Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
Over the past few weeks the Lord has been showing me an attack of fear that has come against the body of Christ again to really attempt to hinder God’s people from moving forward as we are in such a strategic, crucial season right now of what He is doing and about to do in the earth.
The Lord gave me this prophetic word specifically for the daughters of God after He showed me the spirit of fear coming against them intensely right now. The Lord showed me this spirit of fear attacking on many levels but very much regarding “the future”. This foreboding, spirit of fear has come against the daughters of God because of what they are stepping into.
Proverbs 31:25 has been ringing in my spirit for over a week now. This Scripture is as Brian Simmon’s comments in the Passion Translation shows “The virtuous and victorious bride has no fear for the days to come. She contemplates eternity and her forever union with the Bridegroom.”
I believe that the Lord is really dealing with this spirit of fear right now and also areas of the heart where fear has taken root. I felt the Lord wanted me to release Proverbs 31:25 specifically over the daughters of God right now:
“Bold power and glorious majesty are wrapped around her as she laughs with joy over the latter days.” – (The Passion Translation)
“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” – (New Living Translation)
There is a SIGNIFICANT shift taking place right now over the daughters of God, where you shall no longer feel the dread, terror, fear and foreboding that many of you have been feeling. You will not look at your day or the days to come with fear of the future and anxiety, for the revelation of love of God is about to burst forth in your life in unprecedented ways that is going to break the hold of fear in your life. There is a MAJOR deliverance at hand for you where you will see this spirit of fear being driven out of your life once and for all.
The areas of the heart where there has been wounding and fear caused by trauma and the onslaught of the spirit of fear in your life, these areas are about to be RETOILED. There is a divine RETOILING of your heart and life taking place right now by the hand of God where you shall see the power of God fall upon those areas and birth great strength and bold power within you by His Spirit.
Many of you are living in the place of being SO drained and weary because of the intense battles you have had with this spirit of fear, and also dealing with areas of your heart where trauma and experience have caused great fear, but take heart, for the Lord is ministering to your heart right now to bring comfort, to bring healing, to bring freedom.
The enemy has been looking for those areas of the heart to come and to increase fear because of what you are stepping into. The enemy has been attacking relentlessly and working to cloud vision, to attempt to twist what the Lord is saying through confusion, fogginess and foreboding dread. The truth is, you are moving into such a significant breakthrough where joy, vision and clarity are going to abound. You are about to move into a place of greater strength in Him than you have known.
I had a dream recently and I saw the enemy placing shackles on feet and I knew these were the shackles of fear, and they were being placed on the feet to HINDER MOVEMENT. In the dream I prophesied:
“God is raising up a company of people FULLY AWAKE, PRESENT, and CONVINCED of His love”
That is taking place RIGHT NOW! God is removing and healing the areas of fear and trauma’s that would cause doubt of His love. He’s dealing with it.
As the dream went on, I looked at the shackles again on the feet and I spoke “Jesus has the best Holy Ghost bolt cutters” and as I spoke, SUDDENLY the shackles broke!
Such significant breakthrough is upon you that your heart and mouth shall be FILLED with laughter. Many of you have been in such an onslaught and battle with the enemy and fear, fighting hard to keep your peace, many of you have been dealing with those fearful parts of your soul that have been plaguing you and you haven’t known how to move forward, be encouraged and rejoice knowing that the Lord has heard your cries and He is moving powerfully now to lead you into a whole new land of freedom.
I heard the Lord say “DAUGHTERS, LOOK AT THE DAYS OF JOY!”
The way you SEE the future is rapidly changing right now as the Spirit of God blows upon you and clears the things that have been trying to hinder your vision. The Lord is shifting your perspective to a heavenly reality and view point in greater ways.
I prophesy in the name of Jesus that you are moving deeper into the manifestation of Proverbs 31:25. Even in trials or hardships that you may walk, there will be a greater joy and peace in your life than you have ever known. You are going to walk in greater victory and a victory mindset as the revelation of who He is, our beautiful Jesus is awakened in you in greater ways.
I prophesy “Daughters, look at the days of joy”. No more foreboding, no more anxiety, no more worry and seeing the enemy steal your joy for the season you are in and what He has planned for you.
I prophesy that you are entering into days of GREAT JOY! You will walk in greater peace than you have known and you will ENJOY the abundance, blessing and increase the Lord is pouring into your land. The generational chains many of you have lived in of fear, the victory of the Cross and Jesus Christ is about to powerfully manifest in your life in greater ways than you have ever experienced. It’s all been paid for! It is done! You are about to see the FINISHED WORK OF THE CROSS manifest in greater ways in your life setting you free from the chains that have held you.
The enemy is screaming “FEAR, FEAR, FEAR” but the Lord is decreeing “FREEDOM, FREEDOM, FREEDOM!!!”
Where there has been such incredible battle with fear “over the future”, not only will you move into greater breakthrough and laugh without fear of the future, but you are moving into a place with the Lord of carrying and birthing a whole new level of divine insight.
The Lord is going to release to you greater insight, greater clarity and greater vision of His plans for the future, and they will not be something to fear, but they will be something to rejoice in. Great joy will accompany the vision and insight of God and you will know and understand in greater ways why there has been such an intense battle with fear over the future.
A deeper place of rest is upon you in His love. A deeper place of joy and a greater birthing place. It’s taking place now! Rejoice! For great freedom is upon you!
You are going to see yourself more excited and full of joy for what God is doing, releasing and leading you into!
You are about to laugh louder without fear of the future!!!!