Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
I felt the wooing of the Lord recently, that He wanted to speak and release a declaration over His people for this season that we are in. He wanted to bring comfort, encouragement and strengthening to many that are still facing battles, discouragement, fear and despair in the journey. He wanted to bring increase to passion, hunger and excitement that others are feeling for what He is doing in this season. I felt His heart so strongly, that He wants to minister to His people in such a deeper, and more intimate way right now. He is brooding, He is close, and He is increasing His whispers of love. I release this prophetic word to you of what I heard from His heart and I pray that it ministers to you whatever part of the journey you are on. He is for you! He loves you! He is with you! Great things have been planned for you:
This is why the Scriptures say:
“Things never discovered or heard of before, things beyond our ability to imagine – these are the many things God has in store for all his lovers.” – 1 Corinthians 2:9 (The Passion Translation)
“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” – Jeremiah 29:11 (English Standard Version)
I heard the Lord say:
“I am declaring in the heavenly’s the season of the “tipping point”. I am declaring that this is the season where you shall see “all things come together” for many of you have been in a place of fragmentation in so many ways. You have been in the place of “loose ends” and the place of not understanding how or when things are going to come together and what is happening. For there has been a very intense battle that has been taking place in the second heaven because of the incredible breakthrough’s and “tipping points” that are manifesting in this season. For this is the season of unprecedented demonstrations of answers to prayer. This is the season where there is a declaration from My mouth of unprecedented breakthrough momentum and the enemy has been fighting this decree strongly, but I say unto you My people, that I am the God of victory. No matter what your eyes HAVE seen or what you ARE seeing, the declaration I have made is that this season is a season of UNPRECEDENTED OUTPOURING and MANIFESTATION of the TIPPING POINT of heaven. For My hand will not be stopped, My hand will not be swayed. For I am the God of justice! I am the God of recompense! I am the God of restoration, and I am making a decree that you are moving from the place of victory and INTO the place of VICTORY. I am decreeing that your eyes shall SEE the shift of the season from a place of FRAGMENTATION to a season of RADICAL ALIGNMENT and things coming together SUDDENLY. It has already begun and will continue to increase, but for many of you, you have been experiencing a tremendous battle lately and many of you are feeling like the WIND has been taken out of your sails again.
But I say unto you the WIND OF MY SPIRIT is about to FILL your sails again. Raise your expectation, raise your faith, be specific in your prayers and KNOW that the WIND OF MY SPIRIT is about to accelerate, increase, position, fill and empower you in ways you have never experienced. Many of you have suddenly felt so exhausted, the life being sucked out of you, a weariness you have not experienced before, a lack of vision and passion, this has been an attack from the enemy, because the enemy is attempting to DISQUALIFY you, he is attempting to stop you from moving into the decree that I am making that is resounding through the halls of heaven and breaking through onto the earth, and that is this DECREE:
As I pressed into His heart and the declaration He made of the greatest adventures with Jesus have arrived, His words continued to surround me and I felt Him release these decrees over you:
“Many of you are transitioning and have been transitioning for a while now, and the enemy has been fighting you intensely in the transition, but I say unto you, that not only is there a huge declaration of the TIPPING POINT that has been released over over the world, and the nations where the world shall see a great move of My Spirit, that I am the God who does what He pleases, and I am accomplishing that which was never thought possible – and it is JUST beginning.
I am releasing this decree over YOU My people:
“The tipping point of your greatest adventures with Me has arrived.”
This decree is a decree from My heart that you will see will AFFECT EVERYTHING.
Your secret place with Me will be affected. Where there have been foxes trying to steal the fruit of our vineyard of intimacy, there is unprecedented outpouring of My Spirit being releasing in the secret place. The greatest adventures of intimacy with Me are being released.
Where vision has been stolen, the tipping point of breakthrough is being released to see an increase of clarity, insight and vision for the future is taking place.
Where the enemy has come against families and marriages, I am releasing a tipping point breakthrough to bring about the GREATEST ADVENTURES in marriages and families by the power of My hand. Great and significant turnarounds, healings, breakthrough and JOY being restored to households.
Where PROVISION has dried up or being hindered for some regarding their vision, such battles on PROVISION for the VISION I have released, this tipping point is bringing forth your greatest adventure with Me in seeing Me PROVIDE in supernatural ways, above and beyond what you have experienced before.
Many of you have been in the ‘battle of a lifetime’ regarding your health and I have seen the battle, I have comforted you, strengthened you and been with you. As you feast upon My Word (Proverbs 4:22), there will be major shifts in your body. There will be major healings, alignments, and breakthroughs in your body. The battle for your body is coming to an end for many of you.
Your heart will breathe again. Your heart will see the manifestation of the prayers you have prayed for healing and freedom. I am bringing life back to hearts. I am bringing healing to hearts. I am freeing you from the pain that has held your heart in a place of suffocation. I am bringing healing to your heart from the deep hidden places of hope deferred and discouragement. I am bringing life back to your heart! I am bringing strength and vision back to your heart. Your heart will breathe again.
Where hearts have broken, your hearts will know BREAKTHROUGH!!!! Your hearts will soar on the winds of My Spirit to not only receive your healing and restoration but to dream again.
The enemy has been whispering to many of you “This is what the season is going to look like” or “This is what is going to take place in this season” but My people fear is attempting to steal your inheritance. Discouragement is attempting to steal your joy. Weariness is attempting to steal your strength, but My fire is coming, to bring a great igniting of JOY in the season that is upon you. There is a TURNING AND TUNING taking place right now. I am turning the heaviness into JOY. I am TUNING your hearts and your ears to HEAR TRUE REALITY, heaven’s reality. Your greatest adventure with Me is upon you. There is nothing to fear, there is nothing to dread, there is nothing to worry about for I am the God of victory and I am about to display even greater demonstrations of My victory in your life.
I am resetting the stage. I am repositioning you. I am refuelling you. I am refreshing you. I am rejuvenating you. I have so many beautiful divine surprises planned for you. The enemy attempting to bring fear and foreboding because of the divine surprises I am beginning to release. What the enemy is whispering, I am decreeing the OPPOSITE LOUDLY! Life, joy, restoration, increase, new opportunities, provision, health, fruitfulness and major demonstrations of My power.
Many of you are going to see your hearts suddenly shift from heaviness, discouragement and weariness, to more vision, strength, passion, joy and life than you have felt before. Your hearts being set on fire again for who I am and what I am doing.
This is your season of your GREATEST ADVENTURES with Me, even when it feels like you are walking through darkness, My light is going to shine brighter than ever, My voice will be louder than you have heard, My faithfulness and power will be displayed greater than you have ever seen. Many of you have become accustomed to walking through such deep darkness and battle, but now you shall know the rest of My love and presence as you continue to walk with Me.
These tipping point breakthrough’s of many, many prayers that have been prayed are going to change everything. The landscape is not staying the same. It’s affecting everything. It’s not something to fear. It’s something rejoice in! The double portions, the river of My Spirit flowing stronger than ever bringing life to all it touches. Oh My people, the adventures we are going to embark on in this season are going to leave you in wonder and awe of Me and My goodness in unprecedented ways. It’s time to be refreshed, increased, restored and positioned again. My wind is coming in your wings again!
Raise your expectation and faith!
It’s a season of your greatest adventures with Me!”