Lord spoke to me that this is a very significant moment right now in the body of Christ for many reasons, and it is so important right now to be standing in faith and holding to the words that the Lord has given you over your life, your family, your finances, your situations, your city and nations.

There has been a great battle that many have been facing recently, but in the midst of the battle the Lord is increasing and strengthening the faith of His people. The Lord is strengthening and awakening His people to take Him at His Word, and see the power of the Word of God manifested.

The breakthrough’s, shifts, signs, wonders and miracles that are beginning to manifest and going to significantly increase as the people of God stand upon His Word and move further into their inheritance, will be the greatest shifts, breakthrough’s and miracles than many have ever seen.

The Lord showed me that there have been some Goliath’s that have risen up against God’s people recently and the battle and fear/intimidation many have been facing has been intense, but what I noticed, is when the Lord showed me these Goliath’s, they were roaring and attempting to bring fear and intimidate because there is a significant BIRTHING that is taking place in the lives of God’s people.

There is going to be significant acceleration in the things God is birthing in and through His people in the remainder of this year. Where many have felt like they keep facing battle after battle, the Lord is going to demonstrate His radical, amazing faithfulness in the significant accelerated birthing that He is releasing. Things are going to radically shift. Hearts are going to radically change.


I have been prophesying for a while now about the suddenly’s of God, but in the last few weeks, I have felt an increase of momentum in the Lord speaking about SUDDENLY’S. Things are going to SUDDENLY turn around as you keep standing on His Word and accessing by faith, your inheritance in Christ. Now is not the time to just sit and wait, now is the time to arise and be active in your faith to SEE the power of God manifest as His Word is released.

Do not be discouraged, the Lord is shifting you into SUDDENLY’S unlike anything you have seen before. Many are beginning and going to see what it looks like when God steps in. Your standing and contending hasn’t been for nothing. Significant birthing is upon you as you move further into the land of promise that is exploding with joy in His faithfulness. Your heart and soul will receive great refreshing in the SUDDENLY’S of God.

Many of you have been transitioning for a long time now, and the Lord has been speaking to many of you about the great birthing and breakthrough that was to come. It is now here! It is time! It is time to see the goodness of God with your eyes and your land full of manifested blessing, breakthrough and joy.

What God is birthing in and through you will take place SUDDENLY and the landscape of your heart and life will SUDDENLY change overnight.

There are UNPRECEDENTED demonstrations of the power of God upon you and as He continues to move and establish and re-establish you, NOTHING will stop you!!!! The boulders that have blocked your way, the Goliath’s that have stood before you, they are all being removed by the hand of God and you partnering in faith with His Word.

Many of you have been battling things that keep “coming up” and breakthrough seems further away than ever, but I heard the Lord say…


Not only are you going to see tremendous breakthrough that has ALREADY begun and been decreed by the Lord, but you are going to see a MAJOR DEMONSTRATION of ACCELERATED SUDDENLY’S where you will see the breakthrough explode in greater ways and directions than you have even imagined.

The Lord has seen the battle and your faithfulness to stand in the battle holding His hand. He has seen how the enemy has attempted to sift you and steal from you, but the Lord is decreeing NO MORE.

The Goliath’s are coming down and you are being INCREASED in your faith and confidence in Him and the Word and what HE speaks as your true reality.

Many of you have been decreeing His Word for SO long and seen little breakthrough..

Now you shall decree His Word and you shall see ACCELERATED BREAKTHROUGH! Restoration, recompense and increase is being poured out into your life in greater momentum and increase.

Some of the greatest SUDDENLY’S of God are upon you. Not by what “you can do” or “attempt to orchestrate” but the mighty hand of God, the power of God moving to bring significant turnarounds and suddenly’s testifying to the world..

“God just did what only GOD COULD DO!!!!”

Some of the greatest SUDDENLY’S of God are bursting forth right now! Hold onto your sword, hold onto your faith. It’s not “coming”, it’s upon you and you’re moving into it. The enemy is attempting to distract you and blind you with the Goliath’s and things going on around you, but it’s smoke and mirrors. You’ve already moved into the season of SUDDENLY’S and now it will SUDDENLY MANIFEST in greater acceleration than you have ever seen.

Things aren’t what they seem! The enemy is lying to many of you with fear, lies and intimidation. Things won’t remain the same, they are about to radically change, for the BETTER!!!!

You’re about to see the goodness of God explode in the areas weighing on your heart!!!!!!